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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-NytewolfDarkassassin, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-NytewolfDarkassassin Guest

    Anyone else notice this? UGH.
  2. ARCHIVED-Casombra Guest

    Yes I got something that would go with EQ1... never play it.
  3. ARCHIVED-HaCkHaCkER Guest

  4. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    I am completely disgusted by the mere existence of this item.
  5. ARCHIVED-Ocello Guest

    Xalmat wrote:
    I'm much more disgusted that it is a LoN item and not an in-game item.
  6. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    The fact that it is introduced as a LoN piece shows the unmittigated greed that is running SoE.
  7. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    I don't really care if it was a SmedCash item, LoN item, or even a common (or uncommon) drop in-game for free. The mere existence of this item completely subverts a CORE aspect of this game. Not to mention since it is a LoN item, all it will do is further strengthen the existence of RMT (both first party and third party) that continues to plague this game.
  8. ARCHIVED-cashp Guest

    Party: I think there's a slippery slope over there.
    SoE Group Leader: These are not the slippery slopes you are looking for.
  9. ARCHIVED-cashp Guest

    Xalmat wrote:
    I'll have to agree completely and go on to say that if they are to allow for unattuneable items like this they forgot how the bazaar works this is gonna be horribly exploitable.

    Besides that they should just get rid of the attune item type if they are going to circumvent their own item tags.

    Gosh darn happy I left now =p
  10. ARCHIVED-HaCkHaCkER Guest

    Xalmat, what is it about this item will be game breaking? a lot of top end attunable gear is also heirloom so that shouldnt really matter. i think heirloom should not attune at all but just remain heirloom no trade. what item will be able to unattune that will break game so horribly that it would be disgusting? Atan, as for this being on LoN you can earn the loot cards by playing the game, no need to buy the decks. so you can "earn" them sort of.
  11. ARCHIVED-cashp Guest

    HaCkHaCkER wrote:
    The item type *Attune/d* is a core part of the game and always has been. The inability to trade an item after having used it yourself. Allowing someone to Unattune an item creates a gap in the system of how the core structure of the game works.
    That 500p fabled item on the broker? Go ahead and buy it. You can use it till you upgrade and then resell it.
    Heirloom is still attuneable and only useable once, unless you use this of course.
    The LoN items mean you can't obtain them by any way other than pure chance, as 5 packs per month in game is a very small chance. Otherwise it's money.
    An example of a game breaking item is the Mythical D'Morte Artifact item that is useable from level 1 onward that deals significant damage with a lifetap and power heal.
  12. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    HaCkHaCkER wrote:
    Everything about it is game breaking.
    The whole point of the attune tag is to make it so that, once it's bound to your character, it's essentially removed from the game. If you want that item again, it will need to be re-acquired. For tradeable items, this has a net positive impact, as it encourages players to continue acquiring items in order to sell said items.
    Being able to unattune means you will not need to re-acquire an item for an alt; you can simply unattune it and give it to the alt. It also means that tradeable items (and there are lots of FABLED tradeable items in Sentinel's Fate with VERY high value) can be unattuned, and resold.
    We had an economy like this when the game first launched. What ended up happening is that, as players outleveled their gear, they put it up on the market for other players to buy. But eventually there was a gigantic glut of items that could not be sold for any price, as supply FAR exceeded demand. It discouraged players (crafters in particular) from using the broker system at all to try to sell anything (unless it was a consumable). The attune mechanic fixed this.

    They added the heirloom tag so that you wouldn't have to switch characters to loot an item for an alt. Heirloom items themselves are not tradeable to other accounts. You still need to attune the item to use it in most cases, and once it's attuned on your character, it cannot be passed down to another character. Heirloom itself has nothing to do with attuning, as several heirloom items aren't attuneable.

