KoS spells?

Discussion in 'Assassin' started by ARCHIVED-The Banff, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-The Banff Guest

    Yes i knw im a warlock but i have an assassin alt and im really curious about wht will and how much dmg the upgrade to Assassinate be/do. so ya

    if anyone has any info it would be great and muchly appreciated by me and all the other assasssins out there
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    straight out of my macro that says this on the global assassin channel from beta:

    [IMG][IMG]/2 master 1 decapitate, 310 str, 6920-11533 (upgrade to assassinate) - lvl 70

    before anyone whines about waiting till lvl 70 for an upgrade realize two things:

    (1) at level 70 it can do more damage than at 64
    (2) every class is lucky to get an upgrade to their one-off lvl 50 class defining ability at all, my bet was that we wouldn't seen an upgrade at all
  3. ARCHIVED-The Banff Guest

    THANK YOU wow thats a lot of dmg
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    Yeah I've seen this, but I've yet to see a comprehensive skill list. I've seen some of the other classes with lists of skill name, level, and what they're upgrades of. Any of you beta-nards feel like posting one? I'll give you 3g (if you come to Crushbone to get it, if Crushbone ever comes back up).
  5. ARCHIVED-deaks Guest

    Within the last 2 weeks a handful of spells were removed, some of them I believe erroneously, you should see a spell ugprade list posted soon but in the mean time you can assume that every non-expansion, non-adventure-pack CA is getting upgraded on the 14 level upgrade path (there are one or two abnormalities with the 14 level upgrade in tier 7).

    Also we have two spells that fall outside that list. One is Decapitate, the other is a brand new spell Vanish. Currently Vanish is cool but not very useful in my opinion, I've bugged it and hope to see some dev feedback or a change to it.
  6. ARCHIVED-Lee Horus Guest

    Vanish hmmm, please tell me its not just a put ya into stealth CA.
  7. ARCHIVED-oldie25 Guest

    Alrighty, here they are, the new KoS spells.

    I'll have the item links later tonight/tomorrow as I have to go through the log file still to get them. Also, the upgrade to Murderous Design is not present as they just recently removed it, but I'm sure it will be back in shortly. I can tell you that at adept 3 it did 30% agro transfer and at master 1 it did 35%. The name was Murderous Purpose.
    PS: I put them as links because I hate it when the board layout is stretched and I have to scroll horizontally.

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    Awsome, thanks Oldie25.. :smileyhappy: Am I mistake, did i really see it.. do i dare ask.. no it cant be right.. but.. mabye..

    /evil glare

    did Vanish really have a self heal on it.. :smileysurprised:

  9. ARCHIVED-oldie25 Guest

    It can be seen as a self heal, but I prefer to call it a self DI =D
  10. ARCHIVED-deaks Guest

    The upgrades to Brutal Focus and Murderous Design are both not in-game at the moment. The former I believe to be a bug, the latter I believe to be part of the "no more upgrades for %-based skills". Since MD only has a % effect it is reasonable that it would go away, since Brutal Focus has a small +offensive-skills bonus in addition to its +dps I'd expect a replacement.

    If there is any Brutal Focus replacement, it would scale only slightly higher than the tier 6 version for the +dps but probably provide a much more impressive +offensive-skills bonus.

    This can be seen with the Villainy line, the upgrade for AGI scales normally while the +dps buff scales fairly slowly (adept 3 Merciless Villainy has a few more +%dps than the adept 1 Fiendish Villainy, illustrating the scaling of %-based abilities that have additional effects, in an effort to not overpower the ability by scaling the % bonus dramatically).
  11. ARCHIVED-HellRaiserXX Guest

    The first link to the spells isnt working for me 66-70 I think. Can you repost it or just link the pic right in? If you only do them 2 or 3 across shouldnt have to scroll that much.
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    more than anything i want to know that the choices are for our master two at lvl 64/65 whatever that would be. i see that the upgrade to exposing mark is one of them. what are the other 3?

    please tell me one of them is puncture blade.
  13. ARCHIVED-oldie25 Guest

    Linking sucks on these boards, heh. The link was fixed, but you still have to copy/paste it ... =\