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    The following table shows a brief summary of the daily SF tradeskill quests for each faction.
    Using this list you should easily be able to identify which quests are only available to a certain tradeskill class (class restrictions noted in italics), and which quests would benefit from a portable crafting table (indicated by a * next to the description)
    Note: There are 7 different quests for each faction, so the cycle of quests repeats every week. The daily quests will change each night at 12:00am PST


    Kerra Isle Outfitters

    Researchers of Quel'Ule

    Hua Mein Craftsmen

    Thursday Paineel Replenishment
    Harvest 50 x non food raws
    Herbal Healing
    Harvest 15 x buds, bark or fungus
    Rebuilding Materials
    Harvest 25 x non food raws
    Netting More Fish
    Harvest 25 x fresh octopus and 1 x seahorse roe

    Friday Further Essential Studies
    Tag 3 x ghosts
    Paw Tips and Tail Feathers
    Harvest 10 x feathers and 10 x claw sheaths
    Reinforcing the Wards
    Craft 5 x warding spells
    Shining Shells
    Harvest 15 x shells from lake

    Saturday Back to the Grindstone
    Tag 3 x boulder dashers
    Defensive Dressing
    Craft 5 x outfitter items*
    Outfitter only
    Tracking the Void Influence
    Tag 1 x void creature
    Honoring the Ancestors
    Harvest 5 x sumac lumber or bamboo shoots, burn offering

    Sunday Bready Goodness
    Craft 10 x food items
    A Close Eye on Quel'Ule
    Travel to Moonfield and speak to NPC, return to Kerra Isle
    Supplies for the Fighters
    Craft 5 x scholar items
    Scholar only
    A Tasty Task
    Craft 5 x Baked Fish*

    Monday Full Metal Artisan
    Craft 5 x Paineel Greatswords
    Kerra Kindling
    Harvest 25 x sumac lumber
    Sampling More Strangeness
    Harvest 10 x strange minerals
    Hua Mein Craftsmanship
    Craft 5 x craftsman items*
    Craftsman only

    Tuesday Eats Shoots and Leaves
    Harvest 5 x plants from Toxxulia's Reach
    Kerra Clothing
    Craft 5 x outfitter items*
    Outfitter only
    Reporting to Paineel
    Deliver report to Paineel
    Hua Mein Heating
    Harvest 25 x sumac lumber

    Wednesday Stonebrunt Express
    Deliver supplies to Moonfield

    Weaving a Profit
    Craft 4 x fine cloth - buy recipe from Purrak first !
    Equipping the Front Line
    Craft 5 x scholar items
    Scholar only
    The Bear Necessities
    Craft 5 x craftsman items*
    Craftsman only

    EDIT: Added links to quest details on EQ2Wikia. Also available here on ZAM
    EDIT: Changed order of days to start with Thursday so that it better ties in to the cycle of Isle of Mara weeklies
  2. ARCHIVED-Calainis Guest

    Thank you! This is a very convenient table to have on hand ;-)
  3. ARCHIVED-EQ2Magroo Guest

    I've reformatted it a bit now as it was a bit unreadable on my work PC :) Bleh, I hate HTML tables...
  4. ARCHIVED-Striking2 Guest

  5. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

  6. ARCHIVED-Zendi_Perma Guest

    Great table. We need to get it posted to eq2i and ZAM. It does highlight how craftsmen get hosed if you didn't level harvesting with your crafters though.. :D
  7. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    Zendi_Perma wrote:
    That hosing is self-inflicted. Opportunities and rewards are presented for working up your harvesting skill. If you decide to take shortcuts, that's your own problem.
  8. ARCHIVED-Zendi_Perma Guest

    It should just be a consistent hosing across all tradeskill classes. Thanks for the being so helpful and non-judgemental though. /sarcasm off
  9. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    Sorry for clouding the issue with facts :p
  10. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

  11. ARCHIVED-Zendi_Perma Guest

    Deveryn wrote:
    Fact. If you don't level your harvesting you are at a disadvantage to those that do. You are correct.
    Fact: If a craftsman, scholar, and outfitter all decide to not level their harvesting, the craftsman is at a greater disadvantage. It will take them longer to get the required faction.
    How's that? Oh, and I am leveling fishing and foresting on my woodworker which should let me complete the daily tasks. I feel so much more fulfilled now that I am not cutting corners.
  12. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    If you did your Epic, your harvesting should be darn close. If you haven't done your epic, you'll end up getting your crafting up for it anyway. It's all doable.
    If you need to grind your harvesting skills, see Duggin in Thundering Steppes, you'll get some house rewards for it.
  13. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    Zendi_Perma wrote:
    I wasn't judging anyone for choosing not to harvest. I don't consider it cheating. There is no increased reward for skipping harvesting. I don't care what you do, but omitting something that is encouraged and required throughout the career of a tradeskiller is going to make your life difficult at some point. That's all I was saying.
  14. ARCHIVED-Zendi_Perma Guest

    I kind of skipped most of ROK and TSO, now catching up. Working on Epic on 9 crafters and getting all the SF faction going. My only point was that there are 2 daily harvesting quests for craftsman and 1 for the other classes. I am just tired and cranky this morning, it has been a long week. Historically, I have always done harvesting on my combined adventuring/tradeskilling toons, but not the low level adventurers.
  15. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    Wow! Thanks so much for this! I had been wishing for some way to know what quests were available each day.

    Zendi_Perma wrote:
    I have three crafters that are over 80 now. Two of them I leveled my harvesting in but the third I was lazy with. I think her fishing is in the 20's while other harvesting is about 120's to 130's. Guess I need to get on that now.
  16. ARCHIVED-christmascracker Guest

    Brilliant, thank you :)
  17. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    With the coming hotfix (should be tomorrow morning), the hua mein faction will require harvesting for only one quest, same as the other two factions. This should equalize harvesting requirements among the factions.

    HOWEVER ... that said, I do not think it's fundamentally unreasonable to expect a tradeskiller to level up harvesting. There are many adventure quests that require harvesting (including epics!) yet harvesting is if anything more important to tradeskilling than adventuring. Although we have so far not required harvesting for any tradeskill quest that can't be avoided, I'm not guaranteeing that it will never happen, and I don't think it would be unreasonable to expect a tradeskiller to be able to harvest their own supplies, even if they don't normally choose to do so. That said, there are no current plans to require harvesting for any new quest lines, but it should not be assumed that it will never happen.
  18. ARCHIVED-Zendi_Perma Guest

    As long as you put plenty of nodes in non-aggro areas where low level adventure toons can skill up harvesting that is fine. Or you could use the higher of adventure/tradeskill level to gray out mobs.. :D Avoiding aggro mobs to skill up takes forever now, which is not fun.
  19. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    If we're doing that, let's have top level adventurers craft whatever they want, since they're level 90. What's holding them back?
  20. ARCHIVED-Zendi_Perma Guest

    Now, let's not get crazy hehe. There is actually precedence for this in some games. Now a trader couldn't actually kill anything because they can't do any dps.
    By the way, thanks for the craftsman fix. I already skilled up on harvesting but may help some new folks.
    I just find it funny that a game we play for fun has so much drudgery in some places.

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