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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Escereal, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Escereal Guest

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with who I need to speek with to start my Lvl 20 armor quests I will hit 20 and become a dirge by Sat I cant wait, If you could help it would be much appreciated. In the Queynos zone.

    Soon to be Dirge
  2. ARCHIVED-Avocet Guest

    Edit: Seek out Dyric Pire as noted in the directions seen below.
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  3. ARCHIVED-Malveux Guest

    Talk to Ian by the clock in Qeynos harbor for the good guys quest. This epic armor is pretty good, but alot of the pieces require 1 to 2 groups to complete. I have 2 of the pieces on me, check my Eq2players profile, Malveux on unrest(its bracers and gloves)
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  4. ARCHIVED-Hammerhead Guest

    Does anyone know where to start the quest in Freeport?

    Any help would be great thanks
  5. ARCHIVED-Laureous Guest

    It starts in East Freeport. If you zone in at the docks from the bell, head straight til shore. Turn left, then up the ramp to the right. On the right, you will see a number of buildings, you want to go into the first shop you see, Bowyers shop. As you go in, turn right, take another right and you will see a person working at a forge. I cannot recall the name of the guy, but that is where you start the quest.
  6. ARCHIVED-Mabh Guest

    Follow Laureous' insturctions and look for Dyric Pire.

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