Larger Personal Depots

Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by AOE1, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    Since you have decided that we need multiple BOL potions that basically do the same things with a minor increase/decrease in effects, is it possible that you can give us a recipe for a bigger potion depot for our house or drop the lore tag for what we can make now? We might have alts that still can use the older potions so we do not want to destroy those already made.

    Since each tier requires 6 types of fuel (not counting 3 for frostfell and scarred coal) is it possible that we can get an updated recipe for bigger personal fuel depot for our house and or drop the "lore" tag so we can make more of what we can make now?

    Since each zone grants so many various harvest is it possible that you can give us a recipe for a bigger personal harvest depot or drop the lore tag so we can make more of what we have now?

    Many of us craft from our homes and it is not convenient to have to travel to various houses to get mats/fuels because we cannot fit it all into one house or in one depot. And no, I do not want to put my rares, common mats, potions, fuels into a guild hall box.
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  2. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I fully agree. Any depot with standard storage of less than 1000 different types is a non-workable solution to our problems.

    50 for fuel ? I have 2 fuel depots on the same account. One is 50/50 and the other is 45/50, something like that.

    Insufficient room.
  3. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Seems as thought it ought to be just a line change for the depots, something like size=1000 or whatever.

    There is precedence for changing depot size. See the post entitled "On Test: New, Larger Storage Depot Options for Guilds"
  4. Dani New Member

    On the subject of depots, I would like a mount gear depot please. :)
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  5. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    While thats possible... I wrote code at university I should made a storage array of text holders... instead I made text variables holding various messages.

    Then I had to go back and make a storage array anyway as having a large number of text variables, each holding one sentence, was too clumsy. It didn't help my ego then for the profressor to walk buy, see what i was doing with the text sentancnes, mumble to himself, then tell me an array would be better.


    Then he walked off mumbling something about hoping the student union served beer, it didn't.
  6. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    Why would they bother? It's very apparent that they don't want crafting in the game anymore.

    One of the devs that's still with Darkpaw made a comment many years ago that he didn't like crafting, and that he wished it had never been implemented in the game. The rest of those that are left apparently agree with that sentiment, since they are doing their very best to kill crafting in EQ2.
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  7. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    I have the same 2 fuel depots and I think I got one off of the Marketplace and I did not see it there the other day. As the game grew nobody thought about the depots needing to grow also.
  8. Khal of Dragons New Member

    While a mount gear depot would be nice, I'm still waiting for a personal spell depot for my home.
  9. Marae Well-Known Member

    I second the need for a larger fuel depot! I haven't done much with potions, ammo, etc., but I can see that for people who have a lot of those things, larger depots would be desirable. And while we're on the subject - how about a larger Lore & :Legends depot? I have to split those items between two houses, and both those depots are nearing capacity. I also have collectibles split - holiday stuff in one house and non-holiday in another - and the non-holiday depot is getting awfully close to overflowing. Having things split like this makes it a bit clunky for guild members who are looking to complete things.

    I would be ecstatic if we also had depots for mount gear, merc gear - heck, our own gear! But I think that's probably too much to ask for. :rolleyes:
  10. Wulfgyr I've got friends in EQ2Wire places

    I third it! One of the big reasons (pun intended) I got the Halas guild hall was for the bigger depots. <Rocinante> is just me and my alts right now, and I got tired of using my monthly DBC on personal depots... one for rares, one for food harvests, one for transmuting / spell powders, etc.
  11. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    That is a marketplace item.
  12. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    We need depots for building blocks and tiles, tinkered items, merc gear, mount gear, appearance items, player armor, player weapons, house items and larger depots for fuel, harvestables, collectibles, and lore/legend.

    I have proposed a tabbed depot where we can add extra tabs to it for extra slots as needed. That way we can clean up Norrath by emptying our storage into depots, our banks, our vaults, our dungeons, our storage mules, and anything else we use to store our stuff. If everything mentioned could go into a depot, then I am sure Darkpaw would be happy and I know that we the players would be happy.
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  13. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    See? I walked away and realized that I did not list anything for containers like backpacks, strong boxes, and sales displays that guilds make for members!!!
  14. Marae Well-Known Member

    I have so much stuff, I've started setting up some of my homes as organized "department store" warehouses for my furnishings, pets & plushies, building blocks, etc. Items are categorized and same-category items are stored together; teleporters and signage help you find what you're looking for. Player-writable book directories will be forthcoming for some of the larger collections.

