level 29 Warlock with 52 (I think) AA's needs advise.

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Pnaxx, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Pnaxx Guest

    Real quick, wifes callin me :)
    I am soloing alot. Going slow with leveling to get good AA's. Maxed STR and AGI. Now what? hehe
  2. ARCHIVED-Yoshabel Guest

    Also, go down your sorcerer tree and get to the one where it increases your % chance to crit. Follow that up by getting the one that increases overall damage, followed by the one that saves power for each spell cast. I would also suggest putting a few points (20, or so) in your shield and green AEs under warlock. I forget when it's first awarded but if you have distortion then you may want to put the requisite 3 points in dissolve so you can buff distortion.
    With your 52 AA I would put about 30ish in the sorcerer tree and the rest in warlock. Sorry I'm not quoting specific names for which AA to go for but I'm not on the game atm. Besides, reading your spells never hurt anyone, lol.
    A good AA tutorial is here but is geared toward level 90 characters with 250 AA but still has a point or two on what to focus on first.
  3. ARCHIVED-Pnaxx Guest

    OK, I have slowly gone up to level 44 now and I really love this class. I comapre it to my 88th Bruiser, 90th Assassin, 80 Trouby and 60 Illy...and I love this the best.
    With root, I can kill alomost anything. I even solo'd Snowflake today, Blue con, and it was pretty easy. I went down the Battlemage Line and the line that speeds up casting speeds. That was all the AA I could use in that tree. I solo mostly, so the Battlemage final line that takes 100% of damage for 30 seconds is awsome. I know it drains power, but still, when root breaks on tough mobs, that comes in handy.
    I think I have about 83 AA's right now. I put 10 AA's into the Shielding (Warlock Tree) then went to Shadow AA's and put 5 into the Root enhancement on the second line (yes, I put 10 in the fiorst line, increase power and mount speed) and the one right next to it...ummmm.....the name, the name.......anyway, once I did those, I went back to the Warlock Tree and am putting them into the Catyclism and Absolution. From there, who knows, but I just got an AA miror and will put a DPS setup in for grouping. I will go down the STR line fer crits.
    In closing, I love this freakin class.

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