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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by ttobey, May 6, 2015.

  1. Prox Well-Known Member

    Slips into the room , finds some nice tahini fat bombs in Ttobey's desk, scarfs down two and heads back into the air duct.
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  2. NrthnStar5 Well-Known Member

    I would love a goat mount.
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  3. morderir Active Member

    I know frostfell is still a long time away but,as at least one dev follow this thread .So i make a list of wishes
    ( i am "old" player/compulsive collector-quester/fashion victim/altholic who have trouble managing all his accumulated possessions.:( ..)

    User interface "improvement"

    Knowledge book : a dedicated folder for cosmetic pet/social/trade skill ability.

    Mercenary UI :
    - As mounts ui : the level indicator (nice idea by the way ) and appearance switch ( as much i appreciate klurron , i find the blade vicar more sexy :).
    - A way to order the mercs or show only favourites merc ( i have several dozen now and finding the good one when switching become tedious)

    Mount UI :
    -Same problem , a way to order the mounts or show only favourite.
    PS : could it be possible to have some non flying mounts usable in appearance slot for flying mount . thinking of self contained cloud , carpet of el'khazi, energized tinkerfest hovercog for example ( i am willing to pay some db cash for it).

    Wardrobe UI : same problem , a way to order the items ( make it work the same as the knowledge book for example). ( and i am willing to pay for more set :) )

    Hotbars : i think a good portion of the player suffer for hotbar saturation. Perhaps implementing the same functionality of EQ1 ( each hotbar is in fact an independent bank of hotbars which is accessible via the "switch/tumbler")

    quality of life :
    - make possible to set the snacks to auto-consume (same as potion/poison) .
    - I would be nice to make the rune 6/7 of witness/juxtaposition etc heirloom . It is a bit frustrating to be able to equip his teammate and not to not be able to equip his alts.

    off topic : the damage effect from epic 1 don't seem to scale ( Swarthy Chaos on my 110 cd-raid-stuffed swash do a few thousand damages for example). working as intended or bug ?
  4. ttobey Developer

  5. ttobey Developer

    These are all mostly design questions/suggestions that I have no control over, but I will forward to someone.
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  6. morderir Active Member

    thanks ttobey !
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  7. ttobey Developer

  8. ttobey Developer

    You weirdos stop virtually touring the country and it gets awfully quiet in here. Perhaps The Kraken finally digested all of you.
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  9. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Hey I resemble that remark. LOL I've just been worn out, work is about making me pull my hair out.
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  10. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    lol enjoy it wile it lasts ttobey.
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  11. Prox Well-Known Member

    Just going to put this here :)
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  12. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I was offline for two days. So no posts from me until today.

    Kracken ? Hmmm. Sounds like something my virtual Starship could use for fuel !
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  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    no Geoblue don't hurt him , I found out that kraken is ttobeys trained pet.
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  14. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Okay, no fuel. My starship is very disappointed. Maybe an asteroid would be better...
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  15. ttobey Developer

    Too much Info!
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  16. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    We are taking you on the SUMMER ROAD TRIP beginning on 20 July 2019!!!
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  17. ttobey Developer

    Gee sounds fun, I'll be out of town though, let me know how it goes.
  18. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    Shorten the horns a little, and perhaps scale it down by 60 percent..


    et voila! Thanagoat! If it had a 2 person saddle, we could call it Guber.. goat uber.


    yeah, my cropping reeks... its 1am :/
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  19. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    You should have posted your Birkenflops of Grounding in this thread Zedd!!!! Oh dear, see what you have started, you rhymed Guber, goat uber, and now I did thread, Zedd… I hope this stops before it goes to far.

    Yes, you will be out of town, you will be with us, we will be leaving on Saturday and going to Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Moon Day!!!!!!!
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  20. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Can I drive the lunar buggy ? Have to be sure and put dust flaps on it.
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