Lifeburn needs to be adjusted to be comparable to Elemental Blast.

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Germs666, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Germs666 Guest

    Well, they dropped the life drain from Accelerated decay BUT other then that:
    Lifeburn still
    -has a 5 minute recast
    -takes forever to cast
    -has a damage CAP
    -has a 30 second immunity so other necros can't use it.
    -will not double attack or crit or have it's damage modified by any other ability except potency
    -Doesn't gain 2 ticks from Accelerated Decay.
    -the damage multiplier got nerfed from 10x to 4x per HP long ago and hasn't been adjusted since.

    This spell needs adjusting because it's the only way we'll be able to keep up with conjurers dps-wise. We've been needing this fix since the SF beta. No other ablilty in game has so many damage restrictions and risks involved. There are far better abilities in this game that have no restrictions on them whatsoever.
    I think the devs got lazy and forgot that necros have been in need of burst dps since they screwed everything up with spell double attack.
  2. ARCHIVED-thajoka Guest

    Only tricky part about this request is, fundamentally, there isn't reason to balance this ability with EB. The comparative EB effect is your ability that adds 2 extra DoT ticks to your DoTs...which don't get me wrong, thats an utter joke compared to EB. But logistically, the vastly different places they are found verses spells that are granted at same levels (undead hoard vs plane shift) or equal acheived AA abilities will probably remain a roadblock as far as getting it changed to be in-line with EB in any way. I do think the 'burn' spells should be revamped though to work like most other spells somehow.

    No other ablilty in game has so many damage restrictions and risks involved. There are far better abilities in this game that have no restrictions on them whatsoever.

    Actually, there is 1 spell that has the exact damage restrictions Lifeburn has, Manaburn. Also lifeburn im pretty certain used to only be 5:1 (as manaburn used to be 5:1), These 2 spells got nerfed in the same update to 4:1. I could be wrong but, the two 'burn' spells have always been effected the same for the most part and i'd be surprised if they were different at first. Even the update that 'broke' them and made them hit extremely high...the bug spilled into manaburn and lifeburn so I would imagine if they touch this area at all they would revamp the way lifeburn and manaburn both act as a spell since they follow the same rules pretty much. Of course I don't know what conj's have in place where you guys get Lifeburn but, yeah EB makes my wizard cry sometimes too :p :/
  3. ARCHIVED-Germs666 Guest

    I do see your point about where the abilities fall in line on the AA tree. (21 aa for lifeburn and EB at level 81)
    However, this could be adjusted by dropping the enhance "Teachings of the Underworld""SF endline AA and replacing it with enhance "Lifeburn" which could cut the recast and enhance the damage component back to 5:1 (I was wrong about 10:1)
    I do agree with Manaburn needing adjusting to be worth casting but ask Syndarin if Wizards are lacking in the dps department lol. Sadly you have better spells to cast in place of it for now. We are extremely dependent on Lifeburn because it's our only spike damage.
    If Necros can't even keep up with Conjurer DPS how are we ever going to come close to Warlocks or Wizards. There will be no reason to put a Necromancer in a mage dps slot when every other mage can perform better and not require constant healing.
  4. ARCHIVED-Lamatu Guest

    Most healers still hate when people lifeburn and most necro's don't even cast it unless the healer says something.
  5. ARCHIVED-Garlin1 Guest

    This topic has been a dead horse for awhile, but I will comment anyways.

    Manaburn is not as dangerous as Lifeburn based on all the mana regen in most raids/groups. Not hard for them to get a quick mana dump. It won't kill them to be oom.

