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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Mermut, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I just got an abject lesson in 'their gear not my gear or ability determines if I can heal a group' and it's really, really depressing and frustrating.
    I solo healed all the T1 heroics earlier in the week. Today, I went into PoI: Masks, and we wiped, repeatedly on the last named.. because 1/2 the group kept getting 1-shot by the AoE in the first or 2nd 25%.. and me, the tank and 1 dps were barely enough to kill the mob before the damage got high enough that I was getting 1-shot.

    The devs have stated that they realize healing is unbalanced.. they've been saying that for at least 2 expacs now. I really wish/hope they'll tell us HOW they think it is unbalanced and maybe share some ideas and/or ask for some ideas on how to address it.
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  2. Sudedor Well-Known Member

    The mob damage : player HP part is still out of whack. Self inflicted wounds really. When recast finally got to 100%, Devs realized that in order to keep things challenging for healers, incoming damage needed to increase by 100% also. Instead of increasing the rate at which mobs created damage (more smaller hits), they instead chose to create fewer bigger hits. It sort of sounds like the same thing, but it's really not.

    For Shaman, it really is the same thing. Their heals are just one big heal that's always the perfect size. Being able to cast that twice as often is a huge advantage.

    For Clerics, it's not the same. Reactives can only trigger when damage occurs, so doubling the size of a mob hit effectively halves the size of their heal. The fact that they can cast it twice as often doesn't help them at all.

    For Druids, it's much like Clerics. Being able to recast twice as often only means that they can get that larger initial tick more often, but they still waste a lot more since the rate at which their HoT's tick doesn't change.

    Now, that's part of it. The other part of it that seems impossible to communicate to Devs is that mobs should never be able to one shot players, except as part of a failure script. As soon as mobs can one shot players, Wards become the only heals worth having. That's a problem! It doesn't give Druids or Clerics any sort of chance to heal.

    For Druids, a starting point would be that recast also increases the rate at which HoT's tick. So, with 100% recast, a Druid HoT would tick twice as fast.

    For Clerics, a starting point would be that as recast increases toward 100%, the number of triggers decreases but the size of the heal increases.

    Effectively, Druids and Clerics need a way for their heals to fully deplete over the course of the recast time. It's the only thing that makes sense.
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  3. SteveB Active Member

    Main Problem is the One Shotting not the healing, because if 1shotted the heal size does not matter because dead is dead and can't become healed.
  4. Vunder Well-Known Member

    They need to add an overhealing mechanic, similar to a few other games I've helped test.

    Lets say Tank has 150/170m HP. Cleric lands a heal for 45 million HP. 20 million of that heals, the rest applies as an overheal that acts like a ward for 2-5 seconds (depending on spec/buffs) but has an internal cooldown/recast time of 3s (These keeps reactives and HoTs from having the subject perma-warded). IT has to be short or, as we learned in other betas, they become extremely OP extremely fast. But when done the correct way really fixes the one shot wonders.

    This overheal amount is subject to bleedthrough effects, but the bleedthrough can be reduced a little with each rank of healing spells (80% at appr down to 65% at GM). This in turn regulates overall spike damage for a more smooth healing process.

    Overhealing would only apply from direct healing spells, not wards or channeler interception.

    Its a very simple concept, but rather hard to incorporate into the game code wise, but I think this game is the perfect set-up for the overheal mechanic.
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  5. Alakazou Member

    Business as usual... last expension was the same, if a player can't sustain a hit, some healer won't be able to solo heal the zones. Then in 2 weeks, as players get more HP, most healer will be able to do it. Like every expension, most zones will require 2 healers at the beginning, same thing in raid. Anyway DPS is not an issue this time, so many names will be more complicated if you do more than auto attack :(
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  6. Mermut Well-Known Member

    All of the toons met the resolve requirements... I had the same tank and the one dps that could take the hits was the same as the group where I solo healed with no difficulty.
    If I'd leveled and been playing my defiler, she'd have been able to solo heal the group in worse gear.
    It is broken healing mechanics.. it is not 'beginning of the expac' issues.
  7. Earar Well-Known Member

    as somebody said in discord

    shamans rule the start of an xpac

    other healers rules after.

    Yes, I cannot keep people alive if there is a health requirement, it kind of sux, I know

    First time I did winds of change, 2 people died in Yveti stormbrood, after, even rezzing them woud OS them coz of the rez sickness. But we managed to kill with 3 people (tank trouba and 1)
    the twins, same issue, one guy was barely meeting health requirements and had no self ward. With the damage of the pulse + the cooperation blast, he was just going splat.

    it's kind of frustrating but I accept that. I have other benefits.

    instinct is doing crazy damage (still not upgraded to expert and usually 2nd to 5th damage ability on mobs)
    nice the 7,7 fervor proc on spores in expert
    icewater armor is also doing good damage
    infusion helps
    the fae

    I don't need to upgrade my damage spells ASAP coz I use CA
    I don't need to upgrade heals

    compared to other healers I have nice HPS (30 million on the phoenix, with ward of the untamed) and also nice DPS (without relying too much on ascensions) and give really nice dps to group with instinct.

    so I may not be the best healer all the time, but I bring other stuffs that helps me and make me wanted in group (I can totally play dps :p)
  8. Tailon New Member

    Specifically for that fight did you have someone dispelling the named. His Energized buff can be removed by that. And it can be hard to heal at the start as others have said but it does get easier as people get more health and more potency so the fights last less time
  9. Jhen Ro Active Member

    Genuine question - how do you know the health requirements? Is there something that indicates what that number should be, or has the playerbase just unofficially settled on a value somewhere? Either way - what kind of HP pool are we talking about for heroics for PoP then?
  10. Earar Well-Known Member

    when he is one shot :D

    still .. today got to different zones as a tank and it feels some damages aren't warded at all.
    Checked on ACT, checked the timer of the damage (Gears of the machine, last named, ability cast : [COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]bolt buster[/COLOR]

    When I check the heal parse I receive no ward whatsoever at the time I get those 3 25 million hits.

    so on the other hand ... with a HP healer, not warder, I would have been healed.

    Maybe dps prefer shamans, but as a tank I definitely prefer a non shaman as solo healer.
  11. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Be sure to check with your elementalists.. they have an ability that can use that gives them some buff, but makes them immune to all wards, including their self ward... if you're an elementalist, check that too.
  12. Earar Well-Known Member

    no it's only some spells, and there was ward because the team was being warded while I wasn't

    and I'm not elementalist :) (and as tank I wouldn't put that spell on me .. EVER ^^)

    but Gninja just answered in discord,

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