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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Sep 15, 2014.

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    Awesome update on the broker. Any news on what the restrictions/limitations will be?
  4. Qixil Active Member

    wondering about this also. Will we be able to buy and sell from the anywhere broker window, and use in guild halls? If so, another amenity to be removed and not spend status on
  5. Nslavyur New Member

    It's stupid valance, bugs and displaced run hacks all the time yet you nerf a semi valid use of game mechanics. I don't mind, most of my toons are 95 or locked at low level. You wonder why people are leaving naggy fix the exploits and hacks then people will return.
  6. Nslavyur New Member

    good job my *** they nerfing a semi legit pl method without hacks. That's fine I got toons at all tiers but they will still hide in instances
  7. Kinya Active Member

    ...erm... I am confused? :confused:
    What exactly is being nerfed?
  8. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    The totem I assume. Its a damage shield on all melee attacks taken.

    Hardly call it a nerf to PLing though, unless you PL with a naked 95 zerker with no weapons and no aa.
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    Or you PL with a level 30 tank, making 30~50p per run lol. It was possible, apparently.
  11. Sizzla New Member

    I love how you have to insert 'semi legit' into that sentence.

    Level 20s powerleveling level 90s, killing 120 mobs at once without moving or pressing buttons...

    ...seems legit, amirite?
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  12. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    Semi legit, semi pregnant, kinda like that.
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    And no, it DOES NOT seem legit. Shoulda been the other way around, but whatever.
    Its like a lv94 warlock being followed by lv10's and those lv10's killing everything around New Halas.
    Legit? No. Stupid? Yes. Funny? Very.
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    I think this is partially why Devs finally did something about it lol. It really is bothersome that I could roll a pally to 25 or so on another account, give it some uber lootz, and PL my brig's AAs, though there's also LAD's to consider. Those are coming in about 2 weeks now, and a tank popping totems would have trivialized all but the most mechanics-oriented of the fights (Like that one in Guk or the one in Vasty Deep...).
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    Like the Broker idea thats great.
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    So they took away to totem to PL AA's. People wouldn't find ways to exploit the system if AA grinding wasn't so ruff. Plus you need 280 to get to 95. Even if you roll up a level 1 and do 50/50 on xp to aa's you will not have the right amount of aa's to progress past 90. You would need to grind out at least 100 aa's to get past 90. Maybe they need to look at the AA's and flatten the xp needed to progress them. If you ar doing a 50/50 split you should have the appropriate amount of aa's at 90 to move forward. You shouldn't have to go grind out the rest. It is a bit imbalanced in my opinion. I know people hate that some were using the DM to grind aa's by the masses but if there wasn't a problem maybe it wouldn't of been used like that. Just my two cents.
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    0.o I do 100% when quests go green, and quest in every area possible for my tier. Alts always end up around 285~300 AA's by 85, let alone 90. I will agree that 345 to 350 is a bit rough, however most classes could make those last 5 AAs mean nothing but re-arranging their spec a bit and putting useless filler abilities @ the end.
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  18. Ratza Well-Known Member

    For those who don't quest their way up o 90 it is hard to get those AA's to 280.....if they grind xp even with settings at 50/50 they come up seriously short by lv 90.....not everyone likes to quest.
  19. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    Dungeon w/ 100% on till you have to tier switch then, or kill overworld mobs/do DM @ 100%. It literally comes out the same :/ the first 300 AA come so easily its not even funny. I still have my baubles from CoE that boosted you to 285 AA.
  20. Ratza Well-Known Member

    So do I