Link Training Dummies into AE Groups

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Yoshabel, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Yoshabel Guest

    Is there a way to do this? If not, I think it should be done. Otherwise I can't think of a way to accurately measure my potential DPS with ACT running.
  2. ARCHIVED-maddawg138 Guest

    afaik there is no current way to link dummies together.
  3. ARCHIVED-Xelgad Guest

    We've added a new set of dummies for GU56 that come as a linked encounter of a total of eight heroic training dummies. Enjoy!
  4. ARCHIVED-Daedalus Raistlin Guest

    Awesome, so many cool things coming with GU56!
  5. ARCHIVED-Korvac Xavier Guest

    and so many things still ignored. WTB fix to dumbfires and revamping our useless aa's
  6. ARCHIVED-nereid27 Guest

    and about our red ardorn. almost not big benefit(cept 10% up to PB booster). one more think pls.
  7. ARCHIVED-docpaulpur2 Guest

    It's nice to see that you add fluff while still having so many broken things like 30 minutes zoning times, useless dumbfires etc.

    For the Dummy parse, try something : round up 12 dummies, prebuff everything you have, cata + FH rift then use null caress. If you dont proc aftershocks and are lucky on NC resists, voila 350-450 k parse.

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