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  1. Bad3ck New Member

    Bump. KP Even Worst to farm whit the exp Nerf............
  2. Bad3ck New Member

  3. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Try Zeks keys? - its better because it comes as a "smart" loot
  4. Bad3ck New Member

    tried Zeks key wasted all my money. no blood iron key(oppened approx 600keys)..i dont know why iam still there...plz just make us a way to farm it whit a sense.. like 5000current token or 10000 Eternal queen token i dont mind just give us a goal to who dont have those runes.
  5. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    I do assume that you been opening zek keys in bulk right?
  6. Bad3ck New Member

    Yes or in stack of 10 this really make a difference ?
  7. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    10? nah lol - it must be stacks 101+
    To elaborate
    in KA x-pack I was experimenting with drop rate of shadow quartz keys
    I opened first 3 stacks in 101, 112, 132 - each stack - ZERO shadow quartz
    I have increase stack significantly
    600 keys - 3 keys
    400 keys - 2 keys
    Now I do have consistency - chance 0.5% but unless you have stack of 200+ ... you may open stack by stack and see zero shadow quartz but ... knowledge is power :D get stack 200+ and you guaranty at least 1 keys in it
    Same goes to ToT and Zek keys but chance for tier 3 key is 2x higher - you need stack of 100 to reliable get 1 tier 3 key (in case of zek Blood Iron). I'd say to be on safe side - accumulate at least 500-600 and open at once.
    Step 2
    Getting actually loot you want out of blood iron because I was open chests in group of 2-5 blood iron at time - all I got fabled charms with various effects. Extrapolation with what I have seen in ToT (for mythical ranged) - you need to have stack at least 10 blood iron keys to reliable extract 1 random eth rune of your archtype. In other words - you literally need around 10000 keys to reliably get 1 eth rune. Yes randomly you "could" get it with less amount of keys but if you want to maximize chances..
  8. Bad3ck New Member

    Damm ok.. Sorry for late respond i dont go often on forums... well still after so many hours i dont have a scout runes..........its really getting annoyed and i tried your trick and i give up...
  9. Bad3ck New Member

    Hoo and did Heroic and Solo key make any difference ?
  10. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Probability can't be manipulated like that. Each key is a fresh chance. Buying 5 lotto tickets doesn't reduce your odds of winning the jackpot, you just have more attempts or rolls at the same odds.
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  11. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Honestly don't know
    Heroic key "suppose" to have higher chance for better key tiers - I never got like 100 heroic keys to test this theory - out of 10-12 keys opening I never seen blood iron - and I truly cant say for sure if second grade key were at better odds either (in other words I had 8 and 12 heroic key stacks - from each I got 1 second grade key)
  12. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Yes no doubt.
    But its like 1B jackpot :) - if you buy certain numbers of tickets to cover all combo - you going to get it. Can you get with less - sure is hell its possible but does it likely? - nah not really :)
    Again my opinion may be bias but noted strong correlation between size of stack and probability of correct tier of key
    for ToT/Zeks it was about 1 out of 100 for tier 3. Could you get it if you open less then 100? - yeah sure. but if you want to more or less guaranty to get one you need 102+
    For second tier it was 10% and it was very consistent with large stacks as well
    For KA probability been shifted
    inca key about 8.5% or so
    shadow quartz - 0.5% (sharp)
    Timonium - 91%
  13. Bad3ck New Member

    i have now an other 102+ stack of zek key that worth like 1M right now...wonder if i open it and get super mad for getting nothing or just sell it to try to buy the Eth ravaging when an happy farmer get it...i am after this rune since KA Lunch now..this is ridiculous.
  14. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    I'd not open it if it worth 1M or so because with stack 102 keys you likely going to get single blood iron key and 90% chance you get useless charm out of it not eth rune
  15. Bad3ck New Member

    DEV Can see this ? plz do something =)
  16. Regolas Well-Known Member

    It's quite sad. I have enough ethereal coins from the event to buy quite a few runes. I genuinely wish I could buy and sell them to people as I'm never gonna make anymore alts anymore thanks to KA.
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  17. sarasi New Member

    They should at least let us sell the now close to useless reset rune for some coins
  18. Bad3ck New Member

    i give up, i play an alt instead waiting on them to do something.
  19. Inesk Member

    With new orange rune the old eth runes will be obsolete. Well the one that everyone wanted