Least Squishy Mage?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Triad, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. Triad New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking to play a mage in a group and solo.
    I already tried Illy, found them lacking the DPS to kill the mob before you die.
    I've also been thinking of other classes; Monk, SK, or Warden, but I'd rather like the play a mage.
    Input is appreciated!
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  2. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    So, any mage is going to be squishy. You're wearing Kleenex armor. You pretty much need a sense of humor about dying.

    If you're not at end game, then you should be harvesting as much as you can. When youget rares, have a player crafter make you something with them. Rare roots will make Mastercrafted armor, rare gems will make your jewelry, rare wood or hard ore will make weapons. And so on.

    Next, what level are your spells? When you get them initially, they're Apprentice level, which is like a pea shooter. Mobs drop Adept versions (and you can get them on the broker). But for a mage, your spells are what armor and a shield are for a warrior! Get Expert spells crafted for you by a Sage.

    Better gear and better spells will make for quicker kills.
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  3. Triad New Member

    I had mostly apprentice, few adepts... But because I share accounts with someone else, my Illy kinda got deleted. But I don't mind. I'd rather play Summoner or Sorcerer.
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  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    The other thing to learn is "root and nuke". You use a root, snare, slow, etc., then you nuke it once or twice, back up a step or two, rinse and repeat.
  5. Banana Tree Member

    Necromancers are tough as nails. Lots of self heals and can get a pop up rez just in case.
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  6. Triad New Member

    The Necro I know is squishy, but I've never had good gear.
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  7. Twisty Well-Known Member

    you're not supposed to apply forehead to the nail, you have a hammer in form of tank pet. they're not squishy at all. in fact, in current state of the game downright broken-overpowered at sub-100 levels
  8. Triad New Member

    Last I checked, Necro's pet is a distraction. It can't tank blues. Conjurer's pet is actually a tankish pet, because Conj relies on the pet and Necro uses the pet as an added but of DPS and a distraction.
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  9. Fangrim Active Member

    Nope,played correctly mobs should all be on your pet.You can also get tainted heals which is so OP you never ever need to even have your normal pet heal on your hotbar. Just put 1 point in shockwave too,this way adds that roam near you just click it (can be cast while casting another spell) and your pet will aoe and the add will be onto your pet! :)
  10. Triad New Member

    I was aware, yes, but you get this at what... Level 50? That's a loooong way off. (Necro FTW still!)

    I'm duoing now with a Guardian or Templar... So I'll probably roll a Necro and lifetap to safety while the Templar is still casting that 5 sec casting time group heal...

    Not sure, but I'd like to play a class that can offer utility. I understand Necro and Enchanter can do this very well, along with Bards. (But who cares about them? I want a mage :p)
    Um... Yeah.
    Edit: I said duo, but it's actually more of a 2box.
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  11. Twisty Well-Known Member

    i dont know what you think you get by level 50. you tank pet that you get at level 1 is overpowered from start to like level 100.

    you sound like a new player, so perhaps you're trying to do content meant for a group (unknowingly)? with tainted heals AA that u can get probably by like level 15-20 you can even do group content solo as a necro - that's how overpowered your tank pet is (albeit that's for more advanced users)
  12. Fangrim Active Member

    Tainted Heals and Shockwave are AA picks. Shockwave isn't necessary but like i explained is an easier way of getting roamer adds off you than manually targeting and making your pet attack,rooting,fearing or targeting it and using perceptors command on it.Anyway,you can put 1 point in that as soon as you get AA at level 10,it is in the middle of the summoner tree then start putting points on your damage abilities in the necromancer tree until tainted heals opens up after 20 points

    Tainted heals is so good,it heals your pet whenever you cast a subjugation spell,Chains of Torment,Fear,Mortality Mark,Grasping Bones,Siphoning of Souls. Now for sure you will only have Chains of Torment and Grasping Bones by the time you get enough AA for it but the trick is to use Chains and then immediately click it again so it starts refreshing,for tough fights at least and by level 25 you will have Mortality Mark and Fear too.
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  13. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    Necro really doesn't offer any utility, but it's an awesome class and one of the best to solo. In a pinch you can throw out a few heals and a rez, but your role really is to dps.
    If you haven't taken up a tradeskill, do it. Become a sage and keep your spells up to date. Apprentice and adept just really don't cut it. IMO.

    Going back to chanter. If you want to roll another one, mezz everything then pick them off one by one. It's a fun class to play and one that does offer utility. Also great to solo.
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  14. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Yep, if you want a Summoner with Utility, that's a Conjuror. Their stoneskins and Call of the Hero are really helpful.
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  15. BearWhoWalks Member

    The one caster class not mentioned is the Wizard. Want a soloing mage this is the one coupled with a healer merc and the right spells can be a killer soloing.. My main is what I like to call a fire wiz as the name says my heavy hitters are fire spells which I prefer over cold. I don't group nor raid so equipping to surve can be challenge... here is what I did 1) get your main spells high as possible. 2) buy the best armor you can. 3) train your merc and mount. 4) in the alt stats I put points into health,armor spells my base fire spells and root I guess resolve is the new thing now but not at the lower lvls. Need money ? invest in krono and sell on market worth 4-5 mil and up depending on the market. This has work for me and my style of playing and with most of the caster family. Hope this helps and good luck
  16. Triad New Member

    I was pointing out that if you can't move the AA slider, it takes a while to get your Expertise. Someone I know has the minimum spec for the Expertise but hasn't gotten their Expertise yet. They're level 39.

    AGAIN I've played a Necro (kinda). The tank pet sucks. That aside, yes Necro has Tainted Heals, an AA choice. Tainted Heals is great.

    I am FTP with no bought xpacs, I have experience in Eq2, and my Necro did SOLO content, mostly quests.

    Another note: I recently played a Conjy for a friend, and I didn't like it. Necro was definitely more my style.

    Another another note: I respect your opinions. Thanks to everyone who has responded!
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  17. Nazy Well-Known Member

    If you like root+nuke, mage is good for you.
    If you hate root+nuke but you like DPS, try a Rogue or Ranger. I found Assassin too positional based for solo. Plus, Scout isn't quite as squishy because you wear chain.

    From your signature, I can see you play a tank. You might not like mage then because tanks can take way more hits than a mage.

    For a solo mage I'd suggest Coercer or Necro if you don't like Conj.
    If you like DoTs, try Warlock. They get Null Caress. :p

    And I'll see you later tonight! :D
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  18. Triad New Member

    Templar's 5 sec group heal casting time does sound great...

    Y'know what? I'm going to roll a Coercer, Warlock, and Necro. I'll go from there.

    The return of accidentally charming the Named!
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  19. Twisty Well-Known Member

    tainted heals requires 21 aa. with no AA slider you point is slightly more valid, but only slightly. if you kill unique named mobs without going out of your way much even in just overland, you'll have that before level 20.

    i'm kinda stumped. i don't really know how to help when black seems white. necro tank pet being overpowered at low levels is just not one of those fuzzy "matter of perspective, let's agree to disagree" things

    but as others have said, the important thing is that you find the playstyle you enjoy so eq2 can be a comfy home. pet things aren't everyone's cup of joe
  20. Nazy Well-Known Member

    21 AAs minimum? But you skip the Summoner page... Almost worth it!
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