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    Hello everyone!
    It's incredible to me that, after 5 years being fascinated with Everquest's lore, I just now discover this forum, with many players loving it like me and knowing it in depth. I guess it took me so long because I never was used to forum searching.
    So I wanted to say that, for the past 4 years I have been logging my conversations with NPCs on many storylines. I think what spurred me was the lore bit in the end of The Fate of Norrath questline. I realised that I knew many important things here and there, but I kept forgetting what happened and had many questions. So the logging began...
    I now have fully logged the signature questlines in The Shadow Odyssey, Sentinel's Fate (Footsteps of Drinal), Destiny of Velious (The Fallen Swords), Chains of Eternity (Shades of Drinal), Darkness Ascending, and a bit on the following. I'm also logging several solo questlines and Heritage Quests.
    I thought I'd let you know in case someone would be interested in what I have collected, to incorporate it into some greater work or just to reminisce.
    I look forward to meeting you guys in game, so that you can also teach me on the so many questions that I have!
    Keep playing ^_^
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  2. Wulfen Member

    Hello Explorer, and all other Lorehounds, newly awakened: USE your Housing & Leaderboards tab on the big EQII button!
    We've lost so much lore over the years... vanished, taken down off the web, lost, some sites even sold to strangers. And even the Wayback Machine can't seem to cough up FTW GUILD COMICS... a site of at least 55 panels that made you laugh and cry because you experienced those times too... and an older crashed computer lost them all.
    If you are on Maj'Dul server.. I know of two Libraries. Ceyarrecks is for some reason not currently published (the Norrathian
    Estate library; it's in one of Fyuri's houses) but it is truly one of the server's serious libraries of books quested and created.
    The other one is Omma's Island Library, published on the TT Island, Qeynos access. It is sorted outside on the lawn by expansion. This much is true.. even if your computer crashes and eats up your laborious accumulations... if you've compiled books IN THE GAME in a published house, they're still there when you return, if there's a game to return to. Books are a source of lore. Folks have spent hours in the library, and even found a few they didn't have. And Guides sometimes tell us stories out of some of those books. Copy what they say and then go read the same story in the library.
    If anyone sees this post and knows of some more real libraries on any server... please let us know here in the Forums.
    Some of us live under rocks and don't get out much to raid zones where more lore is available. If you have dialogue that you can write in a notebook to have available on the Broker... please do that for starving Lorehounds, at a nominal price. Extreme prices don't sell because the content isn't readable until after purchase.
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  3. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    WM? yes, they don't have this, because it was most likely deleted. contrary to opinion that nothing can be completely removed from Internet, i know of some examples when even massively distributed programs were completely removed. for example, microsoft did this in relation to one of its programs, which was distributed sometime on internet clubs. there are companies that specialize in removing content. sometimes owners don't want something that has been written to be saved and available for reading. therefore, can also blame yourself that interesting sites were not saved to local versions. with some probability, what is now interesting to many can be completely removed, as has already happened in past :(
  4. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

  5. Explorer New Member

    Thank you for your answers!
    Wulfen, I'm excited to visit the libraries you mentioned soon! I am currently on Thurgadin EU, but I will definitely make a visit. My files are all saved on Google Drive, I think it's the most survivable option :D If you guys want a share, send me a message!
    Also let me share that I literally made a character called Lorehunter, made him a heroic 100 Assassin so he could obliterate any epic named that gave me a hard time on lower level questlines :p So I wanted to ask, do you guys play on lower level zones for lore purposes, now that most players are on end-game, and if so how do you do the grouping?
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  6. Wulfen Member

    A word of caution here, Explorer... the "This account is in use" announcement has been recently discussed, although it's been around for years. It has a positive correlation with /camp <character name>, so often that I don't bother wasting time. So no more Mains killing off the aggro so the little ones can get their harvesting or quests done. Aggro has respawned in the meantime. It sometimes works but nowadays more often, not. For example.. Gorgs respawning while your little one is harvesting dens for Qho. It's not easy. Devs are laughing in their sleeves, sabotaging this little exploit.
    Another word of caution.. I get a group maybe a few times a year. I seek lore, yes, but I am chronically 10 years behind most players. I tend to level lock (currently at 95) for long periods of time so as to find every possible quest there is to do... even the dropped item quest starters., even if I have to mentor down to 15 to complete them, even if it will take months to do so. Building my quest count makes my day. I take the time to read what bosses say, but unfortunately I haven't been screenshooting most, so I probably don't have as much lore as you might have stored up.
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  7. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I regularly go back and do old quests that I missed the first time around, because I like to complete Achievements (Open your Journal, click the Achievements tab).

    When I start a new toon, and get them to their home town, the two first things I do are to go to a sage and buy all the book quests they offer (the wiki has a Book Quest Timeline), and to a linguist to get all the languages. I usually get the book quests from the Mage Tower in Qeynos, but the languages from the linguist in Kelethin, myself, YMMV.

    I always start my toons at level 1, so having the book quests available is handy since I do them as I am pursuing other quests in the area as I level up. Don't scribe them all at once! I sort them into a big bag in my bank by region/level, and then grab the books I need as I am going to hunt in a given place. Generally I like to try and get as many quests for a small area as I can, because lots of times the steps overlap!

    If you have a character logged into the server, that character must be camped completely out of the server before the new one can enter. Using /camp {next_toon} seems to have a set time delay built into it, which is fine if the servers aren't experiencing bad lag. The 20 second count-down while camping is an attempt to make sure all the various open files are actually saved and closed. It's the time after that where the server lag may cause the problem.

    If I have a camping failure, I roll my eyes, spout some colorful invective, exit the game, and start again from the Launchpad.
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  8. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Adding to the two above mentioned libraries on the Maj'Dul server, my manor is always open for anyone who wants to read up. I have *ALMOST* every book in the game, and I keep it up to date with modern content since the other two are usually published and cannot be modified afterward.

    Come to 8 Erollisi Lane in South Qeynos and look for Ouka's Manor if you're ever interested. My entire house is full of relics and lore.
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  9. Wulfen Member

    Ouka, I'm so there.
    Everyone, this is exactly what I'm asking to see... real quested libraries. Send in yours. I am capable of visiting libraries on Maj'Dul and Antonia Bayle servers. Share what you know, no matter which server, all servers.
    I keep currently acquired books in an igloo on the frosted dwelling island, so the published library may not get augmented by an armload of books more often than once a year or so. Unpublishing /republishing has an excruciating cost. I'm ever so grateful for periodic DECO-RAIDS to build up vote counts. A published real Library needs votes, not for vanity's sake, but so that it is easy to find on the Housing & Leaderboards. It is made for public reading.
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