LF for Team oriented Raidforce - Thurgadin

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Nutari, May 18, 2022.

  1. Nutari Member

    At all i am looking for a team oriented Raidforce, so chance to help each other, to group each other etc.
    I can serve with a BL as Main (7570 Resolve and 770k Pot, 453% ABDC) at moment.

    Cant raid on wednesday and sunday because have a regulary challenge group.
    If need i can change between BL and my fury.

    You can look at stats for fury there https://u.eq2wire.com/soe/character_detail/1292785496336
    I have no problem to help with fury if needed but progress must be with my BL.

    I can raid round about 2 times in a week, not more because 4 times in week is enough.
    My RL is not only playing games ;)

    If you need a player like me contact me, i can use ts and discord.
    Write me a message here or ingame to Senyra