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Discussion in 'Quest Discussion' started by Kaitheel, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Uncle Active Member

    HAppy Dance
  2. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    Legacy of Power: Through Storms and Mists. Duoed this solo zone with a friend (because swashy/healer merc can't do it either). Two mobs at the top of the towers Auliffe Chaoswind and Gaukr Sandstorm are impossible for us. Mobs hit too hard. DPS bringing them down to 50% if we're lucky. And yes, I'm kiting and slowing the mob and doing ranged dps as I run in a big circle.

    Done testing this until it's toned down a notch. Have better things to do with my weekend than this.
  3. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Legacy of Power: Realm of the Plaguebringer
    Plane of Disease: Outbreak [Solo]
    "Search for the entrance to the Crypt of Decay"

    I killed the 12 Primordial Malice, continued on down the path to the fork, and took the left fork. I pulled my first bubonian "yard trash" and he called 2 friends and they called 2 friends, and so on until I had a veritable dogpile on me. I'd guess my merc and I (108 warden and Zhugrus, since I can't /claim a better merc on this non-copy) died when there were about 16 on us. (We'd killed several.) On try 2, I body pulled another and pulled a trio WAYYYYY back, looked up and saw the entire remainder of the bubonians charging towards me.

    I read that they were supposed to add on a named, if you didn't clear them, but apparently I am missing something since I'm not to the named yet, and I don't see how to get less of them with how amazing their hearing seems to be. :D

    My current process, at least until the server goes down in another hour is to kill several while also healing like a madwoman, evac. Wait for the evac timer to refresh (7-1/2 minutes), rinse and repeat/
  4. Arieva Well-Known Member

    Enjoyed the visuals on the molten throne, good job. Was worth the wait i thought!
  5. Toxlas Member

    Firstly, I feel a little uncomfortable when EQ Legend The Denmother starts talking about killin' stuff! Like my lovely gran stats discussing the best machine gun to buy... No!
    Secondly, this looks like a class disparity. I'm using a beta buffed zerk with a Stampy merc, no /claiming for this guy. I run around gathering up the yard trash and wait til I've got them all before blasting the to smithereens. I leave Stampy on back off but he doesn't need to heal much, the buff takes care of most it.
  6. Godelpus New Member

    So I finished 96 quests and reached 50k with all 3 factions, then completed the Molten Throne zone to finish the signature line; or so I thought. It seems there are 97 quests and I missed the very last one of the Pakiat line "Reflection of Recollection", so no achievement and hence no completion. (I did Pakiat second, so faction is now -50k).

    Unless I'm mistaken the only way I can now complete this is by grinding Pakiat faction back to 50k; this means 125 repeatable quests on live!! I'm sure this wasn't the intention, so I think some safeguards need to be put in place with regards to the 4 required achievements to prevent people falling into the same predicament. Particularly important as new and returning players are most likely to fall for this and then be totally demoralised.

    PS. Any chance of a dev "fixing" my faction so I can claim the Djinn reward on live :))
  7. Chillispike Active Member

    Typo in the "Fount of Power" Buff
    It says:
    Your connection to the Fount of Power prevents your spells from being interupted and allows you to siphon planar energy into your abilities.

    but it should be (interrupted):
    Your connection to the Fount of Power prevents your spells from being interrupted and allows you to siphon planar energy into your abilities.
  8. Chillispike Active Member

    They intend to add a kind of save minimum or so, once you reached 50k you can't fall below +20k faction. that was in a dev post somewhere in the beta forum.
  9. Masax New Member

    For those finding the sig line too hard, I started the sig line with my Sk, at 30k pot and 411 resolve from a mix of expert, epic, and etheral cloak and belt.
    First few fights were slow and reminded me of the start of KA, went back to the beta merchant and swapped out a couple slot and infused till I was at 35k pot, at this point I flew thru all the quests, the fights became my normal gather all trash and aoe down.
    The only problem I had was when a lift bugged on me after level 4 of the tower, but Chorl was on and appeared like a god to get it working while I was still there and I went on to complete, big big Thank You again.
    Cant wait to see the final zone added.
    So bottom line if you are having trouble use the gear and plat provided to get your stats up and keep trying.
  10. Reaktor New Member

    I really liked the ending of the sig line, should there be a zone out from the Molten Throne though? I couldn't find one.
  11. Reaktor New Member

    Also, speaking to Druzzil Ro doesn't seem to work as a group update, as soon as the first person speaks to her, she starts walking and will not speak to the other person. My wife and I did this one grouped.
  12. Malahk Member

    No reward at all for completing the sig line?
  13. Reaktor New Member

    Never mind, found the zone out on the 2nd time through for my wife's update.
  14. knine Well-Known Member

    Found out the same here and my guildie got his update and reward. He had all 3 factions completed. Looks like you have to have all 3 factions completed before you can earn the reward, which quite frankly is underwhelming at most. NO ONE is going to replace their EPICS lol. They are made to level with us and supposed to be best in slot for this expac as well. Reward should be something like a wrist or armor slot item, it doesn't have to be BIS as the sig line wasn't that complicated but at least something useable for a while would've been nice.
  15. Chrol Developer

    Please report any bugs regarding the encounters in The Molten Throne here, please. Thanks!
  16. Nero Active Member

    Completed the sig line, had the achievement and reward window come up, but there was no reward displayed and I received nothing :(

    Im assuming we were supposed to get an offhand and maybe a mount as per usual?
  17. Elowith Active Member

    Not the encounter but the reward - the non-shield warden reward is not actually equipable by them.
  18. Chrol Developer

    The bubonians calling one friend after another for help is only supposed to be in the heroic version. I'll have this removed from the solo version for the next update. Thanks!
  19. Sotiak New Member

    Quest: Through Storms & Mists

    I've made it to the end where Klodsag has made me the "Staff of the Rainkeeper" and entered the portal .. (Kael looking place) I've killed the malice in the room/s and when I headed towards where Karana is the entire doorway is blocked off by stone/rubble with no way to continue onwards .. totally stuck now for updates .. am I missing something?
  20. Krystalea Member

    I wonder if this is how it will be on live? And next question, if you complete the sig line before completing the factions, and then complete all three factions, do you then get the reward? Which leads to, is it actually a sig line reward or an achievement reward?


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