Let's start a Norrathian Homeshow Showcase

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by suka, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Cheribomb Well-Known Member

    Thank you for nominating me! I have been away for a spell and got Suka's PM. I hope everyone on the list and more will get in the showcase!
  2. suka Well-Known Member

    i have sent several of you questions concerning three of my first projects- Cheribomb, Shanette, and Miisty. could you please answer them? also if you want to be listed as having nominated them, even if you only thought about it, please answer the following questions to me in a pm.
    nominated by - and why
    Q: What is it about (name) designs that inspired you to nominate her?
    Q: Do you have a favorite among (name) homes?
    Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share about (name)?
    Q: Why do you think (name) should be featured?
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  3. suka Well-Known Member

    you are the first project and will be the first one written. we all love you. now if i can just get everyone to answer my pms i can get the first one finished. i guess everyone has been really busy with the brewfest
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  4. suka Well-Known Member

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  5. suka Well-Known Member

    help please - there are still more servers to cover but i don't know the forum names of the people who decorate on them. i am sending ingame mail to several who i am touring, but getting no answers. so if you are on the Halls of Fate or Skyfire and know people on there who should be nominated and covered please let me know. also looking for someone on the other servers- like splitpaw. or if you are familiar with the communities there and want to do their showcases, please let me know
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  6. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Participate? Get with me on FB Suka! :)
  7. suka Well-Known Member

    i need someone on Maj'dul, and on Antonia Bayle, and on Skyfire for next month
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  8. Raainy Member

    Miisty is one of my alts. I have houses under Raainy, Wiinter and Miisty. I love some of the prestige houses and use them many times. I am still active in the game. I could never give up decorating, I'm just a quiet person so I don't talk to many people. :)
  9. suka Well-Known Member

    thank you Raainy. I have been hoping to hear from you. I still need to hear from people on skyfire and antonia bayle folks.
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  10. suka Well-Known Member

    if i forget to ask, i will also need the names of each toon whose houses are decorated so i will know where to go and so will others who visit. i visit each person's houses personally which is one of the reasons i ask so far in advance.
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  11. suka Well-Known Member

    i now only need people from Skyfire for the next month. Anyone know Gilymist there or Aaisha? or perhaps Yulla?
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  12. suka Well-Known Member

  13. suka Well-Known Member

    could you please answer the questions i asked in the pm? thank you. I am wanting you to be the first decorator showcased in april
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  14. suka Well-Known Member