    Also, they removed the means to earn LoN cards in-game a LONG time ago. You still earn 5 free LoN boosters every month, but those cards aren't tradeable.
  13. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    HaCkHaCkER wrote:
    More desirable items are added as LoN, as the true cost to obtain if you want one is a lottery and on average much higher than SC.
  14. ARCHIVED-Skywarrior Guest

    The only reason to have Attunable and No Trade in the game at all is due to gameplay and balance reasons. If the devs now believe that unattuning is okay and not game affecting then the tags should be removed altogether. This is one of those areas that, IMO, there is no middle ground. If this goes into the game it completely undermines any justification for item use limitation tags.
    I'm not arguing for or against the concept of these tags (Attunable, Heirloom, or No Trade). I'm simply saying they are either good for the game or not. There is no middle ground. Have them or not. None of this "some privileged few" can ignore the tags.
  15. ARCHIVED-HaCkHaCkER Guest

    Xalmat, so that makes since, but as you mention there are heriloom items that do not attune, so how could that be horrible. what if this item were to remove the attune tag and make it heirloom. this way it would prevent people from reselling an item, but it will still be usefull to that one specific account? or they could mark some items as not-unattunable. i think, they should remove attune from game and change them all to heirloom. there should be trade, heirloom, and like wow Bind on pickup/acquire. with that you can still roll on heirloom gear for alts on the same account, roll for BoP items with your current toon etc... it will just add that bit more difficulty in getting your hands on the single BoP item for a toon. Atan, yes the lotto chance is still there, but you can also play LoN games and earn cards, at least last time i checked. so while the free lotto chance is there, if you really really "need" that item it could cost you as well. but i would find it crazy to spend money like mad just to get a lotto chance to unattune an item. and if none of this works, they should put a sale/trade counter on an item. like in real life you have the first sale doctrine. so mark an item that it can be sold only once, or heck make it so it can be sold twice or ten times.
  16. ARCHIVED-Dreyco Guest

    Enough is enough with stuff like this. There should not be an item that lets you unattune your stuff on Legends of Norrath. Attuning is an extreme part of gear-related game mechanics. It should not be touched by a LoN Card. Period.
    If an item like this were to exist, I would expect that development have a very serious look at the way attuning mechanics work for the grand majority of players.
    You also realize that once you equip station cash items that they become attuned, forcing other players to pay more to get new items that they want on other characters. Someone getting this item is allowed to circumvent that.
    Take this item off that list.
    ~One not very happy Iksar about this piece of news.
  17. ARCHIVED-agovu Guest

    WOOT, Finally a new set.
    Choose a Loot for the Wurm mount fo sho'
    Then gonna get like 6 Boxes and get the Un-attune item.
  18. ARCHIVED-Crismorn Guest

    Xalmat wrote:
    No, this game gets easier and easier every hotfix and update.

    It's about time they added something that dumbs this game down and indirectly helps raiders.
  19. ARCHIVED-Crismorn Guest

    Should be an in-game quest or SC item, but SoE knew it was highly desired and putting it as an LoN loot card will make them more $ in the long run.
    They found a way to make the most $ possible and still add a highly sought after item, I would high-five the guy who set this up.
  20. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    HaCkHaCkER wrote:
    First point: The majority of (if not all) non-attuneable heirloom items are furniture items or currency tokens (like Mark of Manaar, void shards, etc), or some marketplace items designed to be heirloom (of which 99% is fluff). They still must be earned in the first place, and cannot be traded with other players. In the case of furniture, furniture is fluff that doesn't ultimately affect the core component of the game: combat.
    Second point: It still defeats the purpose of the attune mechanic, as you would no longer need to acquire that same ite.
    Third point: For that to work, how would you determine what items are not unattuneable? If it's only a small number of items, it still defeats the purpose. It has to be an all or nothing thing.
    Fourth point: EQ2 already has all three of those. Tradeable non-attuneable items exist (although such items are rare after mid-game). Heirloom items exist. And Bind on pickup/acquire is the exact same thing as NO-TRADE. Need i remind you that most HEIRLOOM ATTUNEABLE loot used to be NO-TRADE, and the only reason HEIRLOOM exists is so that you can loot an item for one character while playing another, without having to switch characters over. It was designed as a time-saving feature, nothing more. And it doesn't help players with multiple accounts, as you still need to log the second account in to loot the item for that account.

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