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    We are no stress, but there will be a lot of catching up :) If you have the current expac, you get a 110 boost, which helps with the catching up thing. If you want to level up the old fashioned way, that is not a problem, but be forewarned that we don't have a lot of low toons in the guild, at this point.

    We usually suggest folks play a class that they enjoy. As to some of the classes which we can currently use, powerfeeds are always welcome this expac. We could also use an additional tank, especially on evenings and/ or weekends. Again, that goes back to someone wanting to tank...not just rolling one because they think we need it. Again, play something you like.

    Give me a shout when you get to AB ;)

  2. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Update: Lava Forged welcomes friendly players with a focus on end-game content. We are currently hoping to add another tank (or two) for evenings, plus additional heals. That said, we are open to most classes, and are alt-friendly.
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  3. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Wanted to update, as folks took my saying we could use a couple extra tanks and healers last post. We really ARE accepting all classes, lol.

    I've had messages from some super nice folks, stating that they don't really have a tank, but would we take blah, blah, blah class, instead. Yep, as long as the players are friendly, etc, it's fine. ;)
  4. Raff Well-Known Member

    Guild Level 204 last weekend :)
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  5. Appok New Member

    I am currently downloading the game and looking to join this amazing guild! I am a returning player - never really got past level 30 ever and always played WoW over this even though I had EQ2 since the time of WoW
  6. Ivarr New Member

    I have never played EQ or EQ2. Would your guild be a good one to help learn the game? I want a (obviously) want a friendly helpful guild. I also would like to find a guild that runs lower level stuff and not just high/end game. Playing MMOs alone is the worst. I am on disability from the Marine Corps. so I can play most any day and time.
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  7. Raff Well-Known Member

    Hi Ivarr & Appok

    We're active daytime and evenings. And you would be welcome to come play with us. Most of us are long time players. But, honestly, we are not playing older content. Mostly concentrated on end game currently. BoL Heroics & Raiding.

    If you are still interested...send a tell to Kittaene or any other officer who is online and they can help you further.
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  8. apnixx New Member

    Are you guys taking new people ? I played EQII waaay back when it first came out but haven't played in years and years so I mightaswell be a total newbie at this point. Just looking for somewhere to hang out and annoy with the occasional stupid question.
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  9. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Yes, we take new and returning players. :) Most of our guildies are focused on current content, at the moment.

    Are you looking to level up the old fashioned way, or jump into the most recent expac? I do recommend the latter, as you get a 110 toon, which can level up to 120 fairly fast. There is so much to do in this expac, and that is where most players are these days. :D

    Give me a shout when you are on.

  10. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Updated main post, but wanted to add some additional info:

    Lava Forged:
    Current needs: All classes considered for Guild.


    T3 Guild Hall, Antonica Docks (all amenities)
    Fairly Casual Guild, w/ a nice array of players. From those running Heroics & Raiding, to Altaholics.
    Focused on current content.
    Helpful folks, exploring Norrath together!
    Family friendly atmosphere.
    Active and chatty.
    Timezone: CST, NA (North American time).
    Very active NA daytime hours/ EU evening hours. Good turnout on weekends!
    Our evening crew (US times) is growing!

    Lunar Forged Alliance:
    Raiding on Saturday and Sunday AM's. A raid alliance with a PuG feel.

    Current Needs:

    Lunar Forged Alliance currently has the following openings:
    Off-tank (1)
    Healer (1)

    We do have additional openings in the Alliance raids on occasion and/ or future needs, so please contact me if you'd like to be added to the list of alternates.


    Over 18 please. The current Guild makeup is a mature group of adventurers.
    Voice required for Heroics or raiding--even if you just listen. We use in-game voice & Discord is required for raids.

    We embrace a "Pay it forward" attitude: Help us help you. We love to help new players....but I have never been bored in Norrath! There is always something to do. While we love to help, guildies are not there solely to entertain you. Join a group or help a guildie....explore and enjoy.

    Guild Motto: Be Friendly... there is a player behind the toon!

    Please contact me here or in-game. I am usually on Kittaene.
  11. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Lunar Forged Alliance:
    Raiding on Saturday and Sunday AM's. A raid alliance with a PuG feel.

    Current Needs:

    Lunar Forged Alliance currently has the following openings:
    Off-tank (1)
    Healer (1)

    We do have additional openings in the Alliance raids on occasion and/ or future needs, so please contact me if you'd like to be added to the list of alternates.
  12. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Lava Forged/ Lunar Forged Alliance:

    Has returned to Raiding Sunday AM's 9-12 Central time, Saturdays may be revisited in the Fall. A raid alliance with a PuG feel.
    Our Alliance--which started as a pug raid-- had done amazing thus far, but suffered some growing pains--some wanted to add days, while others needed to cutback. Due to this, we are restructuring our Raid force, hence we will have openings.