    It's a great use for prestige homes that I got for free and don't feel a compelling urge to decorate just now. I'm setting some of them up so that guild members can see what's available (we don't usually put house items in the guild bank), and so that my various characters can trade with each other - again, keeping extra stuff out of the bank, especially if it's likely to sit there for a while waiting for a taker. Other areas are devoted to private storage for quest rewards and the like - things I don't have a use for right now, but which I'm not about to get rid of (oh, how this reminds me of Real Life... :rolleyes: )

    But the warehouse idea is only useful for things you can actually put in a house, which is why I made the depot suggestions I did. If I could keep my house vaults clear of clothing items, merc gear, and spare familiars - the ones I'm saving for leveling the next season - oooo, there's another idea for a depot! - I would probably have enough room for stacks of building blocks and the like, and items that I'd like to have available across my houses without having to make a special trip.
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  15. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I know I get tired and make mistakes on my characters.

    Well, this is a big one. And I have a spreadsheet that shows me lots of things.

    Now that I have a page of just crafting levels and what crafting quests my characters have been on, its Really Incredibly Obvious.

    I took my few characters with 100 adv level tokens, and upgraded them to 110 adv level.

    Then proceeded to craft level up my low level toons ! Auuuggghhh !

    So I have a 110 adv level toon with 42 crafting.; 110 adv level toon with 29 crafting; 110 adv level toon with 50 crafting.

    Annnnd. 56 adv level with 43 crafting; 26 adv level with 72 crafting.

    If I had paid attention, I would have a 110 adv level toon with 72 crafting, and almost be high enough to get 90 and the harvesting pony from Qho.

    I do have the Gray Mustand Pack Horse which gives adds for all harvesting skills.

    Hopefully I'll keep better track as time goes by.

    And I have houses/inns on a separate page of that spreadsheet so I don't buy one I have one of already on a character.
  16. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    So, in other words, we can put that one in our homes? I've never had that many spells (though I wonder if it'd hold the stupid Adornment books currently piling up in my Shared Bank inventories), though I can see how having a place to stow them all in would be useful for other folks. :)

  17. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Especially if they could "sell" us extra tabs and slots, like they do with the Wardrobe. ;->

  18. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I've gotten to the point where the only things I have in my House Vault containers (almost always six Thick Bear Hide Backpacks; I love those things :D), really, are things I've gotten from quest/collection rewards, or things I Merchant bought, like the various Skimmers that come out for each holiday and the triangle "tiles" that you can't get any other way (not even on the Marketplace; are they being allergic to making money again?), for instance. I don't keep anything else in there; clothing items, other gear (like the various freebies we'd get for Veteran Rewards; remember those?), extra holiday things (like the 87 bloody gods-darned "a domestic mallard" Santa Glug kept insisting on shoving down the throats of every single one of my alts in 2019, seemingly), etc. go into either the Shared Bank or a special box/bag set aside, "Stuff for Others" in individual banks; then I send out a list to my alts, saying things like: "If anyone needs any more Mallards, I have 283 in my Bank on Uwk here, if you want to know." or whatever the actual situation there is. ;->

    If it's house items I can make, guess what, they either go out on the floor somewhere (or the Walls or Ceiling, ha ha ;->), but I don't let them clutter up my storage any more; I can always make them again. Sometimes I put them in Broker crates, but don't have them for sale. Gotta love Eucalyptus Sales Crates... ;->

    I agree that more depots would be cool, and I can't imagine that'd put a bigger strain on the servers than already exists currently, frankly. :-/

    who desperately wants a bigger Fuel Depot...
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  19. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    You can check that last by either looking at the Housing (Houses?) tab on your character sheet, or going to Housing and Leaderboards and looking under the My Houses tab there. Plus, the game itself shouldn't let you buy more than one of the same house (at least in the same city, or same alignment side) before you spend the money, but if memory serves, you and other folks have had issues in the past with that? :-/

    who has apparently made "mistakes" by merely levelling up crafters; the Tokened ones have max levels in everything, simply for the Tokening of it ("500 to 550 Tinkering? Got it! Without all the bloody ridiculous Secondary Skill level grinding and Loam cursing! :D 500 to 550 Adorning? Not that I care at all, but got it! :D")... :-/
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  20. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    They hold recipes or spells, but they are small. So I have 2 and its not bad if you have DPCash unused.