Krono Cost on the Rise

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ZUES, May 19, 2015.

  1. ZUES Well-Known Member

    The cost of Kronos is becoming unreachable for many players. This is due to the ability to move them from server to server. Certain players are hoarding them and intentionally manipulating the market. Devs can you please put an account limit on kronos? And lower the limit on FTP accounts. This is effecting my gameplay. Websites that sell plat are using the kronos to generate revenue. As a result WE are getting spammed to death. Please at least have a discussion about this. Thank you.
  2. Serenaheq2 Active Member

    Prices wont stop rising until the price point in real money per krono on the black market gets closer to it's actual price from daybreak. As the supply has dwindled the price these guys are advertising for has risen from 7 dollars per krono to $9.50 per. Eventually it wont make financial sense for them to sell as it gets closer to the actual price of the things from DBG (why would people then pay close to the legit price from a black market seller and not just buy from daybreak instead) and they can instead make more money selling plat instead. The only question is how high will that number in plat be? Doing some rough math with current prices it looks to me like it will be in the 12 to 14k plat per krono range. But math was never my strong point so take those numbers with a LARGE grain of salt... thats just me speculating.

    And even at it's current price it feels to me like they are out of range for most legit players. Seems like it's only people doing heavy SLR or the plat/krono sellers that are able to afford more than a handful of them on a regular basis anymore.
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  3. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    True. Every time the price drops under 6.5k on Freeport the gold farmers buy 'em all up to resell for $7 on their web site.
  4. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Hope not. I'm stocked up until October, but there is no way I could sustain 12-14kp a month.
    Edit: Last set I bought was at day there was nothing below 7k.
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  5. Katanallama Well-Known Member

    I'm kind of glad I kept my money in Kronos all these months :3
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  6. suka Well-Known Member

    umm- actually a plat spammer on butcherblock today is offering krono for 9.50. go figure
  7. Avirodar Well-Known Member

    No one is entitled to an in-game broker that has a limitless supply of Krono at easily affordable prices. Krono is a luxury, not a privilege. While I in no way condone 3rd party RMT, there is a major disconnect with people who think their game play is being negatively impacted by the price point of Krono on EQ2's brokers. If you can't afford to pay a sub with a credit card, fork out the plat to buy Krono in the game. If you can't afford either the sub or krono, you can still continue to enjoy EQ2 by using the very generous FTP model.

    What DBG actually cares about, is Krono's being purchased from the DBG store (where DBG gets actual $$$). If Krono's are going for a high plat price in EQ2, there is more incentive for people to buy Krono from the DBG store. So when people who are paying DBG nothing (or very little) come to the forums to complain about the in-game broker price of Krono being too high, DBG will not care.
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  8. Atan Well-Known Member

    Um, its by no means just gold farmers, heck I don't even know that it is.

    I know that there are players that swoop in and buy them up and sell them for more on other servers.

    I quit chasing plat as there is just a point you really don't need more, but there are those that play the game of having 'the most' and krono's are just one of many items that you can make significant profits 'muling' between servers.
  9. Avirodar Well-Known Member


    Regular players have been engaging in the cross server trading/selling of Krono, since Krono was introduced. And with the prices of Krono going up, there is good opportunity for profit from legitimate entrepreneurs.
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  10. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    I haven't stopped chasing it...for me it's how to maintain all access. If it gets too hard to buy krono...guess my sub will slide.
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  11. Serenaheq2 Active Member

    Regardless of the reason there eventually has to be a ceiling. Not sure what that ceiling will be but eventually they are going to price enough people out that it just wont pay to scoop them up and resell them. There are two sides to the supply and demand equation. And demand will go away if the price becomes more than enough people are willing to bear.

    And Avirodar, pretty sure that no one said it is anyones "right" to plentiful low priced krono. But the only reason there are not plentiful low priced krono is because the market for them is being manipulated. Blizzard recently announced a similar item to the krono for WoW however they set the price for it in gold as well and this keeps players or gold sellers or whoever from messing around with it's market value. It is not a free market item like the krono is here. Might be something for DBG to consider though at this point it might be too far gone to ever reign back in.
  12. Detor Active Member

    The higher the pp value of Kronos the more people that would be willing to buy them from DBG in order to sell and get pp (which is what Kronos are all about - somebody wants pp, has money, and is willing to give that money away in order to receive pp).

    The lower the pp value of Kronos the less people that would be willing to buy them from DBG, because they spend the same amount either way when buying from DBG (~$18) so they're just getting less for their money when pp value is lower.

    Which is why when they introduced Kronos Smokejumper said (with enthusiasm) they wouldn't tell players what to price them at, but he suggested pricing them high.
  13. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Actually, since they seem to be reselling them for $7 each krono from their web site is cheaper per month that the discounted 12-month sub. Honestly anyone who buys from them is just begging for ID theft and their credit card being compromised.
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  14. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Except most players simply will NOT buy krono after a certain price point. Mine is 6k. They're higher than that? Sorry, not buying.
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  15. Serenaheq2 Active Member

    Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things but just checked and they are now over 9k each on Freeport effectively pricing me out of range as well... have enough of a stock to be ok for awhile thankfully... time to wait it out and see how this plays out.
  16. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Yoiks...the were 7200 yesterday, and I thought that was bad.
  17. Xirena Member

    My husband isn't a gold farmer, but he routinely buys low and sells high in the Krono market to increase his plat. He uses Krono for his membership. He also pretty much funds the upkeep on our guild hall and provides Krono to the kids during summer vacation.
    Guess I'm saying don't always assume it's gold farmers or anyone up to no good. *shrugs*
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  18. Leeta New Member

    Sounds like a goldfarmer to me lol if he does that
  19. Xirena Member

    Gold farmers sell on websites. My husband is making plat on the broker to fund in-game activities. There is a very large difference.
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  20. Crychtonn Active Member

    The prices have gone up for two reasons. Inflation do to increased amount of platinum in the game and a smaller player base with fewer people spending real dollars for them.

    I remember only 2-3 years ago I could buy 2,000 Walmart SC cards in game off sellers for 500-800 plat a piece. And it was never that hard to find SC card sellers. Today it's extremely rare to ever see someone selling DBG Cash cards and when they do it's more like 4,000-6,000 plat for a single 1,500 cash card. Really sucks there's no more 500 Walmart bonus cards.

    Unless there is an influx of new players to this game I doubt you will see anything but a steady increase in costs.
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