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  1. Hurtsbad New Member

    Hey Folks!

    So I have been looking for this for hours, reading all sorts of forums and sites, most of which are either out-dated, or so full of flaming troll dribble that they make my eyes bleed.

    Please don't say "I can find this answer just by reading the threads for a few minutes" because is not true!

    I hear stories of Assassins doing 700k DPS on raid mobs. How?

    I know this is dependent on many things. Timing of CAs, pausing for auto attack, and high end gear all contribute. What I am looking for are stat goals and maybe a couple of answers to questions.

    Questions first:

    What stats contribute to potency and critical bonus? (Not crit chance, though that helps too) Is it just agility? The higher the agility the higher the crit bonus?

    From what I have read, it appears that keeping multi attack, crit bonus and potency all close together is a good idea. Input?

    Also, perhaps an uber assassin, or some one with a link, can share a location where I can find guidelines to stats I should aim for. For example, my Crit Chance is 500.8. But my Crit Bonus is only about 256. Where should these, and other stats be. I know there is no real number and all encounters are situational, but what I am looking for is the stat totals of one of these uber 700k guys.

    Hell, if you are even hitting for 350k DPS on raid mobs, what are your stats? I am currently hitting for about 275k. Where should by stats be to be truly elite? Or at least compete with the finger wagglers.


  2. Skwor Active Member

    For starters why is you CC at 500? Anything over 420 is an utter waste and totally useless. Some would say anything over 400 is a waste.

    Move that excess CC into Cb and Pot.
  3. Hurtsbad New Member

    Precisely what I was looking for. It is 500 because I pumped CC adorns into it trying to get it as high as possible for raid mobs that reduce CC. Why is any thing over 420 a waste? From what I understand, it is a stat that is modified by a mobs counter stat. So my 500 will be reduced to 300 by a mob casting a 200 point debuff. (If that exists, it's just an example)

    SO reduce CC down to 420 and increase Potency and CB.

    By the way, I am sure there are plenty of other dudes with the same thirst for knowledge!

  4. Jolemai Active Member

    If you target a mob you will see what their Crit Avoidance is. Your Crit Chance needs to be 100% above that. For PoW, 408 Crit Chance is required, hence why anything over that is considered a waste. Of course this really depends on your targets, but the x2 challenge mode is also 410 CC and I believe that Dreadcutter x4 is 450 CC (might be wrong) so they are good numbers to aim for.

    It would help if you linked your toon from EQ2U, then people could give you more in depth advice on not only stats, but attainable gear upgrades and AA choices.
  5. Ferk15 New Member

    Here is the stat caps that matter for you. Shoot for them however you can.

    No Caps

    Crit Bonus


    HARD Caps (After this cap, the stat does ZERO for you)

    Reuse Speed : 100%

    Flurry : 100%
    AoE Melee : 100%

    Recovery Speed : 100%

    - Hate : 50% (Remember this applies AFTER any transfer)

    SOFT Caps & their conversions

    Multi Attack : 600 (Not quite a conversion, more of a demishing return, but next guaranteed attack does not occur until 1k)

    Casting Speed : 100% - Very very very... did I mention very? small amount of Double Cast ~3% for every 100 after the cap

    Haste : 200% - Flurry in moderate amounts ~1% per 20 Haste after cap

    Casting/Melee Skills : I don't remember the cap, but it's based on your level - Overcap converts to raising the minimum damage of Abilities and Autoattacks of anything using the skill

    Floating Hard Caps

    Crit Chance : This moves based on the mob, 100+Mobs Crit Avoid = Cap. ~400 for anything but PoW/DC or HM x2 (as said before).

    Resists, Block, Avoidance, Mitigation : 75% but the mobs level and your level effect how much you need to technically get to that full 75%

    Ability Mod : 1/2 of a given ability's low end of base damage AFTER Potency is calculated in

    Accuracy : Whatever stops misses... normally 25-45%, but it depends on the mobs level, class buff package, etc

    No Caps (SERIOUS diminishing returns)

    DPS : After 200, the returns get lower with each point but are still useful until 300-350 or so

    Primary Stats : STA and your classes given stat have a softish cap based on level (similar to Skills) but just give less as you get points after that.

    Remember that some of these stats are your conversion on your prestige page. Anything that converts will be useful to a point. For example DPS and Attack Speed are very useful past their "Caps" so if your conversion is from those, get em up!
  6. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    Answers in Blue.

    Feel free to take a look at my EQ2U profile below as well if you want, can see my reforging/adorns etc.
  7. Wanyen Active Member

    IIRC crit chance recommendations for heroic zones arent even quite that high for most areas. Only have as much crit chance as ya need for the zones you are doing. I cant verify, but I think its a touch over 320 for most COE heroics. Harrows End might be a bit higher.
  8. Liav Active Member

    400 for COE HM Heroics, 430 for POW, 450 for DC.
  9. Davngr Well-Known Member

    my assassin raids on a casual raid force and is pretty much easymode geared.

    shoot for these stats and you should be ok:
    ae attack-90%
    dps mod- 400
    haste - 190

    again.. these stats should be pretty easy to get for any raiding assassin even if you're only killing easy stuff.

    also spec for double conversion since both prestige lines are terrible.

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