Let's Talk About Mimic

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Illura, Apr 28, 2016.

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  1. Flamace Active Member

    Would be nice if you included some data to validate this claim, I gotta raid tonight after work! =(
  2. Mogrim Well-Known Member

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  3. Praetorian Well-Known Member

    Theres not one coercer that is going to parse comparison-wise to a wizard, But the change effective to chanters right now is akin to saying no dps buffs will enhance a wizards big nukes but your own stats will. Mimic is intended to play off of another character. That was it's original intention. The same goes for Destructive Mind for a Coercer when we cast it on another player.

    The change for this first came out of left-field and not only that but completely broke the ability. I can't help but feel this is a knee jerk reaction.
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  4. Dabb Active Member

    I parsed with our Illy and it wasn't even on the ACT parse, its broken
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  5. Margaritas Active Member

    Yep, just looked at ACT for the zones I ran for the day - mimic isn't even listed because it did nothing. Nada. Zero damage per second.
  6. Pixilicious Well-Known Member

    Please fix Mimicry now its broken where it doesn't do any damage ! needs hotfix asap !
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  7. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    With this I will agree.
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  8. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    And here we are. I knew that something like this would happen. Don't touch what was half broken otherwise you get it broken completely! This was an advice to developers.
  9. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Chanters do not out parse tier 1 casters. One fight on linked mobs doesn't prove it's broken. Not every raid has BL and honestly speaking Beastloards are back to being OP again.
    So don't blame a chanter blame unbalanced classes.

    Why would I want to play some damage mage if I like my coercer.
    You advice was off by a mile.
  10. MrWashek Member

    Those who argument with "support" class, tell me how exactly does illu or coercer support your raid, illu in particular. Power regen? Any half decent warlock can manage the two current power fights. We are pretty much dps classes and casting mimicry is just as hard as managing your FB sequence hehe. I play illu because it is rogue mage with fast casts. And if your mimicry is 90% of your dps, then you are just a buffbot.
  11. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    There are 3 level 100 coercer's on Test that I know of and not one probably uses mimic regularly.
    There is 1 level 100 illusionist still in 95 gear.
    So we know this wasn't tested on Test as it was patched the afternoon before it went live.
    Was it tested internally? I doubt it.

    To satiate the few, whose parses were lacking due to mimic of an OP beastlord, you broke it completely..
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  12. Therein Active Member

    With the way mimic was, yes, they were. They were doubling that of high end casters.
  13. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Like everybody else double dipping. Only chanters got nerfed.
  14. Ilyriel-Jentara Active Member

    I hope it stays broken.
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  15. digitalgal New Member

    Please fix Mimicry ... was a pleasant change to have some kind of dps and to work together as a team. e.g. recording for vc's . Esp. as the coercer pet is useless ( I haven't used it in 2 expansions) and no options to "charm" a viable pet..... and Yes it does take skill and team work to know the fight , the right class and time to mimic .... you don't need a tell.
    Again .. stop listening to the whiners and give us back some fun.

    Digitalgal ( coercer )
  16. Axzsif Member

    LOL I mean I would love to play a necro.
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  17. Pringlez Member

    I'll pretend you didn't compare pressing 1 button to someone doing an FB chain.
  18. Ilyriel-Jentara Active Member

    Let me be clearer. Before ToT and even into it, almost all of my damage as an illy was from mimicry and autoattack. In fact, it was pointless to even upgrade gear outside of resist and survivability reasons as it wouldn't help my dps. I've never liked the whole concept of a spell directly leeching off another player's dps. They should have just made it a dps version of illusory allies as construct of order , our sort of kind of useful dumbfire pet, was changed into theorems. But anyway, something needs to be done to fix it someway for the cloakless illys at the very least.
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  19. Kruser New Member

    It is not received the official answer, will repair the Mimicry or not?
    Without Mimicry DPS chanters has fallen ~ to 30 % on long fights.
    For the majority of reids it is recoil back for some months. Many mobs with limited time of fight will not be killed now.
  20. Pringlez Member

    If your raid is relying on mimic dps to get past dps checks I have some bad news for you.
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