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  1. Cryptic_Rain New Member

    Not sure if this is posted in the right section or not, but here goes.

    I'm looking to buy a laptop that will run EQ2 and not cost an arm and a leg. New/Refurbished doesn't matter. I've used a desktop for 10+ years now and am at a loss as to which options would be best. I'm looking to get one from tigerdirect, and in the range of $250-$500.

    Anything that's listed as an actual "gaming Pc" is 1,000 and up on tigerdirect, and I'm just not willing to pay that for a laptop.

    Any info on what specs for processor, ram, graphics card that I would need to run EQ2 would be amazing.
  2. Arweena New Member

    So I'm not a fan of tigerdirect's website as I can never seem to find what I want on there but I can give you some pointers to help you find something that SHOULD run EQ2. Key point to remember here is that I said SHOULD, I can't promise anything that's in the $250-$500 range will run EQ2.

    Most important thing is to get a dedicated graphics card, this is a graphics card that has it's own RAM instead of sharing the system RAM.
    You'll want something with about 4 GB of system ram.
    I recommend Windows 7 64-bit (not required but I strongly recommend a 64 bit OS regardless of version and Microsoft no longer supports XP )
    I also recommend the largest screen you can get as playing on a small screen sucks.

    Link to a laptop on newegg that's a bit above what you put for your range but should play the game.
  3. Toran Member

    I wouldn't be to worried about a "all that" graphic card as EQ2 offloads very little to it. The main thing to running EQ2 good is high CPU clock speed and loads of ram. You can't get the amount of ram you need to run EQ2 good in a 32bit system so don't even thing about it.
  4. Cryptic_Rain New Member

    Thank you both for responding!! I figured I needed a better video card than integrated, and that's where the problem with getting anything off of tigerdirect lies. Most of their laptops are just that. The link you provided is an excellent one though, Arweena, thanks so much for that.

    Would something like this -

    stand a chance of running it, even with integrated graphics?

    Thanks again!
  5. Arweena New Member

    It's hard to say, but it might be enough. I'll admit I have a 2nd desktop that I got from walmart that's got an integrated graphics and 8gig of ram that runs the game just fine but it is a quad core 2.2 GHz desktop with a HD Graphics.
  6. Cryptic_Rain New Member