Legends of Norrath Closure Notification

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Mizgamer62, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Mizgamer62 Well-Known Member

    One less benefit to being a subscriber :(.
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  2. Ishuna Well-Known Member


    But we can buy the random loot packs on the marketplace . I'm beginning to depise the marketplace. :(
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  3. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Agreed. :eek:

    To compensate your All Access members ( "All Access" is misnamed, BTW - we have access to EQ2, EQ and Planetside 2, not to other Daybreak games) for the reduction in membership benefits, please give us either an additional 500 DBC monthly for a total of 1000 DBC or a monthly free LoN loot pack.
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  4. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    "All loot rewards and packs in the Legends of Norrath client will need to be open and claimed on your character prior to when the servers close to ensure that your loot rewards are available in EverQuest and EverQuest II."

    Does this mean character or account? Once the loot card items are in our EQ or EQ2 claim area, is that enough?

    And yeah, I saw this coming months ago. :(
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  5. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    I was wondering that too...one of the benefits of being a member was the 5 free packs. are we just going to lose a perk to being a member, or is it going to be replaced with something else?
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  6. Finora Well-Known Member

    *nod* It's never been a very popular thing other than for the loot cards, so it's an unsurprising announcement.

    I am pretty disappointed that yet another of the subscriber benefits will be gone though.
    Someone is sure to come up saying "oh but you can play on the new prestige servers" but that's a pretty useless benefit for someone who has full character slots & no intention of buying more and little desire to start all over again...again.
  7. Malabaster Member

    I thoroughly enjoyed LON and I am extremely disappointed to hear that it's being shut down. I understand the reasoning behind closing the server, but would it be possible to allow the players who are interested to download an offline version of the game to at least play the scenarios?
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  8. Prayos Well-Known Member

    You forgot DCUO...
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  9. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    Yet another membership perk gone.
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  10. Belenos Well-Known Member

    Only thing I ever used LON for was the free packs in the (small) hopes of getting a cool loot item. I played MtG with co-workers for a few years and got tired of it, so no way was I about to play the SOE MtG knock-off (or the WoW one either). Never got anything worth a hoot from all the free packs other than one cloak I used as an appearance item.

    So if this was going away, why take the client from the game and make us downlaod the free-standing client, only to announce it is going to close down altogether? At this point I would have to go download the free-standing client just to claim the last few free packs. It sounds to me like the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing, and vice-versa. Get it together!

    Overall it is just one big
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  11. Livejazz Well-Known Member

    What Belenos said, all of it.
  12. Crastinal Active Member

    No. Absolutely NOT.
    It was a matter of luck, at a given month I could claim 1 or 5 free loot items. Last month I got 4.
    So now, instead of getting 1-5 free loot items a month from the specific sets I choose I'm expected to PAY to get ONE loot item from a huge set that may or may not include what I want because ha-ha-take-it-sucker? How about NO?

    I'm pretty disappointed as well, but when the company thinks it's reasonable to ask $400 for a guildhall without ever showcasing or discussing it first; shuts down whole franchises due to lack of vision (EQN, Dragon's Prophet) I can hardly say it surprises me.

    And yet I was stupid enough to renew my subscription for 6 months back in April. I keep forgetting that even though the players are amazing I'm paying the company, and Daybreak never misses an opportunity to disappoint. Holy cow.
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  13. Seryndipity Active Member

    Once again, we are having things taken away or removed from the game that we all enjoy. I know LON wasn't popular with all players but the loot cards were a popular thing. Placing them on the Marketplace for purchase is like holding a deflated balloon. What other means of receiving loot cards is DB considering? If it involves another way of getting more money from subscribers, then they are showing their true colors.
    And for the record, start fixing the probs in the game that have existed for quite some time. Thank you.
  14. Edelphia Active Member

    The shut down doesn't surprise me one bit. As for the guild halls, those are supposed to be contributed to by a whole guild, but if the leader or decorator of the guild hall doesn't want either one of the new halls, if a guildie buys and uses the tickets, thinking they are helping the guild, they are out of luck to get the ticket back.

    Customer service is almost non-existant, being all access is becoming a joke, and if you really want anything nice in the game, you have to spend DBC on it, or spend tons of status like the merc shrink spell on the trainers. Truthfully, my all access is beginning to feel a bit like "pay to get screwed". I went F2P For a few months a while back, but was so frustrated by what I could and could not use, I subbed again. If you quest for an item, you should be able to use that item, whether or not you are subbed or not. I can understand limiting the kinds of dropped items you can equip.

    Ok, I'll get off my soapbox........... for the time being .............and go back to riding my hobby horse
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  15. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    I'm curiouls about this too. It's one thing to claim them in Lon, another to claim them in your /claim. Some I'm not ready to pick who gets them ;)
  16. RadarX Community Manager

    As LON will no longer be available it will be imperative you claim any of your loot to the game of your choice before it's closure. Once it's in the games there shouldn't be an issue.
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  17. Finora Well-Known Member

    For further clarification.
    By "in the game" do you mean in our EQ2 or EQ1 /claim window? Or do we have to actually decide who gets what and dole them all out physically in game?
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  18. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    How sad. I loved the five packs and house and deco loot from lon cards!

    What are you as a company going to implement as a replacement for LoN? What new feature is replacing it's value in a subscription plan that was worth its price in part due to the LoN cards and prizes?
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  19. RadarX Community Manager

    Yes they must be in your claim window. Legends of Norrath will no longer be available to claim them so they must be moved to one of those games by the closure date.
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  20. knightowl Member

    Very disappointing (if not entirely unsurprising) news -- I actually enjoyed playing through the scenarios and gradually opening booster boxes of cards. The loot cards, while being an enjoyable perk, were actually peripheral to my enjoyment of LoN, which had value beyond a mere online card game -- for instance, it served as an additional avenue to Norrath lore and story, had some truly inspired artwork, and was a welcome means of exploring Norrath aside from EQ and EQII.
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