Long Server Load times

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Aldorn, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Aldorn New Member

    Waited 10 minutes to try to zone into Arx Aeturnus [Solo] today. Finally, hit the exit button and restarted the client. Seems like the longer your client is up, the longer the load times become while zoning around the world. I've noticed this a lot this week (last 7 days).

    Did you forget to renegotiate a new contract between DarkPaw and the Server Professional Animal Machine operators? (SPAM Hamster Union #1)?
  2. Aldorn New Member

    Also to note: regarding the broker You have a consignment transaction in progress. Please try again." Message. Even after a few minutes. Possibly related situations here. Poor Hampster's Union.
  3. AngryConjy Member

    I had to actually hit the X to get out of the game totally , had time to go to restroom, get snacks, and a glass of water.... still a loading black screen.... rebooted the game *sighs*
  4. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm about ready to flick in the towel. Just now, have tried to zone into Vault, only to be thrown out FOUR times back to the login screen, where you have 4 characters, server down, server up, pick one, "sorry, can't log in...exit the game and run the patcher." When you're spending more time in zoning lag and crashing to the server than you are playing, something is wrong.
  5. AngryConjy Member

    note: 3 time trying to relog, 1st, server offline, 2nd, only 4 of 20 toon loaded. 3rd, woot im in... I think

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