Level 30 and 40 health regen the same?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-msgnomer, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-msgnomer Guest

    Is the health regen supposed to be the same for level 30 and 40 food recipes?
    That's what I'm seeing as I craft these. Both the level 30 and 40 food items are showing 52.5 health regen, even though there's older documentation online that shows the level 40 has a greater regen than level 30. (72 I think).
  2. ARCHIVED-Nindaene Guest

    msgnomer wrote:
    You aren't seeing the correct stats. Food/drink shows what stat/regen bonuses you would receive for the level you currently are. So if you are level 20 and are looking at level 30 food - it will show the same stats/regen as level 90 food.
    So no - the stats aren't the same. You are just seeing what would be level appropriate for you.
  3. ARCHIVED-msgnomer Guest

    Thanks! I was making some higher level food for another character and was surprised to see the same number. I know food performance scales, but there wasn't any message for that being a scaled down number for my own character's adventure level. Thanks for resolving my mystery.
    I kind of wish it showed what it would be if used at the max level. Then for a lower character maybe a ratio like "53 out of 72 max" or something like that. I suppose it's not enough of an issue to really bother with though.

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