Lanet's Scream... post patch...

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Havlen, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Negdiil Guest

    Me too. At level 33 with adept 1, i'm getting around 500 damage with Lanet's.

    There's a problem though. If the delayed damage happens to finish off the last mob in a group, I get no quest credit for the kill! I think it is because when the damage is applied it says "Scream" hits mob blah blah blah instead of me hitting it. Anyway, for now just make sure you don't finish a fight with Lanets if you want the credit.

    Let me know if your experience is different.

    33 Dirge
  2. ARCHIVED-DrInsanity Guest

    Interesting..when you all fire off actually see your damage window update with the damage done by it??
    For me..when I fire off Lanents..I see nothing..nothing indicating I missed, or basicly looks like it is doing absolutely nothing, except sucking some of me mana..
  3. ARCHIVED-raptorjb007 Guest

    Ok, seems after that secind patch lanets is doing around 300dmg at 25 with adept1 on giants in TS.

    I am now very happy qith the spell, as it does more damage that piercing shriek with less mana cost.
  4. ARCHIVED-RoshaSpellsinger Guest

    That could be a function of how you have your Display Preferences set-up. I know when I drop mine to High Performance for raiding purposes, I see no visual indication when the spell hits and wears off, but when I have my Custom settings on, I see the red notes all over the mob when it lands and green ones when it wears off and does damage. However, I do NOT see any damage indication in any chat window. I have to watch for the "Number" to float over the mob's head.
    At level 26 Adept I, seems to do upwards of 300ish damage.
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  5. ARCHIVED-Haddad Guest

    Any clue where Adept 1 Lanets drops? I have never even seen it for sale, much less seen a drop.
  6. ARCHIVED-Ellessar Guest

    Can't remember for sure, but I think I got mine in Crypt of Decay off of the mobs close to the entrance from Vermin's Snye.
  7. ARCHIVED-Cielago Guest

    Crypt of Betrayal you mean ?
  8. ARCHIVED-Jziad Guest

    Guess gnomes found a way back into the planes =p nerf gnomes
  9. ARCHIVED-Yolos Guest

    I wish it was fixed so that the damage dealt comes from me instead of no one. BTW, Adept 3/4 is a must have for this ability. When you are high enough, definitely go back and upgrade it as you will not get an upgrade to this ability.
  10. ARCHIVED-Lobo6717 Guest

    I agree. It's so hard to see how much damage I do, plus, I don't even get credit for the damage on My highest magical damage there is something like 127, and I've done somewhere around 350 with Lanet's as a lvl 23 dirge.
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  11. ARCHIVED-Haddad Guest

    Tere was a similar problem with dots in EQ, they eventually fixed them
  12. ARCHIVED-Lasario Guest

    Level 33 Dirge here and I hit for 500+ on most encounters. It is usually resisted on mobs that con higher than 7 levels above me.

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