Not A Bug Leveled Items - Spirit stones/Planar items - are NOT heirloom

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Flatline, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. Flatline Well-Known Member

    As per this from patch notes
    • Leveled items such as spirit stones or items with planar levels will now inherit the Heirloom tag instead of the No-Trade tag once they have gained experience.
    Neither Spirit stones, NOR leveled items Planar Items are Heirloom currently once Levelling have started/completed.
    As per above, these items should now be Heirloom once levelled. (For the sake of spirit stones they should be heirloom once unadorned AND levelled, Planar items it is assumed would be heirloom once levelled with no extra steps needed as per above.
    To Reproduce, apply a currrent/previous spirit stone to an item, gain experience and unadorn.
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  2. Tunes Member

    No doubt we can have another short notice downtime to fix something else which doesn't work the way communicated.

    Is their no QA at all?
  3. Flatline Well-Known Member

    Still see no response to this.
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  4. Tunes Member

    so it's not working on newly levelled items either.
  5. Ratalthor Developer

    We are resolving this as not a bug. Items that existed prior to the change will not retroactively be adjusted. Only new items since the change that gain experience will operate under the new rules.
  6. Flatline Well-Known Member

    So if i looted a planar spirit stone 1 week ago and it is now level 2 it should be heirloom once popped off? is that the mechanic to be confirmed?
  7. Flatline Well-Known Member

    Only asking for clarification as this is NOT the verbiage of the patch notes, and since there is now conflicting information i think it extremely prudent to verify every aspect of this change, otherwise we are lost in trying to verify if it works as intended etc.
  8. Flatline Well-Known Member

    Item looted on the 10th of April, ie AFTER the change, it have gained Experience but is still not heirloom.
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  9. Dolgrin Active Member

    So an item looted 1 hour before downtime is notrade and all after are heirloom?
    Seems to be a very customer friendly and fair solution...
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  10. Beee Well-Known Member

    Coding a bug by design does not make the code bug free ;)
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  11. Lucutious Member

    Whoa what? There's something wrong with this.

    Because I've busted my tail and have acquired and leveled a few L10 adorns I can't trade them, but others of the exact same item can?

    That just doesn't sit right.
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  12. Flatline Well-Known Member

    recomned you all upvote the original post - and alert your guildmates to do the same.. i dont know if we will ever get further responses but ... its worth a shot i guess?
  13. Caith Developer

    If a tradeable item gains experience, it now inherits the Heirloom tag, instead of inheriting the No-Trade tag, as previously.
    If an Heirloom item gains experience, it does not change, as it already possesses the Heirloom tag that it would inherit.
    If a No-Trade item gains experinece, it does not change as the No-Trade tag is going to take precedence over Heirloom in ALL cases.
    If an item is attuned it is considered No-Trade, so for attuned items that would otherwise be Heirloom, you will need to un-attune them.
    As the Heavenscale adornment posted above is a No-Trade item when looted, it is not going to become Heirloom just because experience was added to it.
    If you had previously added experience to a tradeable item, and it became No-Trade due to that experience, the patch did not and will not retroactively change previously modified items.

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