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  1. kytsu New Member

    hey all 2 friends and me are thinking about play again for a while. not serious raiding, but have lot of questions.

    1) do i need to buy the 3 or 4 expansions that arent f2p??? i thought only the last expansion wasnt f2p. and if thats true. do u need to buy all them, or buying last one get every exp before that too?

    2) mercenarys. are they for every char or for all the account? i mean can i get a mercenary and use it on every char?. wich mercenary is good as f2p? i think healers are better but wich one.

    3) wich clases should avoid? i had a brigand and bruiser 90. but i have read bruisers are useless and brigand dont do dmg and his debuffs are pretty useless now. rangers are prety bad right now i read.

    4) how dungeon finder works? is active? or noone uses it.

    5) if i buy the cheap aerakyn. could i upgrade it to a better version after? or must be done before creating the char?

    6) the new channeler is good? i mean do some dmg or is a full healer only? cant find lor of info

    we stoped playing at around lvl 90 on sentinel fate i think. and was thinking about make a new char an see everything again we 3 and mercenarys. could we do every group content and even some raids like that?
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  2. dorotea Well-Known Member

    Welcome back - there seem to be a lot of us returning.

    1. The last expansion gives you the earlier ones though not extra features like classes and races.
    2. Mercenaries are per character though you can get mercenaries by buying certain things that give the mercenary to every character on the account, Up to level 100 IMO dps mercs work well for any class - so overpowered that they do most of the killing. Level 100 and up you want healing and curing since the mercenary damage becomes trivial, relatively.
    3. People always complain. Play the class you enjoy - that is more important than having the absolute best class especially if you aren't a serious raider.
    4. No idea. It seems pretty dead at lower levels.
    5. No idea sorry. I have never bought it I prefer the looks of the smaller fairy.
    6. Supposedly it is fairly good but is more complicated to play. I haven't bought it.

    New characters are good that is what I do after a long departure. Gives a better feel for things. If you subscribe there is one server where you can start at level 95 and one progression server where lower levels are more active but I believe just 4 basic servers for free play.
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  3. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    You can only purchase the current expansion, which gets you All The Expansions. There are a couple of premium classes and races that are not included.

    So, there are a number of ways to obtain a mercenary. You get a coin/token that you consume, then you can go out and hire that mercenary in some cases. Or you can hire mercenaries directly in the towns. There are a couple of mercs that wander around in the overlands that you have to hunt down to hire. You can purchase mercenaries via the Marketplace. Sometimes you can buy some mercenary tokens via the broker (usually not cheap).

    If you purchase any version of the Blood of Luclin Expansion other than the plain vanilla Standard Edition, every character can use /claim to get a mercenary (i.e., Collector's, Premium, or Family & Friends). Premium gets you the most stuff.

    It really depends on what you want to do. Are you a bleeding edge min-maxxer who wants to raid in the high-end raid guilds? If not, play whatever class appeals to you... any race and/or class can solo all the way from level 1 to 120 (though a mercenary makes it much easier).

    Dungeon Finder never worked well and no one uses it.

    There is a LFG channel, and if you are proactive and ask in LFG "Looking for more for {name of destination}, PST!" you can often get a group together to do stuff.

    Most of the population on the Live servers is at end-game and is playing at level 95-120 somewhere. If you are willing t pay the monthly subscription, the TLE server (Kaladim) might be a better choice, as there are more people playing at lower levels.

    Dunno what you mean by "cheap Aerakyn". You pay to unlock the race, and once unlocked, you can use it for any toon you create. Ditto Freebloods, Channelers, and Beastlords.

    I love my channeler. Channelers heal by shooting arrows. They have some of the normal healer tools, such as group heals, cures, death prevents, etc., but they do decent DPS (that's "decent for a healer", they aren't going to be doing ginormous damage, but respectable.

    It would depend on the level of the heroics and raids. On my level 110/120 toons, I can mentor to 95 and solo 90-95 raid zones easily.

    I haven't tried doing heroics with three people and three mercenaries on-level. It would depend on how well you are geared, and what level your spells are. Spells start at Apprentice, then go up to Journeyman, Adept, Expert, Master, etc, doing more damage/heals/etc. at the better qualities.

    You shouldn't have too much trouble mentoring down a little and doing lower level raids, for sure, but I'm doubtful about on-level raids, even old ones.
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  4. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I believe he is referring to the regular Aeryken where the wings are just wings and the premium Aeryken where the wings will actually allow them to fly at a certain level.
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  5. Finora Well-Known Member

    For the Aerakyn question, you can by the base version then upgrade (or at least it let me a few years ago when I bought it on one of my kid's account as a surprise).
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  6. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Thank you Finora, I did not know if you could upgrade the base version or not. I bought the base version and really do not like the race the wings, for me, are to clunky, so I have never tried to upgrade, so I could not answer his question about that.
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  7. Monk Iksar New Member

    Returning player...a bit upset, already.

    So i bought the FnF package x's 2 and a premium so my family could play during these dark times in the real world.

    My wife logs in to begin to distribute the standard accounts to the kids accounts when she could not find them. After some searching, we found out after paying almost\over 700.00 (yes many of you pay much more per month for this game, i get it.) It is a 72hr delivery?????? Are you kidding me? DB get my money instantly and i have to wait 72 hrs for the completion of my purchase and allow my kids to play?

    So how are these accounts delivered? I did some searching manually and using the search bar, (interesting what you find if you search "Friends and Family on these forums).... there is no detailed info on how to pass these to another account. What i did see however is a community i do not remember, seems some things get better after being bought by another company.....some dont. I hate that i have spent money on this game again after what was done in the past by this parent company.

    I just want what i paid for. unlike landmark
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  8. AvenElonis Active Member

    I will probably be less than 72 hrs. Same thing happens with Krono purchases. I suspect it is a Protection against Fraud exercise.
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  9. Monk Iksar New Member

    Thanks for your reply friend. I still have no idea how to point the standard editions to the other accounts, or how i receive them.
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  10. Monk Iksar New Member

    Disregard the account transfer issue, still cant find/assign standard accounts that came with the FnF package purchased.
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  11. Monk Iksar New Member

    Cheese and crackers!!!!

    Ok, so the toon i transfered is a Ratonga B.L. The account it was transferred from is an account that had/has the beta keys for this game, and from the moment of live launch.

    Now i go to the new account to log him in and it says the class is not valid for my character and wont allow me to log him in on the new account, after i logged him into the other account just days ago.........im so frustrated. omj....i have to pay again for the BL class on this account....ok im done posting until my wallet is dru.... :-x
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  12. AvenElonis Active Member

    If you can get on discord for EQ2, contact Dreamweaver - he can point in the right direction. Or you may be able to contact him via mail on the forums.
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