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  1. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Set sail for the Isle of Refuge!

    Beckoning shores and an icy mug! Set sail for the Free Trade Server: A fresh start, new friends and an innovative economy. Lava Forged is recruiting a few souls that possess a spirit of adventure.

    • Level 191 Guild!! Currently THE highest Guild in the game!
    • Conveniently located, T4 Guild Hall, Antonica Docks (all amenities)
    • Fairly Casual Guild, w/ a nice array of players. From those focused on Heroics and/ or Expert runs to Altaholics. Preparing for the new expac!
    • Will be running Weekend Causal Raids in future!!
    • Currently lots of folks working on Ascension and Epic 2.0, as well as Ethereal runs.
      • Ethereal coins are still available on IoR.
    • Free Trade allows more flexibility in outfitting toons! This will be powerful, moving into the Planes of Prophecy expac.
    • Helpful folks, exploring Norrath together.
    • Family friendly atmosphere.
    • Active and chatty.
    • Price for a transfer to the Isle has been reduced. You can make the move for the same price as a Caffe Mocha. ;) Transfers are only 500 DBC, before Member Discount.
    For more info, send a PM to Kittaene or other recruiters when you reach the Isle. We'll have a pint waitin'...

  2. Raff Well-Known Member

    Come join us! Haven't seen this many people in guild voice in years. Guild chat is lively too.

    A really great bunch of folks from all the servers have gathered in Lava Forged (and IoR) to take the Norrathian Journey once again.
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  3. Andiria New Member

    This is the kind of guild I am looking for, Kitty. I will be looking for you on a new toon, new server sometime between 8-10pm ET. :)
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  4. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    That's awesome. See ya' then ;)
  5. Raff Well-Known Member

    We've a got a pretty lively daytime crew also. If you play NA days or EU afternoons & early evenings, you should come to IoR and check us out.
  6. Bansidhe65 Member

    I'll be there as soon as I get my all access back,Ban the baby warlock will ride again! :)
  7. Raff Well-Known Member

    Ban!...welcome back :)
  8. Andiria New Member

    As you can see from an above post, I just returned to the game last Thursday. What a fun group of people Lava Forged is! As a plus, whenever I've logged in, there have been several guildies playing.

    Do you like a lively group of guild members around?
    Do you enjoy a casual atmosphere?
    Do you like the option of running solo or having a good group of peeps to run quests, Heroics, etc. with?
    Are you a returning player looking for a helpful guild to remind you of those things you have forgotten and run some of the newer stuff?

    If you said yes to even one of these items, please consider Lava Forged as your new home on Isle of Refuge.

    --Beejia / Beejiatoo
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  9. Bansidhe65 Member

    Banfae is back!,on the ft server as Bansidhe,can't wait to see guildies again :)
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  10. Oculto New Member

    Just a pint? That's not enough for two drink minimum Saturdays! ( or as in my case, 8 drink minimum ) Awesome guild, good times in voice chat with all people!
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  11. Raff Well-Known Member

    A pint is what you have to chug when the Ranger dies...jus sayin.
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  12. Kittybock Well-Known Member


    Guild is now 147--woot, guys!!

    We are pretty active, love heroics and knock out x2's, usually on weekends. We probably have enough to go into X4's soon (tm).
    That said, we are not actually a raid guild--but we love doing things well!

    Our goal(s) Be helpful and have fun!

    Contact any recruiter, when you hit the Isle!


    ps. Guild is a tad quiet this week, as many of our officers are making sure to run through Beta, so we'll be able to help our team, when expac launches.
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  13. Raff Well-Known Member


    Active daytime NA / Early EU crew as well as good representation for regular NA EST, CST & PST time zones.. A lot of folks in the Beta this week also. Have temp TS set up though, so peeps can chat no matter what server they are playing on.
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  14. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Updated! We are still recruiting friendly players.

    Level 150 Guild, with folks working on Ascension, KA and Epic 2.0!
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  15. AshianaDragon Member

    There are 2 of us looking for a guild on IoR, we are adults and don't always want to be walking on eggshells in voice comms. We don't swear a lot, but are used to free thinking conversations and lots of laughter. Is this the right guild for us? One of us is looking for harder content and some raiding for sure (monk), and I am more all around crafting, housing, pve, let's do it all (trying fury out, but am not committed yet - might go back to wiz as I was on Skyfire a year ago). Choid is Eastern and I'm Pacific, but we game most evenings and weekends. Please reply here or in game to myself, Freesia, or Choid.

    Thanks in advance for your reply,

    Ashiana (Freesia)
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  16. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Freesia, so happy you joined us :)
  17. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Updated :)

    Looking for more friendly players. Especially EU timeframe (days CST). We like to game over coffee. ;)
  18. -Dragon- New Member

    Hi there. I am returning to the game and am looking for a nice guild. I am on the east coast and work evenings, offweekends. I was wondering if you have people that play late evenings and of course weekends. I love to group up and do things, heroics, raids, quests. So was wondering if this might be the guild for me. I have 2 rooms on the server when it started, but left soon after because of life. I have a 100 channeler I was interested in transferring over. My other tools are a 100 defiler and 100 necro. I have played since launch up until about 3 years ago, came back right when this server came out. Thanks for taking the time to read this :)
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  19. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Hi there. Sorry I'd missed this. Thought it was set to update me :)

    Our night crew is not quite as busy as daytime, but weekends are a strong point. Give me a shout when you are on (unless you already have...we had another returning player join us yesterday :)
  20. -Dragon- New Member

    Thanks for replying. I just resubbed and am waiting to see if cs will let me transfer my main there. I notice that the server seems kind of light. How hard is it to find groups? I'm asking because I know that some parts of the new epics will require a group, also I really like to group I'm general. I have a 100 Defiler I can join with as my although until I can get my main there. Was going to use that as my main, but I like my channeler a bit more. Can you use some heals in the guild, or have too many? I will try and catch you on tomorrow morning. Doubt you will be on when I get on tonight, lol. Thanks again for the reply :)
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