Limit Pet Summon Changes

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Zyllos, Jul 6, 2022.

  1. Zyllos Member

    For the Summoner classes, both Necromancer and Conjuror, the limited pet spell lines, like Aqueous Swarm, Blighted Horde, and Awaken Grave, looks and plays really awful.

    These are pets that need to be changed to look much better than they are. 6.0s duration is just plan awful looking. It's like a disappearing act, for something that shouldn't just disappear like it does. There is very little enjoyment from these spells because the user can't even see what they do for the very brief moment they exist.

    Their duration needs to be increased, but the issue with AoEs just clearing them away needs to be resolved. While they are pets that can die by being targeted, their HP should be higher than just a single any AoE killing them, but targeting them and attacking will kill each one quickly.

    To resolve this issue, limited pets should have their HP increased by 50% (making them die from a couple or several AoEs, or direct attacks), their damaged reduced by 33%, but duration increased by 400%.

    What this does it makes the spell more skillful in use. Finding the right time to cast them for full potential damage (and it being more than now), but can be removed away quickly by either multiple AoEs, direct attacks, or very strong AoEs.

    This allows these abilities to feel more impactful and unique feeling instead of a 6s appearing/disappearing model that looks like garbage. It will require timing to receive the full benefit of the spell. The overall DPS will be reduced a bit for the duration of the spell but will have higher overall DPS over time if you can land the entire duration each time.
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  2. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    i'm a conjurer myself and i find this idea.....excellent and great and it reminds me of the coercer charm abillity being de-classed and causing the coercer class to lose it's identity and unique traits....
    increasing the HP+Mitigation or making them full immune to effects and dmg as whole....and + increased seconds or maybe a 5-10 mins duration.... this reminds me of the tunare's friend pet it's from the deity spell line.... is a healer pet that has duration of 10 mins and it's great and i believe it has some DPS but mostly heals....and it's great except on the part you only have two charges to summon it before returning to your altar to get the spell again but again great...if you are like me and loves pets even the fluff ones...familliars etc.
    if they increased the duration at least to 5 mins i would be happy to see the aqueous swarm and others around me for some time and plus i think they should rework the hydromancer pet and the void beast pet from necro make them a little more versatile...
    there are some npcs and bosses that are from conjurer and necromancer class and they have a bunch of minions around them i want something like that and it's pretty much simple to do just change the duration to 5-10 mins
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  3. Zyllos Member

    Ya, the current state of these abilities are just awful. Having very quickly popping models into the world then disappearing looks EXTREMELY jarring and ugly. Also, the mechanics of the ability is minimal.

    These types of changes, which are pretty small, adds a great deal to how great the spell would look and mechanically more involved and interesting.
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