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  1. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    If memory serves me correctly (and it might not), back in the AoM days--which wasn't that long ago--you were rich if you had 1200 plat. People want to keep focusing on what's being sold or the vast amount of plat coming from IoR. That plat was taken to IoR from other servers like Maj'dul. It didn't get created on IoR. Sure, they bought items off the broker and then transferred their toons back to Maj'dul for example 30 days later with items they couldn't get here on Maj'dul. And yes, it's all coming back to Maj'dul via toons that were transferred there for example because IoR is dying and no one has anything to sell.

    That said, the bottom line is--where is all the plat coming from across all the servers because it's fair to say, it isn't coming from game mechanics currently in place. You can't kill enough mobs or TS enough items for rewards for it to have exploded like it has over the last 3-4 years. When a country goes into an inflationary cycle, it's usually not from counterfeiters printing the currency, its from the government printing mass amounts and flooding the market with it, which drives up the prices of everything. That usually forces people to take out loans, credit cards to make up the difference. Eventually, the market crashes, the government takes money back out of the economy to restore it and so on.

    Any rate, we've probably beat the subject to death by now.
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  2. Pixistik Well-Known Member

    I have had a few toons on IoR, some on MajDul, Skyfire, etc...
    On MajDul alone I have between 18-20 mil plat that did not come from an exploit or came from the TLE servers kronos, tho thats not really a lot ...I only dabble with playing the marketplace from time to time and I could have much more but it requires time and watching whats moving, and adjusting pricing to gain leverage am just a minnow compared to some of the folks out there...besides, what do I need with all that money, it doesn't make the game more fun nor does it hurt anyone elses gameplay.
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  3. Benito Well-Known Member

    I've made a total of 42 million platinum from selling (7) Dragonsoul Bardings of the Potent to raiders.

    I think the devs should implement a casino (like 'Gold Ticket' Shadowhaven Casino on EQ1) with rare mounts, mercenaries, familiars, armor, TS mats, etc. to be a plat sink on EQ2. I mean look at the reaction to the Cobalt Crates.

    EQ1 already has other plat sinks like Marcia (no longer dropped items) and Luck infuser.

    Kronos on EQ1 (Luclin Server) has stayed steady at 2m-2.2m for the last 3-4 years. (However, we have also noticed a slight bump in Krono prices from 2m to 2.3m in the last few weeks).

    Edit: Shadowhaven is on Luclin in EQ1. Perhaps, a casino for EQ2's BoL as a special event or summer bonus?
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  4. Cuelaen Well-Known Member

    So, is it safe to buy/sell Krono?Is there a verified dupe going on? Not looking to get banned buying/selling krono on the broker....
  5. Dude Well-Known Member

    You cannot get banned for selling krono on the broker, unless you're in some way duping kronoes and selling those.
  6. Cuelaen Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the reply, friend. I just buy the kronos from DB, then sell them on the broker for some spending plat. I had to google what Dupe'ing<sp?> even meant and what it referred to before writing my post, lol.
  7. Treggar Member

    Want to remove some plat from the economy? Sell the cobalt crates on a merchant for 1 million each.
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  8. Jabbso Active Member

    Wow, have just logged on for the first time in a month and hyperinflation seems absolutely rife at the moment.

    I'd decided that I'd finally try to upgrade my ascensions, planar energy was 15k each last month the cheapest is 40k now. As for Krono, 9.5m pp each? Wowsers!

    I've always resisted PtW and RL cash to plat trasnsactions I'm very tempted to buy 5 Krono just to set me up as I'm always permabroke.
  9. Avirodar Well-Known Member

    And here I was thinking that Krono had fell out of favor. Why? Less than two months ago, I logged in on Maj'Dul to see if I could spot anyone that I used to play EQ2 with. Not able to see any familiar names, I decided to try making it a bit more interesting, and made the following announcement on General chat:

    [2.General]\/a 1 free Krono** - To the first person to open a trade window with me, on the rooftop of The Academy of Arcane Science, Freeport. **No teleporting.

    No one came to collect. No one sent me a tell. I checked "/whochannel 2" to be sure it was the correct one, and it shown 100+ names on the results. A few days later, I did the same thing, with the same results. Rather than do the same thing a third time, I was able to pass along 4 free Krono to a happy recipient.

    Moving on from the oddities of giving away Krono:
    I extend my best wishes to any of the old crowd who are still playing EQ2 and/or check in the forums. I hope the years have been treating you well, and continue to do so into the future.
    Have fun.
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  10. Beee Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a cool idea
  11. Beee Well-Known Member

    I think a problem is the current world event: a player boxing 12 toons has a 12x Chance to get the high priced Dragonsoul Barding of the Potent than a regular Player. If an event has so powerfull (=expensive) items which everyone could need multiple, it creates a huge inbalance and a huge allowed chance for botting and a huge amount of "Money" (=Platin or Kronos for Platin)
  12. Benito Well-Known Member

    I tried to 2-box the event (legitimately on normal settings alt-tabbing). I got tired of boxing the dragons fast (like after 2 sets of 4 dragons). There's that algorithm - in all PQs - that detects if a character is active or not and provides a reward accordingly. It gets a bit annoying to mash keys when you want to chill or be lazy. I suspect some people may be using a boxer program but I haven't seen a big increase in supply of the potency bardings as a result.
  13. Beee Well-Known Member

    I got tired of all the Dragons.. they kill the group gaming but this is a stroy for a different thread ;)
  14. CSP84 Active Member

    There are 2 things crossing my mind reading this.
    How much of this plat influx to server has to do with F&F Bundle pieces from the upcoming expansion.

    Secondary, i don't want to think of what class master will go for next month.
  15. Benito Well-Known Member

    I just watched 2 Krono (different sellers) sell for 9.5m on Skyfire broker in real time. I literally just searched Krono and saw (0) in the Krono quantity during off-peak hours.

    I grow less skeptical of a dupe explanation.

    Daybreak needs to monitor Krono purchases if they aren't doing so already.

    (I know most people are probably legit and panicked about the trending new Krono prices).
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  16. Benito Well-Known Member

    9 Krono set at 8.5m (1 broker) sold within one hour on Skyfire.

    Perhaps, Daybreak should implement a temporary moratorium on Krono sales in EQ2?

    If there is an exploit, these people can run to third-party websites or dump the Krono on EQ1 (which is great for EQ1 but not EQ2).
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  17. Raff Well-Known Member

    I don't even participate in the dragons any longer. Its gotten to the point that a few people do all the work while a crowd sits and watches from the sidelines. Then an even bigger crowd jumps in at the last moment for the kill.
  18. Benito Well-Known Member

    Skyfire's cheapest Krono is at 49 million platinum right now. Reports from other servers are north of 20 million.

    Daybreak should seriously consider coding a moratorium on Krono sales (in Broker at least) until a thorough investigation is complete....
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  19. Obano Well-Known Member

    Halls of Fate is down to 6 Krono around 10 to 13 million. Hyperinflation could hit within hours if those disappear.
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  20. Bludd Well-Known Member

    wonder how many people are buying kronos now due to FOMO
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