Krono concerns from a newer player

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  1. Chris76 Member

    Hello all,

    So recently returned and playing on HoF server, least I just started playing there and made a brand new character as well as I bought a Krono to sell for plat since I have none to my name. I bought a inn room in Qeynos and had the starter furniture in the room as well as the bulletin board.

    Once I got everything setup I looked up the price of Krono to see someone has one for 4 billion on the broker, thought fine I will set mine to 4 as well but realized the broker is capping your market to 50 million. So this prompted me to do little research and found that Daybreak put a cap on selling them due to duping.

    Ok well the problem is this, I never listed it yet because as I was playing last night I seen people selling endgame stuff for hundreds of millions of plat in chat. Then I saw few threads where people are selling masters and other endgame items for 200m +. So if I was to continue to play this game how will I get to afford these prices if I need something? I mean if everyone is walking around with billions of plat lol. Like is there a way to sell for more? Is this something as a newer player I need to worry about? I mean is this the only legit way to make plat is just to sell Krono for millions or does the game throw so much plat at you as you level up?

    I mainly just do not want to be hampered by a billion plat price tag on something I may need in the future, so that being the case if there is a way to sell Krono for billion or 2 I would like to know how lol.

    Thank you!
  2. Bludd Well-Known Member

    you have to advertise in auction channel and sell it like that. broker is limited to 50m sale and 100m buy in one transaction

    the items costing more than 100m ok broker cannot be bought
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  3. Chris76 Member

    Ok so 2 questions in regard to this response is how was that guy able to post his for 4 billion.

    Secondly, if I use the auction channel what should my starting price be? Should I sell it for millions or billions?
  4. Bludd Well-Known Member

    it was put up for sale before the restrictions were put in place. nobody can buy it

    no idea what your starting price should be
  5. Sunlei Active Member

    The person with the 4 billion krono on broker probably had it up before the change. Suggest ask in auction 4 billion and see if it sells. Welcome back to eq2. I only play on TLE servers but the krono on broker are typically the 'high price'. Though it may be different on the 4? live servers where some players have no broker access.........
  6. Chris76 Member

    Ok thanks for the replys.
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  7. HimGuy New Member

    Unless you want to continuously buy Krono and sell them for platinum, I recommend you just start over on Varsoon. As a newer player, I put in around a week's worth of play onto a normal server before I learned that the economies are absolutely ruined for people in our situation.

    I went over to Varsoon, which wasn't online when the above-mentioned event occurred. Haven't regretted the move one bit.

    If they were to open a new server that wasn't TLE and didn't allow incoming server transfers, I think I would give that a shot too. But that doesn't exist...
  8. Jesaine Well-Known Member

    Let me try to add some perspective here, and answer a few questions that have been ignored thus far.

    First: How do you know what to price your Krono at? You can either watch the chat box and see what others are asking OR blind price it and hope you don't ask too little. On Varsoon, last I saw, somebody was asking 60 platinum. Yesterday on Antonia Bayle, they were 50 miillion. Demand and specific server economy are going to impact price. Prices have been falling quite a bit the last few weeks though.

    Is all of this something for a new player to worry about? Honestly, no. Reality is, the hyper-inflation only affects player sold items. A Qeynos inn room still costs next to nothing, just like at launch. Same is true with everything sold by NPCs. If you want a quick bit of start-up cash, earn 5 loyalty tokens to go to the loyalty merchant, and buy a bag of 500 platinum. 3 days worth of EASY dailies if you're a subscriber, 5 if FTP and you're set. That'll get you a nice horse and a nicer house. You'll have plenty of cash to hire a mercenary sidekick also.

    If you're worried about gearing up, you'll collect plenty of drops while grinding. Once you get to about level 100 and the last few expansion packs, each has a FREE starter gear loot crate. A complete set of Legendary level gear generally with nice adornments and a flying mount. By the time you get to those last few expansions, even the vendor trash drops will be over a platinum each. Money will not be an issue.

    Buying master books and such... It's nice, but you really don't need to worry about the "More Power, Tim!" trap until you're at the point of joining end-game raids. Your basic spells and combat arts, along with any drops you find and your own researched upgrades will carry you fine.

    If you're really worried about gear and leveling, run the Solo Agnostic Dungeon. The "Crypt of Agony" one is particularly simple with 7 boss drops. Agnostic dungeons pay insane XP, and you can sneeze on even a boss and kill it, at least once you're in the high teens. More importantly, the Agnostics drop class specific gear and ability upgrades. The gear all reads Legendary but is better quality than Mastercrafted Fabled at the same level. Spells and Combat Art upgrades... Generally Adept level, but I've gotten plenty of Master level and even some Ancients. You'll get duplicate drops of the gear and books as you level up also. Sell those for cash. Agnostics are good until level 95. From there, you'll be all set.

    Varsoon or Live, you're likely to be soloing everything until "end game". That's easier to do on a live server also.

    One drawback with Varsoon that nobody mentions is the troll population is higher than any of the live servers. I tried Varsoon for a while and loved that it had the old school feel of crafting my own gear to keep going, etc... but I also had to listen to people spouting political garbage and generally trash talking. If you can deal with that, great. If you're like me and feel you don't pay a subscription fee to listen to twitter level political garbage, you might want to look at another server.
  9. Arandar Well-Known Member

    Regarding the political stuff in chat on Varsoon, 90% of it originates from one particular individual and a handful of people who get baited into the stupidity. Put them on /ignore and problem solved.
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  10. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    I am enjoying Varsoon, however, I just don't watch General chat.
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  11. Elskidorr Active Member

    That's about the only thing I recall from General chat in HoF a couple years back. I doubt any server is saved from that rubbish. General is optional anyway. Save some brain cells and shut it off.
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  12. Jesaine Well-Known Member

    There's definitely an occasional spurt of it on Halls of Fate. Almost nothing on Antonia Bayle, which is why I'm there.

    Shutting off Gen though... It's useful for the occasional game question or looking for teams. The trouble with just shutting it off is we're in the majority and we're letting the trolls silence us. It's not like we're on reddit. We're paying to play a multi-player game and should be free to use the multi-player aspect of it free of politi-trolls.
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  13. Arandar Well-Known Member

    Alas, nothing that is multi-player is free of humans being annoying. Just one of those aspects of the medium we have to manage. At least the game gives us the tools to do it.
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