Level 8 Adventurer, but level 10 tradeskiller can get PvP'd?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Spectre, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Spectre Active Member

    I made a tradeskiller. He is now level 10 Outfitter
    He is level 8 Brigand.

    I got PvP'd due to tradeskill level lol. This working as intended?
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  2. Siren Well-Known Member

    Wow, hilarious but odd. The beta, which is still set to Seasonal's FFA (and also appears to have many of Seasonal's former class cc timers etc as well) should be switching to Factional with the next beta update (see Caith's notes). So I guess we'll see where it ends up then. I'd /bug it meantime, too.

    I will go with whatever everyone else wants, but...that could actually be kind of cool. :p I'm also a fan of open PvP in ALL cities and even in housing, though (but I understand why others may not be). Again, whatever most people want is fine, and it's probably a bug.
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  3. Siren Well-Known Member

    Hey, now that the server's factional, are you still getting PvP'd at L10 crafting? I can whip somebody up myself to check if you've moved onto something else, I was just curious.

    Oh yeah! And I will ding 10+ and see if I can put any Tradeskill AAs in if I don't use the bauble.
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  4. Spectre Active Member

    After getting killed at level 8 I have not tried it lately. I went onto 10th+ so now it makes sense lol
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  5. Carynn Well-Known Member

    In any event, I hope someone checks this out again and confirms if tradeskillers will be killed even if they're under adventure level 10.
  6. Daarkstar Active Member

    Possibly unpopular opinion..... but I don't have a problem with this. Too often you see alts below level ten running around zones stealing nodes completely immune from PVP. It's a PVP server, if you want to harvest you should have to fight for it.
  7. Smashey Active Member

    PvP happen on a PvP server. Lets move on.

    If you want to harvest, fight over the nodes.
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  8. Spectre Active Member

    I do not think you comprehend. You cannot pvp until level 10. I was 8th
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  9. Siren Well-Known Member

    Let me see what's going on with this. It's almost midnight here, but it will be my Thursday project. And seeing if TS points can be put in with a non-baubled crafter as well. Two birds with one stone and all that. :)
  10. Peak Nagafun

    Where at? In some zones you can be killed below level 10.
    If you were out harvesting, for example.
  11. Siren Well-Known Member

    What zones? That never was the case before. Even during FFA Seasonal, no one was automatically PvP enabled before Adventure L10.

    Maybe what you're seeing is that the below-L10 player wandered into an end-game zone, which usually doesn't have level restrictions at all. Like if we had launched beta as vanilla-only, then Everfrost and Lavastorm wouldn't have had any level restrictions and a L45 or L50 there could whack down an 11, or 22, or 38 that wandered in, for example. But even in an end-game zone, could highbees even hit a player below adventure L10 on any other PvP server? I don't think so, but I'm not sure.

    Maybe what you're seeing is people willingly enabling PvP before L10 on themselves by attacking a higher level player first if that's even possible.

    Let me check all that out, too.

    I will /bug whatever I find that's unusual and hope everyone else is doing that, too. Even if you like the idea of a change, if it turns out that it's an unintended bug, it can have bigger negative ramifications code-wise down the line than you may realize. We /bug all the out of the ordinary and questionable things. The devs have the code, so they can see what's what and make the decisions about what to do if anything after that.
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  12. Peak Nagafun

    Yeah, I'm talking about end game zones, like a below level 10 player using immunity to collect shinies in Lavastorm or harvest in Everfrost. I recall a period of time where they made it so players below level 10 could be killed in those zones.

    As for attacking from below level 10 if you're immune to PVP, that's never been a thing as far as I know.
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  13. Siren Well-Known Member

    I happened to look up on my L8 Pally who is a L12 Outfitter as I zoned into FFS, and I am in fact PvP enabled. The little green and yellow shield is there and it says "You can be engaged in PvP combat" when I hover my mouse over it! Son of a gun.

    Figures, the place is empty, but let's see if I can get someone to try taking a hit on me.

    After this I will roll a...whatever.... level her to like 4 or 5 or something, then come back to FFS without even training at all in crafting and see if that one is PvP enabled. Is it just enabled from birth, having nothing to do with crafting? Or is it the crafting level being over 10 that's flagging us?

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  14. Siren Well-Known Member

    Red Alert! :p

    My new tiny baby Level 1 with zero training in crafting is already flagged as PvP enabled in FFS. The second you zone in, there it is.

    I /bugged both the L8 and this Level 1. Hopefully someone sees it. That might be a little bit much, especially for new PvPers and players new to EQ2 (dont laugh, I've gotten many PMs on this board from EQ1 players who don't have the PvP server of their dreams saying they're coming to Tarinax, and thanking me for the newbie tips I wrote in the PvP TL forum).
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