LF Heavy RP Guild on Antonia Bayle

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Femgame, Jan 10, 2023.

  1. Femgame New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I am a recent returning player who has been involved with EQ2 since it's original release. I took an extended break due to needing to do a full re-build of my PC and have finally had the opprotunity to return full time. I have been an avid RPer for over twenty years; starting with TTRPG's and moving into MMO's in my late teens.

    With that being said, I play a "good" character though I RP her as Chaotic Neutral. I prefer para/heavy RP and enjoy everything from chit chat to in-depth plots. I am in my late 30's IRL so would prefer playing with other adults. I am also EST based and do not play Thursday nights due to a RL commitment. My playtimes range between most days/afternoons to almost every evening as I work from home.

    If nothing else I hope to meet fellow RP friends in-game and look forward to getting to know everyone!

    -Kahlidah (in-game name)
  2. Layla Member

    Hey Kahlidah

    Welcome back to AB! I was a returning player myself a couple of years ago so I know how that goes. There are couple of options available to you in looking for RP guilds. I'm going to suggest getting a copy of the current RP Venue guide. And invite you to join us at the RP festival the second weekend of March, its going to be lots of fun out in New Halas. Many folks start out finding RP in venues, the festival you'll see it in open air.

    I have a bard that is chaotic neutral myself, though more towards the darker side than good.

    I may have a few characters around >.>