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    Legion of the White Rose, a formally Guk and now Halls of Fate guild created in 1998, is looking for more casual raiders and players. Having to sit for raids? Can't make the attendance requirement? Need help gearing up to raid? New to the game or returning player looking for fun and assistance?

    Raid times: Fri, Sun 1700-2000 pacific and Thursdays 1730-1900
    Off Tank

    Any solid players

    All classes are welcome to apply. Looking for players who want to group, ALOT! We believe in enjoying the game while progressing. Think poker night out with friends, casual, fun, but getting it done. Real life always is the priority and comes first so a good amount of our members are working adults, many with families as well. Young players will probably not fit in without an adult family member joining, we are looking for 18+. Our chat is clean and safe for little ears that may hear game speak. We use ventrilo for raiding, grouping and sometimes just socializing. We have chapters across the MMO world.

    We also do not have a required raid attendance. As long as a person meets raid requirements, they can show for raid. Bidding on items is entirely dependent on LRP and not percentage of attendance. Each player earns LRP when they attend raids, the more you attend the more points you have! We have just restarted raiding in the KA raid zones. We also like to group if raiding is not an option or a desire of yours. We are friendly and inclusive!

    At this point we do not have a resolve minimum. We can help folks or at least provide information on how to achieve the needed resolve numbers for the PoP zones. For raiding a personal resolve of 558 is the goal for Tier I. We will assist new or returning players in obtaining epic 2.0's and caught up as required!

    Contact any of the following officers in game: Timmit, Nerin/Brakon, Gkarx, Thistleclaw, Maadb, Solzak, Oblis, Ozomon or Herpy. And any member can direct your inquiry to a guild officer. And any guildie can answer questions and send you to the right person. Or visit our website at : https://legionwhiterose.x10host.com/lotwr/
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    Updated raid needs!
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    What resolve are you requiring?
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    We have no resolve requirements at this time. We are reconstituting our raid force after the summer months and there will be plenty of opportunities to obtain the necessary resolve for raids.
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    /bumpety bump
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    Can we get an update for this? Wife and I might be interested.

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    Hi there,
    Sorry, I was away on vacation!!! If you are still interested let me know!
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