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    Hey, Maxxen. at the moment, we could use some more DPS classes. We have some folks rounding out alternate tanks and heals, but still need the DPS to fill out groups. Play what you are comfy with though :)
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  2. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Update: We have started a branch of Lava Forged on the TLE server, for our members that want to try that. If you are already on Fallen Gate and need a friendly guild, give us a shout. Our focus is still Isle of Refuge. :)

    If you are a new or returning player looking for a great EQ2 experience and community, come visit the Isle this weekend during our Anniversary event on Saturday!

    To join chat from another server: /join Isle_of_Refuge.Island_Time
    Toes in the sand, ice cold beer & orc on the barbie! It's Island Time :cool:
    See you there,
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  3. Kittybock Well-Known Member


    We always welcome friendly folks, so if you'd like to try the Isle, give me a shout. I am usually on most during the day. You can contact any Officer at night.

    • Day Crew: Currently, could use a healer or two.
    • Night Crew: Have several working on tanks for night crew, planning on running more groups on nights in the future.
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  4. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Updated post. Guild is now level 164!

    Still Recruiting friendly folks.
    • Day Crew: Fun bunch, an extra heal or DPS would be nice. Have a couple folks working on tanks, as well. Goal is to have multiple groups running, not just run through the well-geared core players. We want to enable folks to get into groups!
    • Night Crew: Have several working on tanks for night crew, planning on running more groups on nights in the future.
  5. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Update: Still here, but now level 165!!

    Since we are on the Isle, still running Eth runs and folks looking forward to new expac. If you are new or returning, perhaps in a dead guild, we are still her and always recruiting friendly folks.

  6. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Returning for Planes of Prophecy to find that your old Guild no longer exists? Come check out the Isle! The Isle of Refuge has great perks and friendly folks.

    Give an Officer a shout, when you hit our shores. We'll keep the beer cold :cool:


    ps. Don't miss the EQ2 Livestream today, on Facebook ;)
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  7. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Updated original post.

    Changes/ updates:
    • Level 187 Guild!! Currently THE highest Guild in the game!
    • Fairly Casual Guild, w/ a nice array of players. From those focused on Heroics and/ or Expert runs to Altaholics. Preparing for the new expac!
    • Currently lots of folks working on Ascension and Epic 2.0, as well as Ethereal runs.
      • Ethereal coins are still available on IoR.
    • Free Trade allows more flexibility in outfitting toons!
      • This will be powerful, moving into the Planes of Prophecy expac.
    We also have several that are active in Beta, to help prepare our folks moving forward.

    If you have questions, please shout at an Officer once you hit the Isle. We'll keep the beer cold!

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  8. TexasCop25 New Member

    Great guild!!
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