Level 90 TS books?

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  1. Jalathan Member

    I kinda looked around and the search function is... less than friendly as this is a Kaladim specific question.

    Is there a place to get the lvl 90 TS books for skill upgrades? back in the day, the 89 books had the lvl 90 skill updates in them, but it seems that they were moved to lvl 90 books, but I do not know where to find these lvl 90 books until later xpacs...

    Any suggestions or are we just out of luck for the lvl 90 skill updates other than researching them?

  2. Tkia Well-Known Member

    From Withered Lands quests when the zone becomes available.
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  3. Jalathan Member

    So, until then there are no upgrades for level 90 skills? That is sad :)