Lesser Faydark lvl 55 items better than 70+ dungeons

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Shady1, Feb 29, 2020.

  1. Shady1 Member

    So here we are, EOF. The moment we have all been waiting for. Let's go get some dungeon gear!!!!

    Why? That gear sucks. You can get BETTER GEAR from level 55-65 Lesser Faydark solo quests.

    No JOKE!
    38 Sta / Stats
    3-5 blues within .1 stats of legendary/fabled gear.

    Or... You can go raid and do EPIC quests, like "The Black Water Mask" for a level 70 item with 29 stats and lower blue stats than solo Lesser Faydark treasured junk. Why do the Mistmoore Shield HQ at level 70? I've got a level 55 shield from LFay that has better stats across the board.

    I have level 55 items that I can't replace with Legendary/Fabled items from contested/heroic dungeons.
    Especially because of the itemization. Like others have pointed out, even if you do find an item with higher primary/stamina/skill by 1 point, it comes with pointless blue stats that are the same exact value as level 55 items in LFay.

    Look at this example of a non-upgrade, in this case the fabled is lower in ALL stats across the board:

    Treasured Resplendent Thaumaturgist Robe quest reward from LFay (Level 53)
    38 Sta/Pri/14 Spell Skills
    2.5 Pot 1.7 Crit 23 AMod

    Now look at this example of broken itemization:

    Fabled Arcane Beguiler's Dark Muslin Robe from boss in Mistmoore Catacombs (Level 70)
    37 Sta/Pri/14 Spell Skiills
    2.4 Pot 1.6 Crit 3.5 Cast Speed

    It's at this point pointless to do anything but do your level 55-60 lesser faydark quests and call it a day.

    The level 55 quest rewards in lesser faydark are actually better than all the rewards in loping plains and a majority of the gear from 70+ dungeons.

    level 55 LFay Quests = 38 Pri / Sta items
    level 55 LFay Named Mob Drops = 31 Pri / Sta items

    level 70 Loping Plains Quests = 31 Pri / Sta items
    level 70 Loping Plains Named Mob Drops = 38 Pri / Sta items

    Did you guys accidentally copy paste the items that were meant for loping plains quests into the LFay quest rewards???
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  2. Seth Active Member

    did u find any good scout charms ?
  3. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I found lvl 60 or 65 item better than previous tier raid gear or than reward from claymore time line, and all heroic content can be 2 boxed and you may even solo it with good gear.
  4. Somedude Active Member

    Can solo on many classes, some might require a duo.

    It's like DoF again...
  5. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I'm a bit perplexed as to how during Sentinel's Fate on Fallen Gate I pointed out that every item was relatively the same regardless of what the content level it was and how this was a horrible idea as it eliminated any idea of player progression, then they just applied it to the entire game itemization wise.

    They are putting more crit/potency on specific raid items, so i'm confused as to why they don't just add another blue stat to raid gear or nerf all the heroic gear down to last tier raid quality to make raid gear just always better. The fact that all raid gear has more stats means they have a seperate script that can differentiate the loot tiers right?

    Or am I crazy.

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