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  1. Corelion New Member

    Hey all,

    I started playing EQ2 about 9 days ago. In not new on MMORPG, so i got the basics. Im actually level 63 (paladin on freeport server) with 80 AA and in all the time i tried, i never found a group to play with. Really... I want to play as a tank, and i want to raid. I dont have any prob about raid 3 o 4 times a week or work for, but.. the dungeon finder.. well just put you on weird groups without any healer or with level ranges too diferents. I asked on chat sometimes.. but nobody seems interested.

    Leveling bores me (too many years leveling toons on diferents games) and aiming to hit the cap soon as can (some quest are fun, but a loot its kill countless mobs in order to find a drop), but im pretty concerned about how i will find a guild to raid with. Theres no groups that want to play so i cant practice. Nobody do low level dungeons, so no practice. Also, checking what guilds looks for, seems warriors in general are not wanted.

    So, what options i have? Rushing to 95 seems to have no bad side, as i cant act as a tank, so the argument "Dont rush and l2play" seems to not applie. But, when i hit 95, the situacion will be diferent?

    Im basically looking advice for 2 things.

    1-Some fast way to level my toon and farm the AA.
    2-How good/bad is the PUG/guild situacion for a tank

    Thanks and sorry for my poor english.
  2. Estred Well-Known Member

    If you are looking for level fast alone, quest series in zones like Kylong Plants (RoK expansion for lvl 70-85) and Sundered Fronteier/Stonebrunt Highlands (Sentinels Fate) are great ways to level alone.

    Tanks are the ones who form PuG's on most servers. Typing LFG as a tank usually nets you no response sadly. When you hit 90 you want roughly 200 AA because you need 280 to level past 90 and AA isn't too hard to grind at that point. Tanking in a guild is difficult the positions for tanks in raiding guilds are even less common though there are plenty of friendly heroic/grouping guilds that would probably take you in and group with you to help you learn. I know I had my early guilds that helped me out.

    If I knew what level you were I could perhaps suggest a zone to grind AA from but sadly I don't. I hope something I put here helps you.
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  3. Corelion New Member

  4. Grumble69 Member

    If you've got the new expansion, you should have a claimable bauble that awards 280AAs at L90, so you don't have to worry about grinding those out.

    I would hit Sanctum of the Scaleborn for a few more levels and then move over to the Kunark expansion. You can either grind those two areas or work on the questlines. Chelsith would be ideal from 75 to mid/upper 80s. You would need a group for it though. Chelsith is an xp rich spot, so you may have better luck getting into a group. Alternatively, you can work the questline of the Sentinel's Fate expansion in your 80s. Dull, but gets the job done. When you get to 90, life will get better. Do the Withering Lands questline to get your gear. It would also be a good time to chip away at your epic.

    Tanks can be a frustrating class. They're in demand for groups. But most groups these days have high expectations for their tank and get frustrated by repeated wipes. Just get prepared for an uphill battle as you establish yourself.
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  5. ZUES Well-Known Member

    1. You have to realize your coming to a game that was released in November of 2004. While it may seem new, it's been our home for a very long time. The retention rate in EQ2 is very high because of the end game, not the previous tiers. If you want to find us, that's where we'll be. So hurry up and level! :)

    2. Groups in the end game will ALWAYS need you if your good at your class. Focus on learning it until you know the science of the class. Go to www.eq2interface.com and get eq2maps and an interface. Hunt named for the time being and try to keep yourself well geared until you catch up to us. Join a guild that's casual, but still raids.

    3. To prepare yourself for raiding go to www.eq2flames.com and get a good AA spec for your class. There is a lot of information there like how to maximize your dps and how to retain agro (hate). THIS is learnign the class, not spanking a few trash mobs.

    4. Go to Sanctum of Scaleboborn (TT) > Palace of Awakened > Nest of the Great Egg > Den of the Devourer > Halls of Fate. Those will prep you for Kunark. Start the questline at the docks in Kylong Plains. Below are two links. One is for your epic and the other is a dungeon timeline. Good luck and welcome to EQ2!

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  6. Corelion New Member

    Thanks of the advices, will work on it!

    still didnt bought it. if i buy it right now, will get it?
  7. ZUES Well-Known Member

    When you purchase Chains of Eternity you get 2 tokens. Each token can be used once and then it disappears off your account. Once you hit level 90 you can consume the token, yes.

