Krono Cost on the Rise

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  1. Regolas Well-Known Member

    This is purely an opinion by you. No fact at all.

    And if there was truly an unlimited krono supply, then supply would outstrip demand and prices would come down. They're not, because people aren't buying masses of kronos from DBG. They trickle in.
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  2. Maldek Active Member

    I would agree that estimating them at 50k earnings per day is probably low, but I don't think these are the SLR guys. I hang out in the /auction channel a lot, and the people I see selling stuff are people with recognizable names, in guilds, playing their mains or well-equippd alts in order to make money as efficiently as they can. They're also turning around and buying gear in SLR for their main toons or their alts, so I don't think these are the guys driving up Krono prices.

    That's from what I've seen. Is there probably a handful of bot groups doing SLR? Yeah, on occasion sure. But I think the lion's share of "botted plat" is going to come from what I described earlier: people running fully-automated 6-man groups using 3rd party software to script their way thru instances. I don't know which zone(s) they're doing, but I imagine they've selected ones that yield consistent coin loot, either in vendor fodder, shinies and broker loot, or something else I can't think of. And the reason I think that they're doing that over SLR is that you can't be AFK and SLR. It requires an operator. And I think the evil genius of botting is you don't have to be at the keys to make it work. You set it up and let it run. You can go to sleep and wake up and it's farmed 20 dungeons for you. You can expand your robot army onto other computers or other servers and have a couple of these groups working for you around the clock. Which is how you could make 50k/day doing absolutely nothing, which is how I think these guys operate.

    Now, as for how the price of Krono recently jumped from 50k to 120k, let's add part 3...

    Part 3 of 2

    A little addendum to my rant, but we've all heard about the recent exploit/bug whereby a certain item was available for 1 copper at a class trainer and then another vendor in Phantom Sea would buy that item for 10 plat. Which is truly insane because there are literally a million copper pieces in 10 plat. So that is basically the greatest investment you could ever make: imagine buying a $0.01 penny stock that rose to the astronomical price of $10,000 a share. That's the conversion rate in USD. So the money to be made was really enticing, and even longtime players got in on the gravy train.

    So if even the players with longstanding accounts and toons that they had played and cherished for many years and many expansions would find this 1000000x investment too hard to resist, just imagine the guys I described above that are churning plat via botted groups finding out about this. Instead of scripting 18 toons to farm the Zone XYX for raw coin, they turn those toons on a much simpler task: go to a home city, fill 6 bags with 48 slots (aka 288 'investments') and take the world bell to Phantom Sea. Once you're there, transform your 2 silver 88 copper investment into 2,880 plat. That probably took them 15 minutes to accomplish. Now do that on 6-18 toons, every 15 minutes, for 24 hours (answer: You make 276k per toon per day, or up to 5mil a day if you use 18 toons). Lastly, you store/hide this plat by buying every Krono for sale, then stash the Krono across all servers (now you see why it rose from 60k to 120k virtually overnight). If this happened as I'm describing, it explains how the economic change was so swift and it also says that inflation will be here to stay for a long, long time as the economy was potentially flooded by 5+ million plat per day that this existed.
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  3. Eles Well-Known Member

    i would hire you to make my plat then :p or DBG should hire you !
  4. Airros Active Member

    Dude, how do you not see there is an unlimited supply??? ANYONE can buy as MANY as they want at ANY TIME...ergo an Unlimited Supply. Just because people don't flood the market with Kronos, doesn't mean there isn't an unlimited supply. It's pretty obvious to me that people know the value and how to manipulate and control the Krono market. I personally know people who by 10 at a time, sit on them until the price is where they want to sell and then sell them. There are people that hoard Kronos. I have seen several people (over the last few years) have 20+ for sale on the broker, and I remember a few times people who sold over 50 Kronos, yes, a stack of 50 or more at one time on the broker. So, tell me, Regolas, who do you think is buying up all the Kronos, eh? My experience tells me it's the Boxers/Botters who have to fund their multi-account lifestyle, as well as the black market purchasers (who are likely some of the botters illegally making cash off this game), and not the Average Joe, who cries about having to pay 100k for a Krono. How about you give a legit opinion instead of making a ridiculous statement like:
    ...which is "purely an opinion" that makes absolutely no sense at all, since people are obviously willing to pay (as you put it) "stupid prices".
  5. Airros Active Member

