Let's Talk About Mimic

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Illura, Apr 28, 2016.

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  1. Guurzak Active Member

  2. Ignited Member

    No please just leave Mimic alone. This is silly. It helps everyone in the group.

    Not trying to be mean, but maybe you should play a wizard or other pure DPS class then.

    A true Illusionist or Coercer relies upon the group to be powerful. We mimic/coerce others, create fake illusion groups or people. Without them we have nothing.

    We buff and keep the chaos controlled on sporadic pulls. As an enchanter there is many things to do on every pull, not just worry about personal dps.

    If it wasn't for an occasional perfectly timed mimic (which takes hotkeys with tells between willing people) we would have no dps anyway. So its not really our DPS. Its copied damage and everyone knows it, lol.

    If mimic damage was divided up among the group like VC no one would care, they would demand it, but because everyone cares about DPS so much they have to be on top of the list.

    Now if you going to talk nerfs we need to talk about Furys being so effortlessly high on the DPS list while healing.
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  3. Skiasss Member


  4. Yards Well-Known Member

    Are you seriously trying to justify an ability that can do 600 million dps by itself? Come on man.
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  5. Therein Active Member

    At this point in the game, I feel almost useless playing a dps class. May as well run one BL and all illies right now.
  6. Rondo9 Active Member

    Next thing the chanters well be telling the DPS when to burst for there mimics so then can stack fervor
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  7. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    Well furies really don't do much DPS for what they heal. But if mimicry 'helps everyone in the group' then a fury doing dps and healing is even better.

    No it doesn't, lots of easier ways to do it.

    Okay, so if its all on the enchanter its great but if the same amount is spread across the group its bad? When you are trying to justify it as 'good for the group?' lol

    Bards and their groups seem to care a lot about charging good RO's and good VC's even though its not self only.
  8. Skiasss Member

    hes right guys mimicry is soooo not Overpowered [IMG]
  9. Ignited Member

    Yeah man. Can you read?
  10. Ignited Member

    Exactly, take mimic away and that leaves zero DPS. Why not just remove the class. Who would want an enchanter in the group then?

    You people that get jealous over another classes DPS are silly. Get over yourselves. If mimic was divide among the group's DPS. No one would care. But you all HAVE to be number one on the DPS chart for your ego.
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  11. Ignited Member

    That makes no sense and neither do you. You need to go back and reread what I said.

    Slowly... and focus this time.

    I never said VC or Mimic was bad. If any spell helps the group that's awesome.

    Its all copied damage. You can't mimic yourself.

    Why would anyone care that mimic copies anothers big damage hit, unless they were just jealous? Think about it.

    Go ahead and nerf Mimic. That will surely help the raid or group out.
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  12. Yards Well-Known Member

    Mimic doesn't just copy another dps' damage and that is the whole problem. As I stated before, when you mimic a beastlord it does many times more damage than the beastlord is actually doing and add on top of that the modification fervor does to it. So if it actually worked as it was intended I would have no problem and this thread most likely would not have been created, however it is broken so here we are. Fervor should not affect mimic and mimic should not do more damage than the person mimic is applied to.
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  13. Ignited Member

    And you are?

    Are you someone special of importance that you get to say when a spell is too powerful for the game?

    Are you a game developer?

    Do you have a complete understanding of how every class works and how it balances with one another?

    Didn't think so.

    We should just leave mimic alone.

    It's obvious this is all about DPS jealously. That's why the OP posted as if he was an Enchanter concerned about his class. ROFL :D Ya ok.

    "Please my class needs a nerf!"

    More like a sup-par wizard and others like him that are just jealous about their mediocre DPS.
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  14. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    Mimic needs reducing, but Chanters need something else to make up for it. Something that gives them a valid reason to be in raids. Preferably something more utility based.
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  15. Yards Well-Known Member

    I'm someone who can read, my tag doesn't say wizard and my dps is not mediocre.
  16. Illflow New Member

    Mimicry is broken, when I can out DPS a T1 that I cast Mimicry on. Its just :) and :confused: all at the same time.
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  17. Lea Plath Active Member

    Mimic needs changing and the rest of the class brought back to its core a lot more, and higher DPS rewards for that core.
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  18. Skiasss Member

    U do realize that I was the one that did that parse and do believe something needs to be done about that..... 1 spell should not do 900 mil dps......

    Mimicry is broken... as much as I love topping parses and making t1s wanna rage.... this needs to be fixed or changed....
  19. Skiasss Member

    But I do believe that they need to add more utility to chanters if they do need mimicry or chanter won't be needed
  20. Skiasss Member

    U do know u can mimic urself??? Lol I do it in heroics all the time
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