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Discussion in 'Quest Discussion' started by Kaitheel, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Toxlas Member

    While swimming around looking for barrels in Darwol's room, thw quest step "I witnessed Lanys Tyl trying to recruit Berloxxukous!" updated. I was swimming around the tomb thing in the middle.
  2. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Quest: Through Storms and Mists
    Quest journal text: Find Karana
    Zone : Torden, Bastion of Thunder, Winds of Change

    First mob is stuck at 19% hp. 'a Primordial Malice soldier' after numerous deaths I've finally got him down to 19% and he is stuck there. It seems like he's buffed much higher than a solo mob would be for this zone.

    /loc -22.70 994.58 -145.46 where I found him (literally after zoning and entering Tower of the Rainkeeper).
    I used the portal that spawned after speaking to Klodsag and receiving the Staff of the Rainkeeper.

    EDIT to add: I went in again, snuck past that soldier. Body pulled a different one, and this happened :D
    a Primordial Malice soldier hits YOU for 189143701 piercing damage.
  3. Chillispike Active Member

    Quest: Legacy of Power: Through Storms and Mists

    I duoed it with my healer, but my healer forgot to speak with Klodsag once we zoned in.
    We killed Auliffe Chaoswind and got the key.
    My healer ain't got the item from the chest, well ok since quest step was missing.
    On the way back to the npc she fell of the bridge and revived at the entrance. She spoke with the npc and used Call of the veteran to call back to me. When she was there the chest was gone :(

    It would be nice if the chest could stay longer or that each group member get's a key for the chest.
  4. rytine New Member

    Realm of the plagebringer .plane of disease,outbreak,deleted quest 4x go get it again and when I zone in I get a mask and extract.Quest updates to kill 12 primordial malice,but there are none in the zone.Toon is arytinee help stuck at this point.I did deleat everything in bags I got from zone after deleting quest and before deleting quest.
  5. Chillispike Active Member

    Quest: Legacy of Power: Through Storms and Mists

    Somehow i wish the chests for the update would be closer to the nameds. specially when you kill the "final" one coz you can't use the zone out, you have to run down all the way and then run back to the entrance to zone out
  6. Adaac Member

    Agree on the ridiculous amount of hp on the mobs as well as getting hit repeatedly for over 152million hps these mobs are triple up heroic and are hitting like it. Need to tone them down
  7. Pidz Member

    Quest Legacy of Power: Realm of the Plaguebringer
    Given by Druzzil Ro

    "Druzzil" is misspelled in the objective "Drzzil Ro warned me of the aggressive creatures and the ever-present vitriolic mist in the Plaguebringer's realm. I cannot let any of these challenges stop me!".
  8. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Any insight into the Primordial mobs and their HP? It's where I'm stuck on the quest line at the moment.
  9. Nelie Well-Known Member

    Only way to bypass this at the moment is range/magic damage. No melee damage or it will send back a huge hit.
  10. Pidz Member

    Quest Legacy of Power: Glimpse of the Hereother
    Given by Druzzil Ro

    The objective "Enchantress W. awaits my return in the Plane of Magic's Metetherial Plains. The faster l get these components to her, the better!" mentions that the enchantress is in Metetherial Plains, but she's in The Stratafold.
  11. Pidz Member

    Quest Legacy of Power: Drawn to the Fire
    Given by Druzzil Ro

    The description of the Obsidian Sun Disc dropped by the scorched fiend does not specify that the item can be used in the solo zone.

    Applies Obsidian Skin when activated. Lasts 11 seconds.
    -Protects caster from heat damage.
    -Prevents caster from being Interrupted due to movement
    --Must be in zone Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Heroic]
    -Prevents caster from being interrupted
    --Must be in zone Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Heroic]
    -Prevents caster from inflicting damage upon the resident of Solusek Ro's Tower.
  12. Pidz Member

    There is no section for Brackish Vaults [Solo] so I'll post it here.

    Quest Legacy of Power: Deep Trouble
    Given by Druzzil Ro

    The oval cell floating around the water platform disappears when the players goes toward the edge of the platform.
  13. Pidz Member

    There is no section for Brackish Vaults [Solo] so I'll post it here.

    Quest Legacy of Power: Deep Trouble
    Given by Druzzil Ro

    The aggressive inkfish floating around the entrance is reset and the encounter keeps getting broken when the player attacks it.
  14. Pidz Member

    Just after completing Legacy of Power: Deep Trouble

    "Dresolik" is misspelled in the player's sentence after Morell-Thule talks about it for the first time.

    Morell-Thule: "The item Lanys claimed from within the Tower of Solusek Ro wasn't a replacement for the Globe of Dancing Flame. It was the Dresolik!"
    Player: "The what?"
    Druzzil Ro: "The Void take her! No, Mithaniel. There is no mistaking it, it was detonated, as my father intended, but what if it wasn't even detonated in the other reality?"
    Player: "Wait, what is this Desolik?"

    The character may have failed to pronounce it correctly as it is the first time he heard of it.
  15. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much, gives me something to work with.
  16. Marranda Member

    Legacy of power Drawn to the fire
    This zone is not easy for healer and very long, I finally get it done and it bugged out on the last mob. Even though I killed Soluesek Ro my quest stopped at ( My presence has been detected by Solusek Ro.) With no update for killing him :(
  17. Nero Active Member

    You should not be able to kill him, he is supposed to summon his avatar and you are supposed to kill him in under 4 mins. Did you get to that part?
  18. Taiyla Active Member

    Same thing happened to me, killed Ro's avatar but didn't get the update. I did have a friend with me who has already completed that quest so wondering if that bugged it. This zone is not user friendly and now I guess I have to run it again :(
  19. 9wizards New Member

    Just have had the issue on 2 toons, when fighting Torstien Stoneskin and Hreidar Lynhillig ( Legacy of Power: Through Storms and Mists ), the mob seems to drop under floor, and when they dies, can't loot the key on corpse as they where around +-100m from me, can manage to kill them at a different place and loot after a zone reset.
  20. Gaeleb New Member

    Same issues as previous post.
    Legacy of Power: Through Storms and Mists, when fighting Torstein Stoneskin and Hreidar Lynhillig. First time i tried somehow they both ended up untouchable at 100% both.. then escaped,, retried.. This time i killed Torstein, got the text: As Torstein Stoneskin dies,you notice a small key in his hand, and his corpse poofs.. Hreidar gets stuck at 1% and i sometimes get message target not alive, but he is.. at 1%. ... Escaped and tried again.. This time i got Hreidar killed, with same text as when i killed Torstein, just changed the name.. Now Torstein was stuck at 1%.. otherwise excactly same as previous attemt.. Been killing myself to be rezzed to reset fight several times and same happens every time...Havent tried reset zone, but will be next step.

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