    Please contact me on Kittaene in-game.
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  13. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    It would appear that EQ2U is not properly updating my Signature, because my stats are far higher than that ;)

    Please note that for recruiting purposes, we'd completed all easy mode, as well as Challenge Blinding, and were working on Challenge AC. We realize that due to reorganization, we may have to take a step back, but that is not really an issue.
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  14. Raff Well-Known Member

    Looks like your stats are back to normal, Kitty ;)

    Really nice Sunday morning Raid. Thanks to all that joined. Good mix of advanced raiders and totally new folks made for a great time. Nice upgrades for a lot of peeps. We've moved the new raid time on Sunday (only) to 10AM to accommodate some some new players who got their weekly & new shoulders for the first time :)

    Alliance don't have to belong to Lava Forged to raid with us.
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  15. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Lava Forged and Lunar Forged Alliance are excited to introduce some new raid options moving forward. Along with the established weekend raid team, we are introducing a new week night raid team : Darkside!

    Schedule: Raids will be 3 times a week on Sun, Tues, and Thursday forming starting at 8est and going to 11est (7-10cst). We plan to begin Sunday 9/13 (or Thursday 9/10 if we have enough interest).

    Loot: Simplified DKP system will be in place along with opportunities to get loot for alts and non-raiding alliance members.

    Goals: Goals will be to move quickly through normal raid content, start progression through challenge raids, and kill mobs in the new Sol Eye and Plane of War raid zones. Raid weeklies and progression will be the priorities.

    A big focus for the Alliance will be preparing for next expansion so that will include getting players through heroic zones for new abilities and ethereal coins.

    We are continuing to build our community and improve the offerings on AB as a whole. As this is part of the Lunar Forged Alliance, there is no need to leave your current guild, although we highly recommend joining Lava Forged for the amenities, buffs, and people! We are not looking to just kill raid mobs. “There is a Player behind the Toon” and we want to get to know them!

    Please contact Kittaene, Kitarion or Koldor for information or invites.
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  16. TheStoutbeard New Member

    What about folks who would like to start from scratch?
  17. Raff Well-Known Member

    We're open to anyone who wants to come play with us. But Lava Forged & the Lunar Forged Alliance are end game focused. And while all of us have low level alts scattered through the game? No one is grouping much in content lower than lvl 100.

    Mostly lvls 100-120. Level 100-110 mostly for shorthanded flawless raids for various buffs and grouping for Celestial Doctrine.
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  18. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Hi there, Stoutbeard.

    As Raff mentioned, most of our guild is currently working on Blood of Luclin content. That said, there are still some in guild which level toons from scratch on occasion, but if that is the route you want to take, you might want to check into progression guilds. Their members usually level lock for running lower content, etc.

    All that being said, we do accept new and returning players, we just want you to be able to enjoy the game. I like to set proper expectations for new folks about where most of the current groups are found, at least for our guild. We are all still chatty and helpful though, so if it sounds like a good fit for you, give me a shout in-game.
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  19. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Lava Forged and Lunar Forged Alliance--AB Server--are excited to introduce raid team options moving forward! Along with the established weekend raid team, we are introducing a new weeknight raid team: Darkside, as well as a Monday night PuG raid, to intro new folks to raiding, or help them catch up. We are casual, but professional, so some legwork is required to make your toon raid ready.

    LF's established Sunday AM raid force: This is our weekend Raid team which has been running since January, working on some catchup/ progression, moving toward the new GU raids.
    We currently form-up at 11AM EST/ 10 AM CST Sundays.
    We do have some openings, but toons should be well-geared.
    Raid Lead: Kittaene

    LF's evening raid force, Darkside: The Darkside raid team also requires a higher standard of stats and gear. Currently working on progression and new GU raid bosses.
    Raids Sun/Tues/Thurs. Form-up starts at 8PM EST/ 7PM CST
    Raid Lead: Kitarion

    LF Monday Night Madness: This is the Lunar Forged MNM raid team to help folks get on the right path.
    Monday night 8PM EST
    Raid Lead: Alexicxx

    Current needs:

    • Lunar Forged Alliance Team, Sunday AM's:
      • T1 DPS
      • Dirge
    • LF Darkside, Sun/Tues/Thurs evening raid team:
      • non-Druid heals
    For any of the LF raids, all classes will be considered.

    For info on any of our teams, please contact: Kittybock on forums, @Kitty#8457 on Discord, or Kittaene in-game.

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  20. KэTTэК New Member

    Добра всем! Вы в ги принимаете?:)