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Discussion in 'Quest Discussion' started by Kaitheel, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Kaitheel Developer

    Woot! The Planes of Prophecy dungeons are open, and now the signature quests are available, too.

    The first quest of the signature quest line is offered by Aunsellus Tishan, on Scintillating Spires isle.

    When you find bugs, or want to post some feedback, please be as specific as possible, and include:
    • Quest name
    • Quest journal text
    • Zone name
    That should help us identify the issues and get them corrected. Thank you!

    ~ Kaitheel
  2. Theodious Member

    I'm at the point where I need to gather Salt & Sapphires and cannot see either one in the location by the slugs and the location closer to the fount by the cat mobs going into the Aetherscar.... Help!
  3. Bardonio Member

    there is a thread for the signature line. and why do you assume youre bugged because youre not getting your updates as fast as you would like? keep searching. stay vigilant. dont give up because youre not achieving what you want to achieve in a short amount of time. besides, if I really had any other info for you right now i would help you but im stuck on the part youre on. best foot forward bud
  4. Toxlas Member

    The Fount of Power buff lasts for 4 seconds in Coliseum (typo) of Valor: Hero's Devotion. Mobs hitting very, very hards and Bloodcurdlers (big bat things) drain 100% mana in one hit. It's gonna be tough!
  5. Theodious Member

    They're not showing up... i'm in the right location(s) and they aren't appearing.... at all. I've tried two characters.... I'm bugged.
  6. Toxlas Member

    Buff says it's until cancelled
  7. Theodious Member

    Oh, and the signature quest line forum is locked.....
  8. Theodious Member

    I even deleted entire quest, the mats, and restarted it and still can't see the salt or sapphires.
  9. Kristabella Well-Known Member

    You are not the only one, I spend two full hours this morning, and I could not see the blue sapphire rock. I was in the slug area looking int he small ravines. People in my group, would stand on top of them, they could see them and mine them, but I couldn't. And No I could not get the little hand symbol to show up so try and mine it any way. I didn't even try to look for the salt. Which was said to be in the same area.

    I turned my graphics up, I balanced it, I put it on extreme performance, I took off ambient lights, I took off my lanterns, the light blue was so damn bright, and I am assuming so was the rock that needed to be mined. So, everyone got the updates of sapphires and salt, and I ended up going to bed. Going to try again shortly. I was told the rocks looked like the veiled rocks, and I can see those just fine. My friends are amused, I am not :(
  10. Lenolian Active Member

    I had the same bug. The buff stay on only if you are in combat, otherwise it drops in a matter of seconds.
  11. Bardonio Member

    keep recasting the buff when you fight mobs. its easy to get through. the buff becomes maintained once youre in the first solo instance. it even persists through death.
  12. Elinea Well-Known Member

    Quest: Legacy of Power: Secrets in an Arcane Land
    Quest giver: Aunsellus Tishan
    Quest text: Follow the instructions provided etc.

    So far, this is maddening. I have killed about a dozen ignus Peak Whirlers, and only 1 ignus manaflare so far. About half the ones I killed fell to the side of the peak where I couldn't loot it, the other half were empty corpses (except the 1 I got so far). While waiting on respawn, I went in search of the sapphires and salt, which I found none of at all. Please give more specific instructions to make sure we're looking in the right place for sapphires and salt, and please either make the ignus peak whirlers drop it's component every time, or make them more plentiful.

    Edit: Finally did find a single sapphire. Maybe make all the things a bit more plentiful?
  13. Bardonio Member

    Its ANY IGNUS mob that can drop the items needed for the recipe.
  14. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Even when people jump up and down on salt/sapphire nodes many people cannot see them or target them to harvest. I was able to see and harvest the sapphire but I cannot/could not see the salt nodes
    I turned in Fount Duty and could no longer see the sapphire nodes either.
    One of the people I'm talking with hasn't turned in any quests and is unable to see either sapphire or salt nodes.

    Note: Bugged toon on beta is Nimlis. I doubled checked and the recipe is still in my recipe book and I am continuing to get Ignus Manaflares from the various mobs that drop them.

    Aaaaand.. I just saw one. But the person I'm speaking with in game cannot.
  15. Leed Active Member

    On 'Secrets in an Arcane Land' the Yrzu artisan's mesa does not have the scroll for the step 'Find a way to read the inscriptions on the arcane seal remnants.' (Also, I wouldn't have any way of knowing that I even needed to go in the artisan area if people weren't talking about in chat and saying only Pakiat artisan area is showing the scroll)
  16. Bendark New Member

    Talking to Druzzil Ro about Valor to get Hero's Devotion
    Her: "The heavily defended Plane of Valor!"
    first response has [predicate:medals/combat/shard_of_love] I helped release etc. Dont think the brackets are supposed to be there
  17. Earar Well-Known Member

    so feedback without looking at what other said.

    I dislike it, and I'm only at the start.

    I found the spires, I then got to the teleporter, got a parchment, was a receipe so I scribed it .. and now I need materials.
    No idea where to find them, no feathers on mob, no places to search and no hints, no name on track harvestable.

    fortunately there's the wiki. .. oh yes .. no feather on the quest giver either.

    si I'm looking for stuff, go to the locations on wiki .; see other people runing around, they certainly look for the same thing as me .. nothing to click on, nothing that pops out of the ordinary, nothing on mouse hover.

    so, I'm on 4th step of 1rst quest and already stuck, even with wiki's help and locks.

    is it everfrustration ?

    so I'm just gonna stop the signature line for tonight, because I'd rather doing something fun, than look for something unknown and
  18. Seadar New Member

    Quest: Legacy of Power: Secrets in an Arcane Land
    Quest giver: Aunsellus Tishan
    Quest text: Follow the instructions provided etc.

    After a few hours of searching, I had a guildie stand on top of a Luminus Sapphire and the Cirrussean Salt, I could not see either one. Zoomed in, changed graphics like the poster above. Nothing.
  19. Seadar New Member

    Quest: Legacy of Power: Secrets in an Arcane Land
    Quest giver: Aunsellus Tishan
    Quest text: Follow the instructions provided etc.

    Ok so I went to another one of the crafting areas I have faction with, and picked up the same scroll up again. Went back out into the overland and found the salt right away. Few feet away, got my second salt. Then went to area for the sapphire, and found one of those right off. Go figure, thats why we test it.
  20. Kaitheel Developer

    Good news! There's a few serious fixes headed to Beta with the next update:
    • Legacy of Power: Secrets in an Arcane Land – Cirussean Salt and Luminia Sapphire is easier to see now.
    • Legacy of Power: An Innovative Approach – An erratic clockwork is now present, whether on quest or not, to open the tube grate. Also, the grate should now remain open, once opened.
    Thank you to all of you who jumped on this as soon as you have!

    ~ Kaitheel

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