Live Warlocks: How bad is the CoD nerf?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by boho, Jul 9, 2022.

  1. boho Member

    Curse of Darkness was given a 3-second internal cooldown to combat an exploit involving Bard song spam which was causing performance issues.

    This has obviously crippled the ability, and on Varsoon it arguably isn't worth casting anymore beyond the initial pull. For instance, On a large encounter-based fight on Varsoon, Curse of Darkness made up 8% of my damage before the nerf. Now it's 1% - an absolutely massive nerf.

    Varsoon's also a very different environment than Live though. With a much smaller kit a slow cast/reuse, squeezing every drop out of Curse of Darkness is pretty critical to doing good DPS. What's the nerf's impact over on Live?
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  2. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.

    Curse of Darkness was already really bad on live. This change made it so you continued to never press it.
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  3. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I deliberately used it every time it was up in raid last night. I probably actually hurt my DPS by using that time to mash that button instead of something better.

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  4. vlada Active Member

    warlocks who know how to dps never ever cast CoD. and mind you the warlock in my guild parses in the trillions. its not a thing,dont use that spell
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  5. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Normally I never use CoD myself. It was a test run in response to the wailing about the nerf to the spell.
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  6. vlada Active Member

    oh,i know
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  7. Stylishhealer New Member

    How is that I am struggling to hit even 600B on a lock in RoR. Who is the lock?
  8. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    My warlock isn't what I'd call super-duper, but it's not that hard. And I'm pretty sure I got several more H1 gear pieces after this parse as well.

  9. vlada Active Member

    Ibomb. the originator, not the imitator. while we are gearing up he still parses in the trillions. so does sigs alt hulda. so will mine when i finish the other 3 toons
  10. Stylishhealer New Member

    I mean in H1s not solos are you doing 1T EncDPS on a boss? If so what is your casting order?
  11. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    What I am doing is T2 DPS. Here's the fight with the last guy in Blood and Sand H1 last night:


    I calculate my cast order using an Excel worksheet I got from someone on the forums a long while ago. I actually need to double-check the cast order now that we're in a new expansion, but I wanted to wait until I was not changing my armor (and thus stats) nearly daily. You can get the worksheet from my Dropbox.

    I'm using Potency temp adorns from last expansion except for shoulders and hands, which have the new temp adorns for Reuse and... not in-game, don't recall what the other one is. I've got Crit Bonus temp adorns on everything else I can cram them on. And I'm using some old Incandescent adorns for a little more Reuse too.

    I don't know any warlocks on Live using CoD. Don't even have it on the hotbars.
  12. Stylishhealer New Member

    Thank you for sharing however see your doing 185B where I am looking for a lock who is doing over 1T on this fight. I think I was pushing either 400 or 500B on this fight since it is an encounter fight.
  13. Tridav New Member

    It's doable. I am doing it. Last night I ran the weekly and was keeping up with a ranger about 30 resolve over me. We're both doing 1.5 T most fights
  14. Stylishhealer New Member

    Can I hit you up on discord to talk about casting order and such cause idk why but seems like most of my spells are being mitigrated hard. Also whats your locks name.
  15. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    I can say and we can edit this post to 100 sides if we want a major fact is , playing warlock these times compared to any other T1 DD or evan any other DD clas feels like playing a walking dead.

    DPS in Solos ok until you have reached nearly T2 Raid Resolve LOL -p

    Heroic 1 2 3 Raid not any chance to get close to any other other DPS class with or without support dosent realy matter if equal or similar stats on 2 DDs + all Spells Ancient + and all stats are in the green it should be possible to do same DPS espceialy on AOE which is prime discipline of Locks as any other mean AOE ( Swash // Ranger ) DD does atm.
    Its a joke somtimes evan with a propper cast order and all other stuff proven running you get parsed out by a pet caster as well.

    Warlocks need to be fixed like the Assassin has already been especialy in AOE non other CLasses beside Warlocks // Swashi and Ranger should be able to do more DPS if this wont become back to normal
    case in the future we are obsolete and this runs in the totaly oposite direction as ever thought from SOE.

    Beside the mentiont fixes which need to be done on the Lock we mentiont to YOU the DEVs on other posts you keep breaking the Warlocks since CD Expansion for no reason. Prestige AA still broken.

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  16. Syren New Member

    Also looking for a solid rotation.