Let's Talk About Mimic

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Illura, Apr 28, 2016.

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  1. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    They're like...


    Did I top parse? I wasn't lookin..
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  2. Genghes Active Member

    As much as I like seeing a 12 bil raid wide parse mimic needs to be adjusted when enchanters hold the top 4 spots
  3. Hamorm Member

    Restricted their mimic target to tanks !
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  4. Genghes Active Member

    10 second ae fights and the same problem would exist lol
  5. Skiasss Member

    lol its funny tho hearing t1s rage tho
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  6. Therein Active Member

    No one is saying to take away mimic in it's entirety. They are stating that it is broken over the top right now and needs to be retuned.
  7. Skiasss Member

    true statement
  8. Illflow New Member

    Wasn't #1 on the parse but just lol at 4.5bil mimic hit!

  9. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    I agree VC helps the group, but its spread across the group, so if your main concern is 'helping the group' as you profess then you should have zero problem with mimicry adding damage to the group rather than self only.

    Obviously you DO have a problem with that idea, so you are a hypocrite trying to protect your demonstrably OP ability. You accuse others of whining about losing their top spot when thats exactly what you are trying to protect.
  10. Rubyfire Member

    wow you know **** it broken when the class it helps agrees. it really shows how broken it is when enchanters are like holly crap i am topping the parse as a utility and exclaiming how screwed up that is. i am astounded that nothing has been done to fix this yet.
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  11. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Can you guys stop asking for mimicry Nerf?
    I cannot believe that when something nice finally awarded to enchanters bunch of folks start crying it's too OP. For those who can't get it work for them learn how to communicate with damage classes for mimicry tell or observe when they parse spike and time it accordingly. I never have any issues with mimicking even without tells. Know which classes are good to mimic and which are bad.

    For those who don't like their own mimicry spell thinking it's too OP I have one advice . Mimic either a necro or a conj and your wish of self-nerfing of this spell will be granted.

    I for one love my mimicry and I don't want it to get Nerf. Additionally to it I want my basic weapon damage rate to be increased to 2 on pat with other mages and I want to get back my ability to power feed 2 groups which was removed two years ago.

    Make coerces as they were before long ago. BTW at the beginning of times chanters actually parsed alot till a crazy Nerf bat started to swing.

    To other classes. I never ever called for nerfs of your spells. Don't call for mine!
  12. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    It's not broken. It works as intended. It says 12 seconds of mimicking and it does 12 seconds. If you want to call something broken start with those damage classes that can pull such high dps that leave others way behind and put chanters just for short 12 seconds in tier 1. Talk about envy.
  13. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Outparsing beast lords while mimicking them is not about broken mimicry spell it's all about how much fervor you all outparsers have. Let's just call for fervor removal then everything will get back where it was. Mimicry didn't appear yesterday. Never at the beginning chanters were outparsing tier 1 by mimicking. And I don't recall ever before any of you calling for Nerf. Just start talking about what truly is broken and it's not a mimicry spell.
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  14. Cefur Member

    Instead of ******** (opps I meant whining) about a class and calling for it to be nerfed, why not LTP ... Learn to parse. Learn to play your class to it potential and be glad that mobs are dying quicker.
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  15. Ignited Member

    Ok now you're just trolling, lol. You have a serious reading issue.

    Go back and read what I said....

    I have no problem if Mimic was divided up to the group. And IF IT WAS divided among the group, this whole topic wouldn't exist. But people want to nerf enchanters core dps spell.

    This whole thread is just DPS JEALOUSLY.

    Its what this whole damn game has turned into.



    Meanwhile the healer is busting his butt to keep the group alive and the enchanter/bard is buffing everyone and keeping the chaotic pulls at bay. But no one cares. Its all "Omg my personal DPS!"

    Dps classes are dime a dozen and extremely easy to play in a group. Also, a lot of the times, most DPS don't have a care in the world. They could be going on about something unrelated in Voice Chat during a major fight while the healer, util, and tank are really focused. I've seen it so many times.

    They are the same type of people that ask "Oh can I roll need on that for my alt?" when others in the group could possibly use it. Just no consideration for others. Not a damn care in the world.

    Its all me me me, Mine mine mine.

    I'm growing sick of the greedy, childish, and apathetic attitudes in level 100 groups.

    Seems mostly what's left of this game is just greedy rats climbing on and suffocating other rats to get the cheese at the top.
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  16. Ignited Member

    We are all classes. No one person on this forum can speak for one class. That's absurd, black or white type thinking.

    Any person on the forum can say...

    "I'm a certain class and I think my so and so spell is to powerful."

    Here I'll start..

    Hello all. I play a assassin and I think Assassinate is too powerful. What do other assassins think? I think it should be nerfed.

  17. Lea Plath Active Member

    But it isn't core. It is a new spell that has got out of hand and needs to be brought back into line.

    Without Mimicry, the enchanters DPS would suck, and I'm saying they need to scale back Mimicry and buff all the other bits, the original core bits to make them more viable.

    Making double cast increase procs on the enchanter spells for one.
  18. Ignited Member

    So when mimic is "Brought back into line" AKA Nerfed, then we can go after the next class on the parse ??!!

    WEEEE This is so much fun! We have the POWER!
  19. Ignited Member

    How about Feign Death? Can we get some nerf on this also.

    Surley this is overpowered now too with all the monks that are just shiny collection bots in the new fableds?
  20. Ignited Member

    Beastlord's DPS seems kinda high anyway IMO. Hopefully this can be looked at and they can be brought back down into a more leveling playing field. No reason why any class should be doing that much DPS.

    So this isn't a mimic issue its a Beastlord/DPS class issue.
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