Legends of Norrath

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  1. Guffy Member

    Is this worth learning? I've tried to sift through the tutorial a few times now and I just lose patience. I used to play magic the gathering and it seems similar in some ways. I like the whole battle card game thing but I'm wondering if this is a rewarding experience at the end of the day? Also if anyone has any youtube videos or if you're on freeport and would like an apprentice let me know :)
  2. crazyeyes321 Active Member

    I know people used to play it some for the rewards that could be obtained from it (exp potions and such). Today, I don't think those potions are nearly as impressive as they were before, however there may still be other items by playing it worth looking into. I think many people today just claim their 5 free packs a month in hopes of getting a reward item, and I think today is the launch of a new card set?
    If you enjoyed magic you will probably enjoy LoN once you get yourself a decent card base and learn its rules. I know they sponsor tournaments, so I imagine they occassionally have sweet prizes that are either ungodly rare in game or something you get real life, never looked into LoN.
  3. Guffy Member

    I see so it sounds like it might be worth my while but maybe isn't so popular anymore
  4. Snowhaze Active Member

    I used to play MTG as well, but don't have any interest in this type game anymore personally, but as mentioned above, definitely check all of your cards, I got some pretty useful in game items like a cloak that lets me repair my stuff once/day and a couple of neat house items. I think you can get mounts as well.