    This, although quite possible, is a far stretch, really The likelihood of this happening is fairly small...not to mention those they caught had ALL their plat stripped from them, no matter how much it was that they exploited, and they were suspended for a week. The real influx of plat comes from the 10 fold increase in the loyalty coin bags and the 12 year vet reward of a years worth of loyalty points. Every 2.5 days people can now increase their plat 10x what they used to be able to do...and a lot more people are cashing in their loyalty for plat, at a much faster rate than ever before, because of's really a no brainer. ;)
  6. Adevil Well-Known Member

    So you whip out your credit card and buy a krono every time someone on your server wants to buy one? That's actually good to know.

    Edit: Supply may be unlimited in one area (krono purchased from Daybreak or water in the UK right now), but very limited in other areas (krono on the broker or water in California). The trick is to get the supply moved from the unlimited area to the limited area.
  7. Airros Active Member

    :rolleyes: Nice troll, but could you actually make it a little more intelligent next time? That was actually the most ignorant thing I have read for a troll response all week! Haha! :D

    Edit: Glad to see you actually have something productive to say with your edit. ;)
  8. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Well, that "unlimited supply" comes from credit card. You have yet to explain how those are unlimited, since yours is obviously very limited :D

    Moving supply from an area where it is plentiful to an area where it is needed has always been the catch-22 of "unlimited supples".
  9. Airros Active Member

    which wont happen...why? Because like I said, people are savvy about the market and how it's being manipulated and controlled like the people purchasing Kronos want it to be...
  10. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I just can't seem to get you to understand my point of view. You seem incapable of seeing it. I don't know what more to say.

    Krono has an unlimited potential for supply, but it isn't currently unlimited because then you'd have a saturated market. There's also an unlimited plat potential, and plat enters the economy far quicker than people give dollars to DBG for kronos.

    When there's more competition to sell kronos (more people selling), prices fall, just like in retail shops, to a point where said shops sell their merchandise. If people think it's priced reasonably, they'll buy. Personally I don't.
  11. Maldek Active Member

    In my example above, one account could be botted to make 276k per day on a single account. Take that plat, buy 2 kronos (or 4 at the old rates). Then take those Kronos, trade them to a new account (all it takes is an email address to make one) and either resell them for 'clean' plat or (as I said in Part 1) sell them for RL cash (at $10 instead of $18) via some scammy MMO-goods site. How would DBG trace that, and furthermore, how do they fairly remove that plat from the economy?

    The plat was laundered through the Broker via a legitimate Krono purchase, and then that Krono was traded with a 3rd account. Sure, they can ban the original account and nuke any platinum still on the account, but if they spent the majority of their earnings on brokered Krono, how do they "undo" all those transactions without unfairly penalizing the people that bought Krono with credit cards to sell on the Broker? The short answer is they can't undo it, and that then explains the recent doubling in price of Krono that just so happens to coincide with a major exploit that was returning 1,000,000x multiples on a single copper coin.
  12. Airros Active Member

    Lol, are you dense, man? Hundreds of thousands of credit card applications go out in the mail monthly. Debt is definitely unlimited! It's why millions of people have filed bankruptcy...some multiple times! THEY WANT YOU IN DEBT! It's how You are conditioned growing up, haha! Some of us have the foresight to see the scam and not buy into it, and I prefer not to be a slave to the lender. ;) Lol, it's how you actually gain a net worth above Zero. Lol, still gotta get your "dig" in though eh, Adevil? ...and if you used anything but, you would know there are a few forms of payment options, not just credit cards, but that isn't really relevant to this topic, now is it?

    As I stated, a few times now, the majority of people selling Kronos don't want it to be "plentiful" on the market, and you should realize a "catch-22" has nothing to do with it, if you actually get the concept in this case, as they are purposefully controlling the supply, which in turn affects the demand. This is no different than any RL product where the supply is seemingly unlimited and the resources distribution is controlled to not saturate the market.

