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    Hi, I'm the guild leader of "The Lore Seekers." We are a guild on the Crushbone server.

    The unique nature of our guild is that we rolled fresh, level 1 characters when the guild started in January. We consider ourselves a "content exhausting" guild. What that means is that we lock our level, every five levels and play all the content appropriate and/or challenging at that level. We also have only one adventuring character on the server. This keeps us focused on playing through all the content rather than playing through all the classes.

    We have a few ground rules which you can read about on our website. All guild members are officers because we believe everyone is important and should have an equal voice in guild matters. If you want to play the content, rather than skipping everything at all costs to get to the holy grail known as end-game, consider joining us. What have you got to lose? With our level cap maximized at 27 right now, you will have no problem getting up to speed in a short time.

    We do every signature and heritage quest. We have group runs scheduled almost every night during the week. The majority of our players have taken up a trade skill profession and we will be starting group trade skill missions soon. We have farmers, groupers, shiny hunters, crafters, and solo players, but the thing they all have in common is that they are patient with each other and patient with the game.

    We will raid when the opportunity arises, but we will always be a dungeon running guild that happens to raid on occasion. Right now, we have weekly guild status X2 raids on the calendar each week.

    If you are a nice person who wants to fit in without needing to be 95 and decked out, who can make a guild a better one simply by your personality, then we would love to have you. Long time vets or first day new players are all welcome.