    Edit: You might want to consider purchasing Age of Discovery if you can afford it. The mercenaries are nice to have when you don't have a group. Look them up here: http://eq2.zam.com/wiki/Mercenaries_(EQ2)
  8. Corelion New Member

    I guess i will need a group for that places? If cant find any, where i should go to solo?
  9. Corelion New Member

    nice, thanks.
  10. ZUES Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if you know this or not, but the reason for 280 AA's is because once you hit level 90 your character cannot start gaining experience toward 91 until he/she reaches 280 AA's.
  11. Corelion New Member

    Ok i guess ill buy CoE first then will think about AoD.

    thanks for the help
  12. Estred Well-Known Member

    Aye now that my Alerts have updated me back here for you Corelion. Indeed as a lvl 63 I would greatly recommend doing the Cloud Mount timeline it will nicely prep you for Kunark where Kylong Plains has some great quest content to help the leveling (especially if you read the quests). As ZUES suggested those instances are great ways to wet your feet on some slightly more difficult fights that even have some interesting stuff to do to kill them.

    SoS can be solo'd but sometimes is hard. Get full Xegonite gear though and you will be as golden as my Pally was during KoS.
  13. Tommara Member

    I'd skip the xegonite armor, and just do the Cloud Mount timeline, which will get you armor that should last you until you get into your 80's. I just leveled an alt and didn't bother with xegonite armor, and I make the stuff. If you still want the armor, give me a tell (Liralen) and I'll mke it for you if you provide the rares.

    You probably would want to go to Kunark asap and start working on the pre-requisites you'll need to get your epic. http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Paladin_Epic_Weapon_Timeline , which requires you to get faction and languages. Might want to learn to speak Draconic too. http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/To_Speak_as_a_Dragon . I had a hard time in Kunark when I had to solo it with my pally, primarily because of low dps and much higher mob hps than I was used to. I was pretty much unkillable, but it took forever to kill stuff back then. Dunno if that's still true, but if it is, don't despair. You'll become godly by the time you're 90. And if you can get a dps merc, it's a non-issue. You could solo level appropriate dungeons with a merc.

    Around level 87, go to Greater Divide to get gear upgrades, then go to Withered Lands at 90 for even better armor.

    As folks have mentioned, it's hard to be a new tank. Tanks are expected to be group leaders and know all the strats, but at the same time, there is a "there can be only one" tank attitude which leaves high level tanks without a job. This is pretty common in MMOs these days, and the devs are trying to address it in EQ2. However, it was so severe in EQ2, that I made a dps alt solely to learn the dungeon strats. There are pretty good walk throughs available, but in joining PUGs, you might not know ahead of time which dungeons you'll be doing.
  14. Tommara Member

    BTW, if you need some help doing the dungeons for your epic, and I'm still playing (I tend to try every new MMO that comes out, but have always come back to EQ2), gimme a holler (we're on Freeport too). We did them a few months ago for my husband's fury, and he'd likely help too. Died a few times while we learned the strats (generally due to unexpected knockbacks), but overall did fine with just the two of us and our mercs.
  15. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Best advice I can give you is find a guild that's helpful and friendly. Makes all the difference and from time to time a max level guildie might mentor down and help you (or play an alt your level)
  16. Corelion New Member

    Hey thanks for the offer. If i find myself in trouble i will give /t you for sure :D

    Yesterday i did the full cloud quest line and im atm at level 67. Worried about the items from cloud are level 60. That means that if i fight vs mobs 70+ the defense from that items will mean nothing?
  17. Corelion New Member

    Yep indeed. Prob im from europe and maybe freeport was not a wise choice cause im in trouble finding a guild that plays on EU hours
  18. Kokorobosoi Active Member

    I suggest splitpaw if you play eu hours.
  19. Tommara Member

    I don't know. My character who skipped xegonite is a beastlord, so has a pet, and has an inquisitor merc. Try it and see how long you can last with it, and like I said, if you do need the master-crafted, if you get the rares, I'll make it for you.
  20. Cisteros Active Member

    Your level 60 armor will mitigate a little less each time you gain a level, but honestly it shouldn't be bad enough to have to worry about while you are doing the solo timelines while leveling. The diminishing mitigation aside, that armor's stats are better than anything you will see from the Kunark questlines. I would suggest getting a couple of crafted imbued rings (Mastercrafted if you can get the rares). Even more than armor those are the one crafted item I always tried to upgrade every 10 levels as a new set became available

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