    Lifeburn - Is what it is and won't be changed due to game mechanics. As expansions come out base hp goes up. I mean all the +hp stuff through AAs and new gear will give lifeburn a much greater damage capacity. I would LOVE to see this benefit from double spell attack, crits, etc. However, you will gain even MORE potency in this expansion then before. I think the timer is fair. Elemental blast should have its reuse increased if we wanted to play the "fair" game.
    Lifeburn with your pets Soulburn and you will rack up quite a bit of damage. All I know is summoners are going to be beasts when velious launches. People are crying to nerf us while we are crying to buff us.. something... somewhere has to give.
  6. ARCHIVED-Germs666 Guest

    ^ this is the horrible thinking that ruined Necros in DoV, lumping us together with the other summoner class.
    There is no way you'll be able to keep up with an equally geared conjurer on short fights. Elemental Blast and Soulburn are going to destroy us on short fights. I don't care how good you think you are, we have mechanics working against us.
  7. ARCHIVED-Rhadamanthys Guest

    Germs666 wrote:
    Yeah everyone keeps saying summoners when really it's just conjurors. And especially because of SDA, necros are really going to lag behind conjurors and sorcerers.
  8. ARCHIVED-Garlin1 Guest

    Your right. Necros are ruined in DoV. Go reroll quick. I mean its not like we deal some amazing dps. I mean I have not seen any assassin's crying we do to much damage or mages poed that we can destroy them on short fights now because of soulburn.
    In the end you are all gonna keep crying about conjys and elemental blast. Time to move on.
  9. ARCHIVED-Germs666 Guest

    Not everyone rolled a necromancer to solo.
    In order to be competitive for a raid slot, we will have to compete not only with conjis, but also with sorcerors.
    With Dot mechanics,useless AAs, and broken swarm pet abilites hindering us, it's not hard to see why we fall in last place with the damage dealing mages.
    Obviously you're content with what necros got this expansion but you shouldn't be. Every positive change we've received (minus dropping the health drain from AD) was given the other summoner. If you thought the summoners were balanced last expansion then you are more than wrong sir.
    I tried to get the developers attention in beta in regards to summoner balance in DoV but I failed to get a developer response. I even had people who play conjis and necros (Cisgo being one) agree that we are falling way behind in the damage department. Even Bigron agreed lifeburn needs some love.
    I find it quite disheartening when I see fellow necros happy with what summoners got when it's obvious the necromancer class was given almost zero individual attention this expansion.
  10. ARCHIVED-Garlin1 Guest

    Competitive for raid slots? If you find a guild that won't take you because of being a summoner that is not the classes fault, its the bad impressions we have got over the years. On a raid parse it pretty much should be a wizard or assassin on top and then YOU. Hell, on some fights you will destroy others on the parse because of raid mechanics. Jousting etc your pet can still go to town. With the sharing of stats your pet should be doing even way more dps. Top that off with that almost nobody, if anyone at all, on live has got the crit bonus increase for pet in Heroic or soulburn.
    Conjs get elemental blast deal with it. We have ways to augment lifeburn too. Adorn for hp, take the new runes for hp, get a rotation going to be bolstered etc when lifeburning and you will do quite a bit of damage. Try to make the best of your class instead of retreating to boards to complain about a topic that we have all talked about for a year now.
    And really? Throwing out names of players, who in all right are great players, to try and make your post seem that much better?

    Find me disheartening that I find we got some love. Hmm lets seeeeeee... shared pet stats, CHECK, AD no longer draining health, CHECK, soulburn, CHECK... seems like quite a bit of nice love for our class. Now, why don't we actually get into the game more, you know get geared up and the like, then cry. Seen the stats on even legendary? Some compete with t3-t4 gear. Add those stats to your pet and I think you will be surprised at the dps you will do. /end rant
  11. ARCHIVED-Germs666 Guest

    Every positive you've mentioned for our class, minus dropping the health penalties, is availible to conjurors as well.
    Are you not getting the fact that EB is going to be up twice for every lifeburn we have?
    Did you forget conjis get soulburn and that awesome pet crit bonus AA you've mentioned and actually benefit more because their pets do more direct damage while ours have DOTs?
    Ever compare our mythicals to conji's mythicals?
    Ever wonder why they get Crystal Blast Grandmaster but we can't choose Soulrot?
    It's obvious which summoner the developers play and I am happy we are getting some attention but it's pretty much just conjurors sloppy seconds.
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