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    I have played this game since launch and have 25 toons which all of them craft. i have all 9 classes at level 92 on my mains. my problem is this... i do not mind doing crafting quest for our books , but do they have to be in high level zones. my highest level adv is 80 but he is 92 weaponsmith. he is haveing problems doing the level 92 book quest...the quest its self is easy but getting to the place is the hard part.
    so I'm hoping that with xpack we do not have quest foor our books...unless they where in main cities or some where we dont have to die and hope we spawn in at the location we need lol. I also play vanguard and i quest for recipes in that game so im not affraid to quest but can we please make so we can get to the locations a little easyer.
    i also have a level 35 adv and 92 sage...how will she ever get her level 92 book....
    anyone else haveing the same issues or am i just doing something wrong.
  2. ARCHIVED-samael616 Guest

    Do you have a flying mount? If you do it shouldn't be too bad. I have 9 max crafters and only 2 of them are 92 adv my lowest is 20 and 3 others are 25-30 and did no problem.

    The main thing is to take it easy, stick to the cliffs around the sides so if you drop it's not into a group of something nasty. Watch for the rain coming or if you see the dragon flying over, then make sure you are close to the ground (not the ground where mobs are just along the cliffs still so that you land on them safely) in case she drops you but keep moving as long as you are still up on the cliffs and not going to die if she drops you.

    If you don't have a flying mount there are guilds that I have seen that have placed a guild banner in the location you need and it is usable by everyone. Ask around if any are doing this atm.

    ....possible alternative though I haven't tried and can't guarantee.

    If you know someone with a skyshrine banner you can use that, then take the drake back to withered lands where it lands you nearer to the satyr area where the last part of the quest is. As far as I knew the horses were available to use once you had discovered the area they are in though I have only a faint recollection of trying this. Also not 100% sure you can use the drake in SS, I thought I had done that but reading up suggests some think you can't.
  3. ARCHIVED-Xianthia Guest

    samael616 wrote:
    This is "close" to what I did, since the banner is only useable by a 90 adventurer, I zoned out to Alivan, planted flag near the horse. Zoned most lowbie toons and took the horse back to the start of the zone, each time stopping at each horse station to make sure they discovered them.
    I did leave a couple of lowbie adventure toons to do it the "hard" way just so I knew exactly if/how to get there while still mob dodging. Can't let old skills die out :p
    There's also of course shouting in the zone asking if anyone near there would use their CoV and get you there instantly :)
  4. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    CoV and Call of the Tinkerer are decent work arounds.
  5. ARCHIVED-Mysstie Guest

    Once my tradeskillers make 85th level, they all head to Great Divide/Thurgadin and get the Tradeskill version of the Flying Mount, see: http://eq2.zam.com/wiki/Flying_Mounts . Then, I just go to Withered Lands at 90ish to do the TS quests there and Fly to each Horse Station along the way (that way I can at least ride my way back to last Horse station I made it to). My last toon was 20th adventure level and had no problems.
  6. ARCHIVED-Seiffil Guest

    Honestly, the run can be done with a ground mount too. What you do have to be aware of is the path you choose to run through withered lands, as long as you try to keep space between yourself and the mobs in your way, theres a decent chance they probably won't even touch you even though they have aggroed you.
    Neither of my two lowish level adventurers (35 and 39) who were 90 crafters died in the run to the quest givers. I also made it a point to not run straight through, but to run and stop at every post in case I did run into any difficulty while traveling so I wouldn't be forced to have to start from the initial camp in the withered lands.
  7. ARCHIVED-JamMan95 Guest

    thank you all for your support and i think there some good ideas i will try. i just wish thy would have thought about the low levels when they made this quest.
  8. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    JamMan95 wrote:
    They did. It is possible to make the run on a lower level character, with caution and a lot of paying attention. You can't blithely stroll through the dangerous territory but you can traverse it with care.
  9. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    Most of the mobs along the way do not see through invisibility or stealth, which you can get from a totem if needed.
  10. ARCHIVED-Cloudrat Guest

    samael616 wrote:
    Oh my goodness I love your avatar pic hehe very very cute! Need that on a T-shirt for eq2 harvesters.

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