Look and Feel of EverQuest Next

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Cynergy, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Cynergy Active Member

    I'm a bit disappointed in the look and feel of EQN, Its probably just not for me. The Environment I can live with,
    But playing as Alex the lion from Madagascar I cannot.
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  2. Cube Active Member

    I like the old Kerras
    But His body shape is really off putting to me even for a cartoon style..... big arms chest tiny legs and torso ver skinny in the middle big ontop... I don't really care for it.. and I also love the lion king so... but the body shape is off putting to me and the face don't look lion king enough Madgascar face seems right...maybe a cereal box mascot.

    The drawing of the new kerra looks a bit better than the in game model.

    I hope the other animal races are not treated the same way, if you are going to do disney at least do it right all the way....

    I don't know I would still play this race anyway even like this just because I do not really want to be a human or a elf character ever and this is most likely going to be one of my few choices. I was hoping the game would look like a better everquest 2.
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  3. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    I kind of bet that there will be more than one type of Kerra.. like, maybe a tiger, or a lynx..a panther, perhaps. What we saw today was just 2 models. They are just getting started, folks.
  4. Ragna Well-Known Member

    Even EQ1's Vah Shirs look better than this "Kerran"...
    So far EQN preview were a total turn off for me.
  5. Ahlana Active Member

    Other than the Kerran I loved everything else personally.

    The question for me is can SOE pull it off, that is where my doubts lay.

    I love the areas shown, I love the roaming mobs, I love the no levels, etc...

    People complain because it is not EQ!! Well sorry, but EQ2 was not EQ1 and people said the same thing. That it should not have been a predecessor. I love EQ2 but even today it was not really a sequel to EQ1 other than in name and lore. Sure the story continued, but everything about it is so radically different. Plenty did not like it and stayed with EQ1, even to this day.

    They same will happen with EQN, people will stay with EQ1 and 2.. no biggie. But I think EQN will bring alot of outsiders, especially with landmark and a chance to truly mold the world.

    So time will tell but I think EQN will do just fine.
  6. Denon Active Member

    Difference is, when I first saw EQ2 previews, I though every aspect of the graphics was a leap forward from EQ1.
    However character art in EQN looks like a step back from EQ2
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  7. Cynergy Active Member

  8. Lempo Well-Known Member

    It may, I mean this tripe looks exactly like what the crowd at PSS.1 drools over, actually some of the alaplaya stuff looked better, and some much worse this will fall into the middle and suck em in from both sides.

    Will EQ1 and EQ2 players go to it, why of course, some will stay some will do the face palm and probably never look back, it is that far off the beaten path. I bet that EQ1 and EQ2 players will make up less than 1/3 maybe 1/4 of the player base after 6 months though.

    The female wizard model in the video cube posted looks absolutely hideous, I can see that the face is tied in to that SOEmote, and it makes her look like she has the facial muscular disorder associated with mental retardation, it really looks bad, but it isn't just that the look itself is totally unrealistic, and it is not a result of low quality graphics on the you tube video, the model is actually that bad, maybe it is not a release model. The thing is that Kerra looks ridiculous in it's own right, but also looks better in a sense (maybe done with more passion? I don't know), that doesn't mean I like it though.
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  9. Ucala01 Member

    everything about it I liked. except the lion. but as someone said there is probably more details you can put into making him look, well less like a lion I would assume. but a poor player "cartoony" image isn't gonna stop me from playing the game with what seems to be fun adventuring for once that changes each time. I wasn't for the multiclass system before but it does seem like they are kinda doing it a somewhat new way. where you have to Find the classes you could multi with and you could do it many times, not just like healer/warrior and be done.

    one thing I find interesting though is say you are on a quest, and the quest requires you to reach a certain point (castle, or jungle area. etc). if you can destroy everything, what's to stop someone that's ahead on the quest to take time to basically destroy the path around you to delay you from getting your update?
  10. Zealander New Member

    I hate the cartoony look and the combat. It's a cross between GW2 and Wow.
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  11. Gourdon Well-Known Member

    Quests will not be set in stone. They will be a function of the NPCs and the environment. When someone drives the orcs off of the farmer's land, there will not be another quest to drive them off until some other orcs or goblins or whatever show up again.
  12. Belissa Active Member

    To me it just looks like all the other crap F2P Asian MMOs that are out there.
    And with the "heroic movement" stuff, it also looks like they are definitely trying to attract - if not even convert it - to the next gen console market.
    I'm sad, because EqNext was one of my last hopes in the new MMOs
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  13. Mimixx(2) Member

    More like minecraft and WoW.

    Whats bad is that EU players cant sign up for the beta to check it out and its a huge let down from the combat side and the characters.


    The mobile app is crap. Hopefully EQ 3 will be more EQ 2 stylish.
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  14. Guy de Alsace Member

    Had some fun un photoshop:

    Bear in mind my skills are terrible!

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  15. Coolit New Member

    I simply don't find the art style interesting or unique enough, even going with cartoon graphics they could have made it far more interesting to look at.
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  16. Paleion New Member

    It appears to be designed for the consoles, with 8 buttons only, movement that doesn't require anything but a forward stick, and graphics that will appeal to a younger audience. Its a shame, as it could have been incredible.
  17. Hornet 85 New Member

    The graphics are the way they are because of the use of voxels. I don't think you can apply textures in the traditional way as the objects can freely change it's shape in size.
  18. Twyxx Well-Known Member

    They likely want that. If it's different enough then they don't cannibalize their other games for this one. They're going for a wider reach than current eq players or eq nostalgia hopefuls.
  19. Lempo Well-Known Member

    Mission accomplished then I guess. it does make sense.
  20. Ucala01 Member

    graphics I can live with tbh. the no leveling system idk :p but it does sound like there is a way atleast to separate vets from noobs (with their tier system of skills). guess only time will tell. will def be trying it out. it doesn't sound alt friendly of course (cause you could grind levels faster than "skills") so it's more like 1 toon to rule them all.