    If you want to attempt to have an affect, then get 20 of your buddies together, start buying Kronos and see if you can drive the price down, by offering them at lower prices. Personally I don't believe that will work, because you and your buddies likely don't have enough capitol in the economy to make effective change. It's the old 80/20 rule that inevitably applies in economics...the 20% who have the money control the resources, and the 80% who don't, cry foul about it on a Forum Board, LOL ;)
  13. Airros Active Member

    How about you say it correctly?

    Ummm, you originally said there was a "limited supply" and I retorted there is is a "controlled supply" ...a HUGE difference in semantics, Brah. I do see what you intended to mean, but it's not what you originally said. ;)

    I agree with you here, but the reality is that there is no competition, and this is where the real catch-22 is...if more people sell them, the people that buy them are not the people you want buying them. The answer is to not buy them from DBG to sell on the broker at all, not buy them illegally, not buy them in game with plat, pay for a sub with cash (not credit) and NOT buy the SLR's from the Botters/ other words stop with the "I gotta Have It NOW" mentality and learn a little delayed gratification! :D ....again, reality check, that will never happen, LOL!
  14. Airros Active Member

    Like I said its a legit scenario, but it is still unlikely that this happened enough to create such a large influx of plat into the global economy on every server. Pretty sure there was already hundreds of millions of plat in the economy, after 12+ years of farming plat (legally or illegally). The 10 fold increase in loyalty plat bags and the accounts that are already and become 12 year vets as time goes on do have a continual impact on the influx of game plat. What I personally believe is that these sources have a greater impact, and they also coincide with the 10 fold increase from 6-12k per krono to 60-120k per krono, at least on our server. Your scenario would have to be done across every server for it's one time direct impact to be the case, and mine actually does have an impact across every server (that's not TLE). I do like the hypothetical scenario you have created, and it possibly has other long reaching affects, considering there will likely be further exploits, as there always have been; However, I still think it's a stretch to say that your scenario "explains the recent doubling in price of Krono..." over something that is actually factual...
  15. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    You can't be serious about loyalty .... 5 days = 1k plat? bleh, meh, lol ....should be some other source in game that generate notable amount of plat .... frankly AoM dungeon crawl generate a lot more vendor trash that was generating some plat influx ... not so with ToT. In AoM generic trinket junk was common and sold to vendor for almost 6pp each .... in ToT such loot uncommon better say rare and sells for 3pp... from each AoM instance run you could easy generate 60-100 plat in trash loot ... in ToT ... may be 10pp
  16. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Actually one could easy consume all that plat by simple gear infusion ... 80k per piece easy
  17. Airros Active Member

    well, considering 5 days used to = 100p, yea I am serious, Brah. Don't forget the hundreds of players that received the potential for 70k plus plat in loyalty points...
    Actually I am surprised you haven't noticed the increase in plat that drops from mobs in dungeons in ToT (especially Heroics), Doom. You can end up with several hundered plat, running dungeons back to back, but of course, you have to loot the mobs, LOL!
    So what is stopping you from blowing up AoM instances to make plat? Hell, you can probably solo some Heroics now, minus some bosses! It's not like they have taken that ability away from you! ;)
  18. Airros Active Member

    Agreed!...and that is likely what Botters/Boxers do, the easy way to infuse gear and keep farming pieces they need to get to the point they can SLR basically what you are saying is that said influx of plat can leave the economy, as easily as it has been introduced, eh?

    Edit:That kind of blows all the theories out of the water now doesn't it? LOL :D
  19. Maldek Active Member

    I highly doubt botters would infuse their gear to SLR. I don't think botters even SLR. You can't be AFK and SLR, and being not-AFK defeats the purpose of botting with scripts.
  20. Xper Well-Known Member

    There are two krono markets.

    Krono Market A) USD -> Krono (which is of course unlimited supply)
    Krono Market B) Plat -> Krono (which is of course limited by the number of kronos purchased in "Krono Market A."

    Given this thread is obviously about Krono Market B, and you can't pay plat for a krono that nobody has paid USD for, and there are a limited number of people paying USD for kronos....
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