Legacy of Power: Through Storms and Mists, no key for me.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Slow Player, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. Slow Player New Member

    "Kill [COLOR=var(--theme-alert-color)]Yveti Stormbrood[/COLOR] that flies around on top and loot his body for the key." - Could not complete this step as corpse despawned, prior to looting. Pulled mob to transponder pad at top of tower, using merc, and killed it. Once it died, was teleported to ledge. There was text saying it clutched the key in it's talons. Return to kill location, and corpse was despawned. Couldn't find it anywhere, key not in bags, and cannot open chest, even though mob is dead. This scene just has too much crap going on, with no back up in case the mechanics fail. Kill should not despawn, unless key is in my bag. I earned the kill Victory - but no key.
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  2. Paws New Member

    I can confirm that this is STILL an issue & has been for quite some time. Can we please get a resolution.
  3. Twyla Member

    I have killed him several times and gotten the key every time. I clear the two side areas of the winds then wait for him to come, have my merc pull him to us and kill him in whichever side room I cleared last.